A/N: hey there people! I've just started watching DRRR and so far I've loved it. Since I'm too lazy to watch right now, I thought, why shouldn't I write a fic about it? so yeah, here it is. It's my first reader insert too, and a drabble series, so good luck, lulu-ichigo! XD enjoy~

Disclaimer: don't own DRRR.


You see his brown eyes under those blue shades.

He stands there quietly, and you hold you're breath; no, he has taken your breath away.

He grunts and mutters 'this sucks' and a few curse words, but you still wait quite impatiently for what he was about to say.

He ruffles his blond hair, exhales long and he lets out a groan of frustration.

"Come on, say it." a man in a suit and dreadlocks orders like a father to his son.

He exhales again and stares straight in your eyes.

"Sorry that I hit you with that vending machine."


A/N: *does victory dance* yay, spot on, 100! XD so, did I suck? Please let me know. Thanks for reading!