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Spencer Reid couldn't help but giggle to himself. His life was so amazing right now. He had the handsomest man he had ever seen in his life as his boyfriend. His best girlfriend was finally in on the secret along with her lover, who was his man's best friend. The only fly in his ointment was that HIS best friend didn't know about it. Oh, Derek Morgan knew that he liked both women and men. And Morgan knew that he found Hotch very attractive thanks to a night of drinking. But he didn't know that Hotch reciprocated and that the two had been secretly dating for three years. Spence disliked keeping secrets. He knew that in this case it was necessary. Because the BAU had fought so hard to recruit him, he knew that his job was safe. But Hotch was hated by Chief Strauss and she was constantly trying to get him fired or break up their team. He just knew that she'd use this against the man that he adored. He desperately wanted Derek to know though. He sighed lightly.

"You think too hard, beautiful boy. Want to share your thoughts?"

Aaron Hotchner curled his arm a little tighter around Spencer, who just shifted a little away from him. He turned over and faced the older man. Hotch ran his fingers through Reid's hair. It was just so soft and begged to be touched. Reid ran his fingers down Hotch's rough face, lingering a little around his lips.

"I just wish we didn't have to keep it a secret from the rest of the team."

"Are you unhappy, Spence?"

Spencer gasped at the thought and wound his arms around Aaron's neck. He kissed him hard enough to drive any doubts out of Aaron's mind.

"God, no! But they are our family. I know they'd keep quiet."

"Yeah, they would. But if Strauss ever asks them about things that are inappropriate, they'd have to tell her about us. I'm your boss and while Strauss will overlook their relationships since they are just coworkers, there's no way she'd let ours slide."

Spencer was in deep thought. Hotch loved watching his face as he tried to work out a problem. Reid always looked young, but when he was thinking hard he looked like a kid struggling to tie his shoes for the first time. Aaron thought it was adorable. Then Spence's face took on a triumphant look.

"Then we don't tell them!"

"Isn't that what we've been doing?"

"No, no. We don't hide! I mean, we aren't going to be all obvious like Morgan and Emily, but we can just let little things slip through! That way they technically don't 'know' anything, but at the same time they do know that we trust them enough to let them know."

"Spencer, you are entirely a genius!"

"I know. I mean, I do have an IQ…"

The rest of his sentence was lost against Aaron's lips. It was a long time before either of them fell asleep, but when they did, they were both snuggled tightly in each other arms and smiling.

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