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This story is told from my point of view, or Andrew's point of view.

ry, and Sarah.

drew,ould be like to have a parent being a renamon_

One day, there was a boy who was born in St. Louis, Missouri. His mother's name was Mary, she was human. But his father on the other hand was named Shade, He was a Black Renamon. They named their boy Andrew, after St. Andrew. He was born with short black fur and the normal Renamon symbols tattooed on his thighs only in red and silver instead of purple. As he got older the fur filled in a little bit so now it covered his entire body including face. He also had Brown hair on top of his head that he straightened to cover his left eye. He had a hard childhood and was picked on a lot. In school his life was utter torture, kids laughing at him, making rumors that he was going to be taken away, but it all stopped when someone stood up for him, and he made a friend, a Renamon, named Blaize.

At the School-age 9

"You know that people are gonna take him away to cut him open." Said one human kid
"Yeah, they're gonna cut his ass to bits" said his human friend

Andrew was only a few feet away and heard every word they said. "Stop saying that! Human-digimon pairs have happened before and they are not gonna take me away!" I shouted with tears in his eyes.

"AWWW, we made the baby digi-boy cry" they laughed out "come on let's get him" he said picking up a stick.

"Yeah let's get the baby!" said another picking up a metal rod on the ground.

Just as they were going to swing, both of the kids received a kick to the chest. As Andrew looked up he saw a small yellow flash then he appeared in front of him in a defensive position. This Renamon was defending him from these bullies, he realized with tears in his eyes.

"Are you hurt, can I help in any other way?" Said a caring voice "my names Blaize by the way."

"I'm ok, can you help me up… my legs won't work?" I replied "My names Andrew, nice to meet you" I said as he helped me up, wiping tears from my eyes.
"Not to sound like I do not thank you for that but why did you help me? You could have easily joined not stopped them?" I asked him looking into his eyes.

He paused then said "well, you don't deserve to be beaten just because you're different, and I could sense that you were sad and alone. I used to be that way until I met some friends and my tamer."

"Well thank you for your help, um would you mind if you would come home with me I want you to meet my dad. He's a black Renamon!"

Just then a look of pure terror appeared on his face as he said, "a black Renamon? The accursed destroyer?"

"No, he's really a nice guy, he has not been in the digital world in 11 earth years (remember 1 month in the real world is 1 year in the digital world) so it can't be him you are thinking of." I said trying to reassure him.

The look of terror he had just had was replaced by a look of understanding as he said "well I guess I could meet him." As he finished the sentence a wry smile appeared on his face.

Andrew's house

Change in POV: Blaize

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Andrew yelled as we entered the house

I heard a male voice call "Hey Andrew! Was school any better today?"

"Yeah, I made a friend named Blaize today!" Andrew said with a big smile on his face, it made me smile how much he appreciated what I had done.

I saw a young female figure step out, she was human, and Andrew's mom I guessed.
"Mom! I heard as I saw Andrew run past and give his mother a hug "This is Blaize, mom, my new friend."

"Nice to meet you." I said as I extended a paw

She shook it without hesitation and said "very nice to meet you too and thank you for protecting my boy."

When she said that my body stiffened, I had not told her I did that, neither had Andrew.

She noticed, "I have the senses of a Renamon, it comes with living with two, and marrying one of them."

I relaxed only to see a sleek black figure step into the room, and to see Andrew's mom step away from him and moves to kiss the black figure, "Hi honey, *kiss* this is Blaize." She said pointing to me. She motioned for me to come forward and meet him.

I took a step forward and he stuck his hand out to me saying "nice to meet you Blaize, my name is Shade" with a smile on his face.

I shook his hand with a smile on my face, and said "Nice to meet you two sir."

"Well now that were all acquainted shall we go out on the porch for some lemonade?" said Andrew's mom

"Sure Mary. You know I love your lemonade." Shade said to his wife as he leaned in and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as they started to walk outside