[. y.]

"Crap, Backup! Quit that out!" L shouted, pushing the teenager away from him.

"But L!" B whined, "today is a very special day and I wanna give you a hug!" he shouted, stretching his arms out to hug the detective but being pushed away, due to the older one's feet being pressed up against his chest.

"No! Get away from me! I don't want anything! Especially from YOU!" L screamed, glaring at the younger of the two. B stared down at L and scoffed.

"Fine, you hug-hater!" he yelled before letting his arms fall back down to his sides. L stared at B for a while before letting his legs go back to their usual croucing position on the leather chair.

"Thank you. I understand that it is Halloween today, but that does not mean I deser-" L was immedieatley interrupted by two strong arms wraping themselved around the detective's figure, embracing him. L's face was pressed up against the crook of B's neck. L sighed and looked up at the red-eyed teenager. "Backu-"

"Shhh! Just...shut up for a little bit, okay?" B said, nuzzling his face against L's ebony locks. He inhaled, taking in the sweet scent of Strawberries, sugar, and coffee.

"U-Ummmm...Backu-" L was soon cut off by warm softy lips being pressed up against his own. L's eyes widened but he didn't move. He was actually begining to enjoy this. Not a moment later L actually found himself responding to the kiss, adding oressure onto it.

"Mmmmn..." B moaned once L's tongue lapped his bottom lip, asking for permission to enter or not. B granted his wish and parted his lips, feeling L's tongue slither inside his mouth. B moaned from the back of his throat, sweeping his own tongue with L's.

B was the first to break the kiss, leaving a thin trail of saliva conecting them together. B stared down at L's flushed face and smiled sweetly at him.

"I love you, L Lawliet..." he whispered, "and..." he paused, giving L a small peck on the lips, "Happy Birthday." he said, turning and walking towards the large oal-wood door, pushing them open and walking away, leaving the blushing birthday boy. staring at the door.

L smiled, "I love you too, Beyond Birthday."

AN: Happy Birthday, L! :)