So this is my very first fanfiction. First off I want to thank Racey for being an amazing Beta. I freaking love you. :) This will be eventual fem!ichi/grimm but it first starts out as fem!ichi/ishida. This is a het fanfiction and there will be mature content in future chapters.

Warnings: Slight OOCness, crude language, naughty Grimmjow.

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Chapter 00: Very Special Client

To think I would be in such a compromising predicament. Being underneath a man that was not my husband. Crying out a name that did not belong to the man I vowed to be faithful to. I never thought I would fall for another man let alone be in bed with one. It's so funny how life works. You're probably wondering how this all started, how a normal woman like me would get into this situation. Well I guess I can explain my story since I don't think I'm going anywhere anytime soon. Let us begin, shall we?

"Nooo, don't steal my ice cream!" Ichigo bolted upright in the bed panting. "Damn me, I knew I shouldn't have eaten that piece of steak so late last night," Ichigo sighed to herself and looked at the alarm clock. 5:15 AM. 'Guess I'll just get up anyways.' Sliding out of the bed she noticed her husband wasn't lying next to her. She frowned 'Where is that Quincy anyways?' Thinking that she would worry about him after she cleaned up, she headed into the master bathroom to get started on her day. Stepping into the shower she washed away the grit and sweat from the night before, enjoying the soothing hot water running through her long orange hair. After applying her favorite shampoo of passion fruit, she washed the rest of her body, making sure she was clean. Stepping out of the shower she reached for a towel to dry herself.

Once she got back to the bedroom, she started rummaging through the massive collection of clothing in her closet. 'I need a bigger closet,' she thought; which was true. Ichigo was always into fashion and looking good. One would think she was a model just because the size of her wardrobe. She pulled out a white cotton top, with short sleeves and a scoop neckline, and threw it on the bed. Next, taking out a pair of khaki pants, cuffed at the bottom, and a dark brown belt, she grabbed her simple black flats as well, - Lord knows she didn't need to feel or look any taller than she was. Being 5'9", she hardly had any heels in her wardrobe, nor did she really need them. After making sure she looked decent, she grabbed her shoes and purse and headed to the kitchen.

"Good morning, Uryū." The Quincy looked up at the sound of his wife's voice. Looking her over once, he lowered his head back to the newspaper he had been reading. Uryu Ishida was Ichigo's husband of 6 months, though they had known each other since they were in high school. She always thought he hated her, but one day, he confessed to her and they had been inseparable ever since.

"Good morning Ishida," he said in his usual uninterested voice.

Ichigo scowled, "Uryū, we've been married for 6 months now and yet you still call me by our surname. First it was Kurosaki, now this? I wish you would use my first name." He gave her a small smile.

Rising from the table and moving towards her, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pecked her lips with a chaste kiss. "I always find your scowl to be so cute." Her blush was always cute too.

"Shōten Industries, Urahara- shachou's office. Yes, I will transfer you. Shōten Industries, Urahara- shachou's office," Ichigo replied to the fifth call that morning since she walked into the office. "Urahara- shachou is in a meeting at the moment, may I take a message?" Listening to the voice on the other end of the phone, she took down the message and said her goodbyes. Sighing, Ichigo hung up the phone and went back to her usual work for the day. Working for a big company like Shōten Industries, she hardly had a break until the late afternoon. Shōten Industries was a company that specialized in the creation and marketing of various food products. The products ranging from candy to frozen dinners, even special seasonings. Also, parts of the company were included in fashion design/marketing and sword-making. Ichigo never really understood why Mr. Urahara would have so many things going on in one company that didn't match each other, but she never asked her boss. She just did her work and enjoyed her great pay.

Though her pay never was enough to deal with a pervert like her boss, she really did enjoy working for him plus the benefits of working there were great. She had known Urahara since she was in high school, since he was a friend of her father. He was actually considered family, but if Ichigo ever thought of him that way, she would probably creep herself out.

"Shōten Industries, Urahara- shachou's office," she answered the ringing phone that was starting to get on her nerves already.

