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Rossetti's Romeo


Chapter Six

Tonight, he would encounter Miss Rossetti. The obnoxious post-it stated to meet her at a local address promptly at nine o'clock. He left campus an hour early to purchase a long stem rose from the florist a block away. Unfortunately, Sesshomaru miscalculated the popularity of this Nomu establishment. Upon walking the short distance, his imbecile of a roommate discovered him. A string of harlots followed in the wolf's wake. As hard as he tried, the tai-youkai couldn't rid of them. He decided to occupy a two seated table near the stage but Kouga followed. The females remained standing as they fawned over their beauty. Sesshomaru growled in annoyance and prayed the wenches would use what little self-preservation they had to vacate his presence. If Miss Rossetti wouldn't have been in attendance, the blue eyed canine would whine over more than a broken nose.

The ice prince's gold eyes searched the makeshift coffee house for possible prospects. No one fit his secret admirer's calculating intelligence nor redeeming appearance. Like the women Kouga associated with, every female looked repulsive. Even the wait staff resembled mortal peasants. He declined purchasing a beverage and locked his eyes to the miserable fool attempting to play a guitar on stage. He plucked the strings as if the instrument were a clothes line. Absolutely insufferable. Surely the idiot wasn't being paid for his contribution to the fall of music. Sesshomaru internally sighed. He almost pulled the post-it from his jacked pocket to check the address. However, he never made mistakes.

Kouga commented on the rose lying on the table and thankfully, sent the women away to discuss the trivial matter. The inu-youkai pretended the wolf didn't exist. Typically, the mutt wouldn't let things go but yet another female distracted him. He leapt from his seat to greet the girl. It was sheer boredom that pulled his attention from the stage to their encounter. "How's my woman," he exclaimed loud enough for the entire population to hear. Kouga moved to the side slightly giving Sesshomaru a perfect view of her. The female stood out like a sore thumb in the horrific sea of prostitutes. She wore casual attire hiding the majority of her skin, but her simple look didn't hide her womanly curves. Her ebony hair cascaded down in her back in gentle waves that framed her naturally beautiful face. Little makeup caked her flawless skin. Sesshomaru knew he'd seen her before. It took him but a moment to recall she was in one of his many music courses. She was the quiet student he'd glared at weeks before.

"I'm not your woman," she pointed out rolling her large doe eyes. Kouga seemed unaffected by her statement. It instantly became apparent that she fell into the one percentile of women with somewhat of a brain. The wolf then attempted to wrap an arm around her. She shoved it away without any hesitation. Interesting.

The horrid "musician" ended his set without applause. A man dressed in uniform climbed onto the stage and announced a new player, Kagome Higurashi. Everyone cheered. Sesshomaru eyed the tasteful female leave his roommate and take her place on stage. In the year he'd known of Higurashi, the tai-youkai had never witnessed her play. An electric acoustic Fender was strapped on her back. She gracefully set up her instrument and placed a stool in front of microphone. People still shouted and clapped as if Beethoven was about to play a symphony. A small smile curled at her pout lips. Sesshomaru took notice that her slender fingers held no pick.

"Hey everyone! I'd just like to say that I'm glad you could make it out tonight. I've actually have something new I've been working." More catcalls interrupted her speech. "Yeah, yeah," she joked. "I'm going to play the one though. I hope you guys understand. This is for someone special." And then, her chocolate eyes locked with Sesshomaru's. A warm feeling crept up his spine. Never in his hundreds of years had felt anything like it. "I wanted to make this my final token."

Kagome began plucking the strings creating a dream-like melody. The entire space fell into a dead silence. She leaned forward and released a sweet voice comparable to that of a siren. Sesshomaru had never heard anything more beautiful. He became memorized. The lyrics were nearly lost in her heavenly sound.

I couldn't comprehend as I watched it unfold
This classic story told, I left it in the cold
Walking through an open door, it led me back to you
Each one unlocking more of the truth.

I finally stopped tripping on my youth
I finally got lost inside of you
I finally know that I needed to grow
And finally my maze has been solved.

Finally, now my destiny can begin
Though it will have a different set
Something new and strange is happening.

Finally, my life doesn't seem so bad
It's the best I've ever had
Give my love to him finally.

I remembered the beginning you already knew
I acted like a fool trying to be cool
Fronting like it didn't matter, I just ran away
On another face, I was lost in my own space.

Found what it's like to hurt selfishly
Scared to give of me, afraid to just believe
I was in a jealous, insecure, pathetic place
Stumbled through the nets that I have made.

Finally, I got out of my own way
I've started living for today
I finally know that I needed to grow
And, I finally know that it must be so.

The music unfortunately died. Everyone gave a standing ovation including Sesshomaru. Words escaped him. Kagome Higurashi was perfect, an angel. She bowed and waved to the crowd. They demanded more but she unplugged her instrument. Moans of want filled the establishment. An apologetic smile seemed to warm their hearts. The beautiful mortal stepped down and caught his golden spheres. With a newly found strength, the tiny onna stepped towards him. He, in turn, offered her the single red rose he'd purchased. She sniffed the flower's wondrous scent and blushed. The light pink color made her even more beautiful.

"You're not disappointed," Kagome asked.

He closed the distance between them and caressed her heated cheek. Her skin was as soft as it appeared. Sesshomaru leaned towards her and captured her lips. She was slightly startled but soon melted into his embrace. The world surrounding them vanished. It felt as if the universe had fatefully aligned. "Never," he whispered. A new round of applause erupted. The cold hearted demon had fallen for the sweet miko. Or should he say, his Miss Rossetti.