Me: Now for the boss battle of Waluigi and Frost!

Waluigi: Yeah! Cuz Waluigi's #1! Wah ha ha ha ha!

Me: Well said, my purple friend.

Waluigi glared down at the Ninjit as he stood onto his two feet, one of them still frozen. He smirked down at Frost and said, "I'll show you why I'm #1!" Waluigi cried as he jumped down at Frost, his frozen leg catching on fire as it melted the ice off. "Burning Sky Dive!" Waluigi cried as he shot himself down, his flaming leg leading as he fell towards Frost. Frost simply jumped back, avoiding Waluigi's attack.

"Ice Technique: Blizzard Blasts!" she chanted as she fired blizzards from her two hands and her mouth. Waluigi skated across the ground to dodge the attack, but this time, Frost aimed around the purple man, making a large cylinder around him. "There. Now that you can't get away," Frost said as she made a new seal, "Ice Technique: Stalactite Destroyer!" she chanted as the ice on the ceiling started to rain down on Waluigi.

"Burning Whirluigi!" Waluigi cried as he spun around, generating a large tornado of purple fire as it grew past the cylinder that encased him and destroyed the ice crystals. When the flaming twister ended, Waluigi was in the air with his bow and arrows ready. "Blazing Arrows!" he cried as he shot 3 fire arrows at Frost.

"Ice Technique: Crystal Dome!" Frost chanted as she slammed both of her hands on the frozen ground. Ice rose from the ground and formed a large sphere, blocking Waluigi's attacks from touching the Ninjit Queen. Waluigi fell down from the air, getting closer and closer to the ice dome.

"Burning Sky-" before Waluigi could finish his chant, frozen spikes broke from the dome. Waluigi freaked out as he gave off a quick scream. However, instead of falling to his impending doom, he got into position of a breast stroke in mid-air. As if he was swimming through the air, he proceeded to swim away from the spiked dome. "I knew that trick would save my ass at some point." (Me: Seriously? How many uses could you possibly have for that technique? Waluigi: Shut up!)

"You are proving to be an annoyance." Frost groaned as the dome around her fell apart, "You are like a cockroach: small, annoying, and hard to kill."

"Actually, you are the one who's small." Waluigi smirked. Waluigi, being at about 6, 6'6 in height where as Frost was about a foot or two tall. Frost didn't seem too amused.

"I'm going to kill you." Frost told him as she made a new seal, "Ice Technique: Frozen Blade." Frost exclaimed as she grabbed a stalagmite and broke off a chip. The ice chip then formed into an ice scythe. "Prepare to taste the cold sting of my blade." Frost growled, groaning a bit at her own pun. (Waluigi: Not funny...ever. Frost: Does he really write this stuff? Me: Shut up!) Frost ran straight at Waluigi with her scythe in her hands. She brought it up in an attempt to slice off the lanky hero's head off, but Waluigi avoided the cut in the nick of time.

(I gotta end this. This fight is dragging way too long.) Waluigi thought as he threw down a few seeds. "Deadly Plant!" Waluigi exclaimed as a new Piranha Plant came from the ground, this one giving off a wide grin and had white flower petals around its neck.

"That is what you call deadly?" Frost asked him. She decided not to waste for an answer as she ran at the plant. "Well, I guess I gotta cut this weed down!" she shouted as she rose the scythe in the air. Just as she was about to slice the plant's stem, it opened its mouth and fired a dark green and purple mist. When it collided with Frost's face, she almost doubled over as she covered her face with her free hand. "Mother of-what the hell is that scent?" she cried as she stepped away from the plant, but the stench was still lingering around her.

"Striking Thunder!" Waluigi cried as his leg was covered with purple lightening. He charged straight at Frost and kicked the Ninjit like a soccer ball into the air. Frost flew upward, still feeling nations from the Deadly Plant, and Waluigi didn't stop is attack upon her as he jumped into the air. "Scorching Soccer Strike!" Waluigi cried as his purple lightening turned into purple fire as he kicked Frost in a flip as the small Ninjit was stuck to his foot and was thrown down to the icy cold ground.