"Ichigo-chan, how are you this beautiful morning?" An airy and flirty voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

Ichigo frowned, knowing that she just answered the wrong call. "Rangiku, first off, it's gloomy as hell outside and second, shouldn't you be working, not calling me?"

"Tch, I am working that's why I called, but anyways-," she started going on about things not work related; some man she had been with, and Ichigo just tuned her out, because it was the same story all the time. New man, amazing sex, never calls back, Ran gets another man.

"Ran… Rangiku… MATSUMOTO!" The orange head sighed. Rangiku's mouth was always running. "I know you want to talk, but work first, we can hang out later."

"Oh, well okay. Tōshirō wants to schedule a meeting with Urahara-san; something about new frozen products. Also, I wanted to know if you got the fax of products and prices I sent this morning." Looking around her desk, then behind her, she found the fax that was sent. Nodding to herself, she answered Rangiku back.

"Yes, I have the fax and Urahara-shachou is free at 1:00 pm tomorrow, if Tōshirō is free then." After confirming with Rangiku that he was free she rushed her off the phone so she could get back to work. 'Hopefully I can get some more work done before the phone goes off like crazy again.' As soon as that thought left her mind, the phone started to ring again. "I'll never get to finish any other work," she sighed to herself.

"Ishida-chan, could you come to my office please?" Getting up from her desk she walked towards Mr. Urahara's office. "Urahara-shachou, why must you call me by my surname and by my first name? Please make up your mind."

"What do you mean, Ichigo-chan?" he asked, pulling out his simple white fan to hide his probable smirk like always.

"That's what I mean Urahara-shachou, anyways what can I do for you, sir?"

"Oh yes, I wanted to let you know that we will be having a very special client come in later on today. I need you to get some information ready for me." She grabbed her notebook and pen and waited for him to finish speaking. "I need the binder that holds all of our finer sword information, as well as the price list for them. I also need you to pull the folder for this client, so that I have his previous orders and preferences." Mr. Urahara handed her a business card with the client's name on it. She scrunched up her face at the name 'Grimmjow Jea- Jeager- how can anyone even pronounce his last name!' She voiced her concern, "Urahara-shachou, how do you pronounce his last name?"

"It's Jeagerjaques, Ichigo-chan. I know the name seems interesting doesn't it? It's supposed to be German, I do believe."

"I see…well, is that all, Urahara-shachou? I would like to start working on this before he comes, and I know how you like to drag on about absolutely nothing at all, so you can stare at my breasts." She found herself smiling a little. Being able to tease him about being a pervert was always fun. You couldn't laugh off things with every boss.

"I'm hurt, Ichigo-chan." His mock hurt never fazed her. "But yes, that's all, you may get to work now."

She headed back to her desk out front to start working on getting everything ready for this so-called "very special" client. After going through pages and pages of clients, she realized that someone needed to alphabetize this, because Jeagerjaques should not be after Zaraki. Finding Mr. Jeagerjaques's folder, she pulled it out and set it on her desk next to the portfolio of swords. Grabbing everything, she headed to Mr. Urahara's office and set them down on his desk.

"Ichigo-chan, when Jeagerjaques-san gets here, I would like for you to go down to retrieve him from the lobby. I don't want another altercation with Luppi again."

"Altercation with Luppi? I feel that I missed that last time Jeagerjaques-san came to the office. I don't remember an altercation with Luppi, although Luppi always gets into drama." 'He's such a drama queen sometimes.' She giggled to herself.

"Yes, last time he came to the office, Luppi decided to throw himself at Jeagerjaques-san and proclaim his undying love for him." She could have sworn her eyes were going to pop out of her head. She was really trying to hold back from falling out on the floor with laughter.

"Are you serious, Urahara- shachou?" She only got a nod. "Well, I don't want to deal with having to look at that. I'll go down to get him when Orihime buzzes me to let me know he's here."

Orihime worked at the front desk in the lobby of the company. Basically she was the receptionist and also Rangiku's little sister. Anyways, back to Luppi proclaiming undying love to a client. Jeagerjaques-san was probably just another old fart with a lot of money to throw away. At least, that's mostly what Urahara worked with. So, Luppi doing something like that seemed really crazy. She knew Luppi was gay, but she always thought he had a thing for hot, tall, hunky guys, with defined and chiseled bodies, not old, wrinkly men with probably more fat on their chest than her. 'Well whatever floats his boat I guess.'

