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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

Epilogue: Smile (part 2)

Tony Stark walked into the workshop and saw everything as he had left it. He took in the cars: the gleam of silver, black and hot rod red. He saw the clutter on the desk: pens, scrap paper filled with half imaginings of death – he'd have to trash those. He noticed how the screens were turning on, holographic images appearing.

Everything was if he had just left it five minutes ago ... and yet something was different.

He looked around desperately trying to find what was different, brow furrowed. His heart rate quickened and jolted, as his body grew hot. Something else had been in here ... or was ... but what? He moved quickly around the room, eyes scanning over his workshop like a hawk.

He reached his couch when he saw it: a single long strand of hair. His hair wasn't that long. His hair wasn't that colour. He drew in a quick breath and that's when he smelt her: paper, pens, coffee, vanilla, and mango shampoo.

He smiled.


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