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The Hunt

POV: Jade

I opened my eyes to a familiar face, I knew the face but I could not place it with a name. Slowly my vision came into focus and I started to realize that I was lying on the floor. I sat up slowly and saw Shade standing over me.

I stood up and he smiled at me, he said "good morning sun-shine. Breakfast?" as he held out a tray with pancakes, bacon, and eggs on it.

I laughed to myself and thanked him as I took the tray. We both sat down and I noticed Andrew's vitals had slightly elevated. But I just shrugged and went back to eating. Shade watched intently as I ate the hospital food slowly. About 10 minutes later I had finished and was sitting and staring intently at Andrew, his chest slowly rising and falling, and because of the extreme trauma he could not wear a hospital robe only his jeans were on him. His fairly muscular frame started to look more impressive, like it was growing, it was enticing, "wait, what am I thinking? He's in a coma." I thought to myself. I shook my head and looked at shade, "when is the rest of the family getting here?" I asked, "Oh, I talked to them on the phone about an hour ago, they will be here in about 15 minutes." He replied. I nodded and looked at the clock. It was about 11:45. I thought to myself, "Hopefully he will be awake so I can tell him."

POV: Andrew, Status: Coma

I shook my head and looked around. The place I was in was bleak, and grey.

"Andrew" said a disembodied voice coming from the fog "stand."

I slowly stood up and searched the fog for the source of the voice. "No need to look for me, I'm right here." I heard from behind me.

As I turned around I saw a black kitsune standing there. She was about 7ft 9in and had emerald green eyes. From what I could tell she was doing the exact same thing I was, sizing up the entity before her. My instincts took over and I bared my teeth and stared at her with an unfailing gaze. She returned the gaze with an icy cold stare that sent chills down my spine. She did not move, just watched. We held the stare until I tired of it and asked "where I and who the hell are you?"

"This is the Void, where all spirits are judged whether their time has come or not, and if so then they are sent to an appropriate afterlife based on their beliefs." Replied the creature in front of me

"Well that answers one of my questions, now who are you?" I asked again

"I, I am hybriddokitsune your sword, and i am here to warn you of the impending death you face if you do not dispose of the poison now coursing through your veins." she said in a calm monotone that seemed to echo through the void.

"What poison? Is this why I am in a coma? How do I cure it? How long do I have?" I asked her frantically

"The poison is on the kuwagamon jaws, when it bit you it transferred the poison into your blood stream. It is slowly eating away at your bones, because it was specially designed to kill hybrids, namely you." she said with a little more urgency toward the end.

"Again I ask, how long do I have?" I asked as calm as possible in this position.

she closed her eyes and turned her head down to her left, after about 30 seconds she replied "you only have about 24 hours. But, I can cure you, but it will come at a great cost."

"What are the draw-backs?" I asked cautiously. She replied, "It will alter the cellular construction of your bones, muscles, and hair and fur. It will also slightly change the structure of your bones. To look more like mine, I would be melding your DNA with my digital equivalent." I considered it for a moment, before saying "do it." As my vision faded once more, and again there was darkness.

POV: Jade

There was a knock at the door before it opened to reveal 2 humans and 3 Renamon. I recognized them quickly as they walked through the door, and they were carrying a duffel bag. Jyt, Blaize, and Vulpe were in lead, followed by Rika and Mary. Mary started to cry when she saw Andrew, I walked over and hugged her and tried to console her. Blaize walked over to his friend's side and took the flowers he had bought on the way here and put them in a vase next to his bed. I thought I caught him doing the sign of the cross and saying the Hail Mary, but he was not Christian. I just smiled in the thought that he had finally found something to believe in. Vulpe and Jyt walked toward Andrew and just stood and held silence. After about 10 minutes Mary had stopped sobbing and sat with Shade, Jyt and Vulpe sat over on the window, and rika sat next to me. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked at rika, who looked at me with a look that basically said "I'm all ears". I smiled and looked at my step-daughter's face. I just said, "I'm fine but I appreciate the fact that you are here." She nodded and said "you've been my friend longer than my mom. I'm always going to be here in the good and bad times whether you like it or not." I smiled and laughed to myself. Then I thought I heard a low groan. I looked at the bed and saw Andrew starting to sit up. I gasped and almost jumped across the room. He looked at me and said, "Hello beautiful, did you miss me?" I laughed and said "you bet I did and if you ever do something like that again I will rip your balls off." Joking at the end of course, everyone laughed and I leaned over and kissed him, he looked surprised for a moment before returning the kiss. Vulpe, Jyt, Mary, and Shade all kissed their spouse, and Blaize looked at rika who raised their eyebrow in consideration, before saying "maybe some other time when I want to make Takato jealous." Blaize smiled and said "I wasn't immediately considering that but I appreciate the gesture." All the making out was ended by gunfire coming from the hallway, followed by a voice that said, "Come on you Mother Fuckers! I'll take you all on! Yeah, take thaa… OH SHI!" he was cut short by an explosion that shot him through the door.

Andrew was instantly out of the bed, still wearing nothing but his jeans, I thought that his fur looked as if it had become fairly thicker, and maybe he was an inch taller? But I brushed it aside as Andrew cocked his head in confusion.