"Ishida-chan!" A sweet voice called through the intercom on her desk.

"Yes, Orihime, what can I do for you?" She had always adored Orihime; she was such a sweet girl. They had been best friends since high school and no matter how upset someone was, she always managed to put a smile on their face. Everyone always thought she was naïve, but under there was a girl who could give the most helpful advice. Ichigo recommended not eating anything she cooked though; she feared for her stomach when Orihime offered up something she had cooked or bought.

"There's a Jeagerjaques-san down here. He says he has an appointment with Urahara- shachou?"

"Ah yes, I will be down shortly to retrieve him. Thank you, Orihime."

"No problem, Ishida-chan."

Rising from her desk, she headed towards the elevator at the end of the hall. Pressing the down arrow, she waited for the elevator. This building was fourteen floors tall, each floor having a different department on it, excluding the lobby of course. Urahara's office was on the twelfth floor, instead of the very top. He always said he enjoyed the number 12, so he decided to have his office on the twelfth floor. Most of the people that work on the twelfth floor are pretty creepy. She had never gotten used to working closely with them, so she was glad her desk was very far away from everyone and directly to the side of Urahara's office doors. Hearing the elevator bell ding and watching the doors open, she walked into it and pressed the L button on the wall panel. Letting the smooth ride relax her, she leaned against the back wall thinking about who this "very special" client was again. 'I wonder if he has a bald spot, or maybe one of those hideous comb-overs.' She snorted at that thought. 'Poor Orihime, she is probably being harassed and he probably is a big fat pervert.'

Feeling the elevator slow down and stop, she walked out of the open doors and down the hall to the front lobby. She heard a deep husky voice that she had never heard before. 'What the hell is with that voice, it sounds like it's been dipped in sweet, dark chocolate.' She turned the corner, and there standing at the front desk, was a tall, unbelievably gorgeous man, wearing a dark grey suit, an aqua-green, silk shirt peeking from underneath. She slowed her walking so that she could get a good look at him without being noticed. 'God he has to be at least 6'1", 6'2", and what the hell is up with that hair? Blue hair…the man has blue hair. Well, Ichigo your hair is orange, you have no right to talk about other people's hair. But...but I have never seen a person with blue hair in my life; that has got to be hair dye. And what is that on the side of his neck?' She squinted her eyes so that she could see was on the side of his neck. 'UWAHHH! Is that a freakin' tattoo on the side of his neck? Holy crap, this man is blazing! Ichigo approves. Ichigo is married as well, better keep those panties dry. I wonder who this man is.'

Finally reaching the front desk, she saw Orihime blushing 124 different shades of red. "Orihime, you said Jeagerjaques-san was here?" Ichigo said to her. Orihime snapped her head towards her. Ichigo had a big smirk on her face with one of her trimmed orange eyebrows raised.

"A-ah y-yes Ishida-chan!" Orihime motioned her hand towards the tall man Ichigo had been ogling. She probably was as well.

"T-this is Jeagerjaques-san." Her head moved to look at the tall man standing there like he owned the damn lobby. Arms folded over a broad chest. A devilish smirk adorning his absolutely gorgeous face. 'Sweet mercy, his eyes are so blue! Married woman, Ichigo. It's not like I can't look, gosh.' A throat clearing interrupted her inner monologues and she snapped her head up to those entrancing cobalt eyes. She realized that her eyes were moving farther down his body.

"I believe I have an appointment with Urahara." That sweet velvety voice spoke again.

"A-ah yes, right this way, Jeagerjaques-san." She had turned around and started walking back towards the elevator, when a deep chuckle froze her in her spot. She felt hot breath on the back of her neck, then heard that voice again.

"You should be calling me Jeagerjaques-sama, don't you think?" And with that he brushed past her and sauntered off towards the elevator. It felt like her knees would give out, and she could feel her panties were already a little damp.

'I guess Luppi had the right idea going on, because sweet merciful Jesus, I want to proclaim my undying love for you!'

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