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In one heated moment, they locked eyes; a mighty clash of heavenly blue and bitter-sweet green. Under her spell, he crept closer to her warm skin which covered a cold heart, black as ice. The bewitching Morgan enticed him to come nearer, and Merlin obeyed; perhaps willing, perhaps not.

This was revenge; revenge for poisoning her, revenge for promising and doing 'whatever it takes' to fight her power, revenge for betraying their friendship in the sickest way imaginable. Now, in this damp cave, he would pay for his actions. There is no stopping it.

Merlin's eyes, transfixed on her, flashed gold. Her enchantment upon him is still strong, and just as her evil plan was about to be fulfilled, Morgan smiled cruelly thinking of how much pain and sorrow this will cause him in the very near future. Regret will wash over the warlock as he realizes how much of a fool he was for taking the bait on this fate-sealing evening. Morgan had half of a thought to just kill Merlin after the sin was committed, but what would be the fun in that? That would relieve him from the oncoming misery; he does not deserve that kind of mercy, least of all from her!

In a matter of minutes, the deed was done. As her lips parted form his, she watched the topaz light leave his eyes, returning to their pure blue. Morgan leaned against the smooth wall and in her lack of closes, pulled on a red cloak swiftly. Merlin, no longer in her magical trance, traced her with his eyes up and down before resting on her stomach with her right hand placed gently upon it. In that instant he knew what had happened.

"No," he muttered in pure horror. Morgan's smile grew cruel, menacing. As quickly as his wobbly legs could manage, Merlin abandoned the dark cavern, leaving Morgan to quietly rejoice over this major victory.

Soon, she would have a daughter who will radiate power; the one and only child of the great Emrys and the infamous Morgan le Fay. Her name shall be Claireece, a name which will make the history books. Morgan will teach her how to control her magic, how to will it to her command. She will keep the girl safely from her father and always away from Camelot. She will be shown the evils of good and the good of evil.

Claireece will be feared and respected, worshipped wherever she travelled. No one will stand up to her, question her authority. People will cower at the mere mutter of her name. She won't have to pretend, not like Morgan did. She won't be sucking up to any one person. No, they will be sucking up to her! She will be unstoppable and so powerful that not even the armies of Camelot could withstand her invasion. Her half brother and that idiotic sorcerer wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

The Pendragon rein will finally meet a pathetic, sticky end.

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