POV change: Andrew

I thought I recognized the person on the ground, but just barely. It seemed like I had seen him a long time ago. I walked closer until I stood over the person. The man's eyes opened and I smiled, it was John, my old friend who I thought had died in the September 11th attacks on the world trade center. I reached my hand down to him he narrowed his eyes and cautiously took my hand. I pulled him up and pulled him into a bro-hug. I said "good to see you man, how long has it been? 10 years?" a face of a great realization appeared on his face as he said "wait. No can't be, Andrew? Andrew Masters?" I smiled and said "yeah that's me, so how are you John?" he grabbed my shoulder and said "it's great to see you too, and I will be better when we get out of here." "Why do we need to get out of here?" I asked. "I will explain later, but some people called hybrid hunters are here to do exactly what their name implies. I believe that is you."

My dad picked up the duffel bag and threw it at me while saying "Andrew Heads up." I turned and caught it. I set it on the bed and unzipped the bag. Inside were a tribal print gray shirt, a black hat with pure silver designs on the front and back, my arm guards, my sword, and a first aid kit. I pulled the shirt on and found my shoes in the corner of the room. I laced them up and tied them tight, slipped on the guards and slung the sword over my shoulder, and I put the hat on backwards. John double checked his gear and we exited the hospital room. We walked down the hall and encountered a squad of enemy troops. John was very effective with his side arm, we reached the elevator, we were on the 3 floor, and we hit the button and a hostile opened a door and grabbed john. John then proceeded to grab the attackers head and flip him over his shoulder and shooting him dead between the eyes in mid air. We were all speechless. He just sighed and walked into the elevator. We followed in suit, when we hit the lobby we quickly moved to the exit. I found my car parked in the parking lot. I looked to my dad who gave me a confused look. I asked out loud, "Okay now how did this get here, last I heard it was in the states?" Blaize said "I had it flown here, mainly because we needed some wheels to get around the city for once." I nodded and said "fair enough, we are going to need to get out of here ASAP. Blaize, Vulpe, John, your with me. Dad, you take mom, Jyt, and Rika back to the house." The groups broke up and my dad grabbed my shoulder and asked, "Wait where are you going to go?" I turned and said, "I'm going to give them what they wanted… 7 fold." As I uttered the last word I turned and walked around the car and opened the door. I got in the car with my friends and brother, locked the seat belt, started the car and slammed on the gas.

We had gotten maybe a mile out before we saw a black SUV tailing us. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a man leaning out the window. There was something in his hand… "Oh shit…. Get Down!" I yelled everyone in the car hit the floor just as several 5mm bullets obliterated the back window. John got up and reached into his holster and pulled his side arm. This was the first time I had gotten a good look at it, it looked like a USP .45 red dot, silencer, and an extended clip. I nodded as he leaned out the window and took three shots at the car tailing us. Only one of the shots hit the car, and it happened to hit the tire. The tire exploded and the car skidded to a halt. John got back in the car and smiled in contempt. I nodded my approval as we sped away on the now open highway.

About another 2 miles down there was the exit, we turned and got off the highway, and we were driving down the road towards my brother's house and saw another Black SUV. I sighed and we turned hard around the corner. The other car roared to life as we gained more and more speed down the open stretch of road. I pulled as many hard turns and short cuts I could take. But they just didn't let up, no matter where I went they were right behind me. I pulled into the park and we all scattered. I stood in the middle of the park, john, Vulpe, and Blaize stood somewhere in the surrounding woods. The other car pulled in behind mine, the doors opened and three men stepped out. Two had automatics and the third had what looked like a broadsword strapped to his side. I stood my ground and said "why are you trying to kill me?" the man with the sword smiled and said "we are only trying to keep this world pure." I narrowed my eyes and drew my sword. The other man did the same. He saw my sword and laughed in his sure victory. I had a sly smile and yelled, "Hybriddokitsune!" the sword shifted into its second stage with a white light that seemed to blind everyone in the immediate area. I stood in my black Kimono and held the sword at an angle in front of my body. The men opened their eyes and saw my transformation and lost their smug looks as the swordsman charged. He was fast but I was faster. I quickly sidestepped his blade and brought my foot up to meet his open face as I brought my sword around behind him. As my foot connected he lurched toward my waiting blade. It pierced his back with ease. The tip of the blade punctured the front of his sternum with a loud Crack! I took no pleasure in his death and looked up with a solemn look at the two other enemies. They had a look of surprise on their faces at the fact their leader had just died so easily. They brought up their Automatic rifles and fired on me. I caught a bullet in the right shoulder which brought me to my knees, my first time being shot. I stood as quickly as possible and made a break for the stone structure at the far side of the clearing. I rounded the corner and slid against the wall. The only thing keeping me up was my sword which was stabbed into the ground. I couldn't walk let alone fight. I leaned out and nodded toward a shadow in the tree across from me but behind the two firing at me. A few seconds after, two holes appeared in the faces of the enemies firing at me. I slowly stood and walked out from behind my cover. I continued toward the gate, and I was joined by my hidden friends and my brother. Since I couldn't drive I trusted my car and our lives to my brother. We set off to the house and this time it was me clawing the leather not Vulpe.

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