September: Chris Daughtry

"Harry" The name rolled off of his lips. "I'm… I'm so sorry."

The small, weak boy looked up at the blonde. No emotion was in his eyes. No words left his mouth.

"Draco. You will have to leave now. Mr. Potter needs his sleep." The nurse told him.

Draco nodded before softly kissing the broken boy's head.

He left only to turn back around and blood covered his vision of the boy.

No One: Aly and AJ

"Draco!" Someone called out behind him.

The boy ignored the voice and weaved through the crowd surrounding him.

"PLAESE! Come back."

The boy didn't respond to the other, but kept moving, secretly hoping that the boy behind him would catch up.

"Draco." Someone panted out behind him holding his arm captive.

Used To: Chris Daughtry

"Harry!" Ron called out from behind the boy.

The black haired boy turned around seeing Ron in his love's arms. They smirked at the poor boy cruelly as tears started pouring out of the glimmering green eyes.

"Are you okay Harry?" Asked someone above the boy.

Harry ad run from the sceen but he looked at the boy above him. He shook his head no and jumped into the other's arms.

Sticks and Stones: Aly and Aj

Harry was in the room of requirement. He was crying into his arms. Bruises covered his torn body.

"Potter?" someone drawled outside the door. "Come out. Or you'll be late to class and I'll have to take away points.

Slowly the door opened showing the Head boy outside the pale boy.

"Shhhh." The new boy said as he rushed into the room and hugged the broken boy tightly in his arms.

If Today was Your Last Day: Nickleback

"Harry… You have to come out." Draco said outside of the boys door. "Harry?"

No answer came and the boy started to get worried.

He opened the door to the room only to find… nothing. Nothing greeted him. Not even any belongings that the boy had brought. All that was there was an open window. He looked out of it and started to choke.

Harry was there… but… he was now gone for ever. 'Harry'… the thought entered his mind. His enemy had forgiven him but… now he was gone. And his things were burnt into unrecognizable pieces.

Then the tears started.

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