(How could I have let my guard down long enough for him to strike me?) Frost thought as she felt the toll of Waluigi's attacks. She tried to get up, but her body felt painfully weak. (What the hell? My body won't move!) she thought as she had the sudden urge to vomit.

"Do you like my Deadly Plant? It shot a deadly toxin cloud and it's now effecting your body. That stink is stronger than any fart Wario could do and you took a face full of it." Waluigi exclaimed.

"" Frost groaned as she passed out on the ground. Waluigi smirked as he chuckled. And that chuckle turned into a bellow of laughter.

"Wah ha ha ha ha! I'm #1!" Waluigi screamed as a thrust his fist into the air, "Now I just gotta go scrape the others off the ground." Waluigi laughed as he started to walk, but suddenly fell onto his face. "After a quick nap..." he said as he began to sleep.

An hour later...

After about an hour of Waluigi's snooze, a purple clad figure, Captain Syrup walked into the room and saw and heard the sleeping purple man and saw the unconscious Ninjit.

"Looks like he did the job." Syrup chuckled as he walked over and hauled the surprising light man onto her back.

"Guys!" cried the voice of Toadette as she came up the stairs, Ludwig right behind her with an unconscious Edge on his shell, avoiding the shell's spikes. "Are we late?"

"Yeah, we're late." Syrup told them as she walked over to the rest of the group, "So how was your fights?"

"Please don't ask. I got stuck fighting someone who was practically metal." Toadette exclaimed.

"Me and Edge got stuck fighting two powerful enemies at once. They had good teamwork, much to our annoyance." Ludwig summarized, "So, it looks like we're done."

"Just about." Syrup told him, "Now come on. It's a long way down." Syrup groaned. Before she could get past her partners to go down stairs, the roof of the castle was yanked right off. Peering down from the large hole, was Mr. L's Brobot, along with Iggy who was sitting on the nose of the large mecha. "And what took you so long?" Syrup shouted.

"Hey! I was fighting a freaking giant! He didn't go down without a fight! Now hop on before I change my mind." Mr. L threatened as he lowered a hand of his Brobot. Team Waluigi quickly jumped onto the hand before it rose and put the members on the hat. Now then. Let's go!" Mr. L shouted as the rockets on his Brobot activated and flew the team away.

The Next Day...

After Team Waluigi spent the rest of the day sleeping, they had all reported at Prince Red's castle, who had already thrown a party for our heroes.

"Outstanding work!" Prince Red called out as the seven heroes, "Waluigi, you and your friends have gotten rid of the threats that had threatened land of the Strawberry Kingdom. I'm happy to tell you that your reward money is not only on it's way to be delivered at your apartment, but is DOUBLED!" Prince Red announced. Team Waluigi's eyes widened and jaws dropped at the sound of that as they each shouted with glee. Waluigi didn't know what felt better: getting the fame and glory he was after or getting all that money. Hm...probably the money.

"Alright! Let's party!" Waluigi screamed with glee along with the rest of Rose Town.

A few minutes later...

In only a few minutes, Rose Town and exploded into a giant festival. everyone was eating, dancing, and partying like nobody's business. to say nobody was enjoying themselves would have been a large lie.

"Man! This is awesome! I could get used to this!" Waluigi laughed.

"Beating bad guys and getting praised for it? I couldn't agree more!" Edge said as he toasted with the purple man.

"Hey, do you think we'll have our own video game or something?" Iggy asked aloud.

"A video game based on us?" Toadette asked him.

"Yeah. Mario gets them all the time." Ludwig deadpanned.

"Yeah...but who would buy that?" Syrup said as she sipped her drink.

"Who wouldn't buy a game with the Green Thunder on it?" Mr. L boasted. And with that, all of Team Waluigi clashed their glasses together as they all laughed and partied the night away.

Me: I can't believe I actually finished this story.

Edge: It's been quiet a ride, hasn't it? Ups, downs, twists, turns.

Me: Stop! I'm getting sick!

Mr. L: Going up and down, side to side...

Me: *Hurls*

Edge: Anyway...we would like to thank all the people who had read, reviewed, favorited, and alerted this story. Without you, Magic Jac would never finish this story. Thanks for reading!