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Rossetti's Romeo
"Lavender Means Admiration"
Chapter Two

There wasn't an empty seat in the music hall. Students, teachers, and families filled the dimmed theatre. Tonight premiered the most talented, young musicians on campus. Sesshomaru Taisho included. Each participant picked a famous piece to play. No one could have swayed Kagome from attending. She arrived over an hour early just to get a good seat. The year before, the miko had to settle between three children and a crying baby. Lesson learned. Sango dragged her out of the building by her ear. The undeclared vixen tended to abhor crowds unless she was on the field. Tonight, the priestess opted to go stag. Honestly, Kagome went alone to keep her crush a secret. She had a feeling her mouth would water at the sight of the silver haired male, and she wasn't wrong.

Sesshomaru entered an hour into the show. A grand piano sat center on the polished stage. He strolled in the spotlight wearing a pressed suit and dark tie. The black ensemble contrasted beautifully against his pale skin. His gold eyes never looked to the audience. In fact, he ignored the crowd altogether. The inu slid onto bench and tuned out the world. His long fingers gently tapped the keys reliving Debussy's Estampes. Kagome's reminded herself to breathe. He looked so different on stage. The cold demeanor he fronted, melted away. His eyes closed as his hands danced across the instrument. Sesshomaru was in his own dream world. Kagome knew exactly how he felt. Every time she picked up her guitar, reality slipped away.

Twenty minutes into his piece, he stopped. Sesshomaru stood from his seat and bowed. If a pin had dropped, everyone would have heard it. The audience was stunned silent just as she. A few unaware folks rose from their bendable seats and clapped. Kagome decided then to show her appreciation another way. With a determined smile, the miko left her seat and exited the theatre. Sesshomaru wouldn't return to the dormitory for another hour or so. She had perfect amount of time.

Flipping out her cell phone, Kagome surfed the web. A local florist was open until nine o'clock. She slid off of peep-toe heels and jogged down the street. With fifteen minutes to spare, the priestess pushed the glass door open. A silver bell jingled above the threshold. She offered a bright smile to the florist and searched the shop. Roses were out of the question. Sesshomaru would be knee-deep in those red blooms. This flower had to be unique like him. What flowers stood for something? Her mother always loved lavender. Its sweet fragrance and spiritual significance rivaled any flower, but it was an herb…. Kagome wondered if it even had a meaning.

"Excuse me. Do you happen to know the meaning behind lavender?"

"Of course, Dear. Lavender is said to be a symbol of admiration." Jackpot.

"This is going to sound strange but could I just buy a single stem?"

The old woman smiled a knowing smile. She shifted her half-moon glasses and rummaged behind the counter. Her aged hands plucked a brilliant violet bloom and handed it to her. Kagome grinned like an idiot and unzipped her purse. The florist shook her head. "Don't worry about it Sweetie. The beauty of young love is all the payment I need."

"Thanks allot!"

"You're welcome. Now, be careful out there. It's getting dark." Kagome replied with a deep nod and vacated the flower shop with a little pep in her step. She hummed happily the entire way home.

There were more people wandering around tonight but it didn't faze her. The miko skipped up the stairs and surprised a half-naked Sango in their room. In an attempt to be modest, her roommate grabbed a towel to cover her exposed breasts.

"You scared me." She released a deep breath of relief and dropped the damp cloth. "I thought you were Inuyasha. The jerk has been charging in here every ten minutes looking for you. I told him you were at that concert thing and he still came in here. If he does it again, I swear I'm going to punch the crap out of him."

"I give you full permission. He knows not to just barge in here." Sango threw on a slinky, black tank and grinned. She always did know how to throw an outfit together. With her toned body, she looked good in practically anything. Miroku was one lucky man. "Hey, is Inuyasha in his room?"

"I seriously doubt it. That kid can't sit still for two minutes."

"Alright then," Kagome shrugged. It was true though. Inuyasha had the attention span of a Chihuahua on crack. Most of the time, the miko simply threw her hands in the air and gave up trying to converse with him. His head was a thick as cement. "I'm going to relax a little bit. Catch up with you later?"

"You better. I'm not going to be stuck with Miroku and Inuyasha. That's just cruel and unusual punishment." Sango fluffed her hair and put on a dash of lip-gloss. "I'm serious by the way. I'll never forgive you." She flashed a pitiful puppy dog face in the priestess's direction. If Kagome didn't know Sango, she might have pulled it off.

"Yeah, yeah. I promise."

"Okay! I'll shoot you a text in like an hour." She grabbed her hobo bag and made a beeline for the door. The moment the lock clicked, Kagome scrambled for a piece of paper. Unfortunately, she only had college ruled paper and the lines were pink. She could see Sesshomaru's face now. He'd probably rip the girly note to shreds before reading the caption. The miko scanned the room again and spotted post-its on Sango's desk. Her options were neon green or mustard yellow. In the end, green won eenie-meenee-miney-moe. She brought the pad over to her desk and pulled out her Bic pen. Now, what to write. Kagome hadn't thought that far ahead. A desperate sigh escaped her lips.

Kagome stared at that damn post-it for an unknown period of time. Banging on the door broke her out of her stupor. "Yo, Kags," Inuyasha shouted from the door. "Unlock this stupid thing." The miko glared daggers at the pristine entry. Either she let him and forwent this idea or she could ignore. She chose the later. "Kagome, I know you're in there! I can smell you!" Yep, she was definitely going to pretend he wasn't there. She returned to her post-it and jotted down "utterly enchanting". It was simple and Sesshomaru would know she meant the concert. Stuffing the slip of paper in her pocket, Kagome grabbed the lavender and opened the door. Inuyasha stood there in his dude bro attire. The image of him dressed as a drag queen popped in her head. Uncontrolled bursts of laughter left her mouth. She had to hold her sides.

"What's so goddamn funny," he asked. His pointy ears twisted forward as if he wouldn't hear her answer.

"Nothing at all. Hey, I'll meet you downstairs okay? Sango and Miroku are already down there."

"Feh, whatever." The inu hanyou turned heel and sped down the hall. Kagome slowly followed his lead but made a detour on the second floor. Luckily for her, everyone was either out or in their rooms. She sneakily went to Sesshomaru's door and tacked the bright post-it on the corkboard. Carefully, she did the same to the lavender nailing the stem to the note. There was no way the silver haired youkai would miss it. The miko smiled goofily and descended down to her friends.

Sesshomaru would never understand college culture. The night had started off well until the concert ended. Once the lights flipped back on and the audience began to mingle, reality returned full force. Humans screeched about partying and keg stands. The intellectual peace exploded directly in his face. Kouga demanded they celebrate after his debut. Unfortunately, the tai-youkai's idea of celebrating was detaching himself from trashy women and reading a book. He was in desperate need of a shower. Between the handshakes, perfumed hugs, and bouquets, Sesshomaru about vomited. Well, figuratively. Now, it was midnight. The mangy wolf had his amusement and the inu was mere steps away from his down mattress. He dug his small set of keys from his pocket and went through the motions. A patch of purple stopped his movements. There, pierced on his door, was a sprig of lavender. Sesshomaru plucked the herb from cork and saw a tacky post-it behind it. In familiar women's pen, "utterly enchanting" was written. The demon stared at the message and internally smiled. It was a pleasant token. Whoever this woman was, he desired to know. He peeled the note off and entered his room.

Kicking his shoes off, Sesshomaru went to his maple desk. He opened the first drawer and put the post-it next to the picture of the half-breed. The inu kept the lavender piece and placed it on his bed stand. Its fresh scent devoured the mortal stench poisoning his nostrils. He was quite curious about this female. She had tact and for some unknown reason, she didn't want him to know her identity. Typically, women took the opposite route. It was a refreshing. A game of cat and mouse.

With a playful smirk, Sesshomaru grabbed a piece of parchment and elegantly wrote "why hide?" in blue. He took the scrap and tacked it exactly where she left her little clues. If she planned on continuing this game, she'd see it. Resolved, the inu pianist stripped down to his silk boxers and promptly fell asleep. However, at two o'clock in the morning, Sesshomaru awoke to someone messing with the board. His top lip curled. He'd find out sooner or later. Might as well enjoy the secret exchanges now. Then, dreamland took him once more.