My Sweet-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-After-a-Math-Review Day

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"No, not like that. Ryuzaki-chan. X goes this side of the equation and not there." A soft explanation came out of his lips.

Fuji Syusuke made it clearer for her. Ryuzaki Sakuno nodded, he knew she didn't get it for the 3rd time he repeated. He smiled, his eyes closed as usual. "I am treating you an ice cream now if you get these perfectly." He challenged as she nodded. How did they ended up like this anyway? Well, his coach, Ryuzaki-sensei had a problem with her math grades. Ryuzaki-sensei as a math teacher and as the tennis coach has been too busy to notice that Sakuno's grades are falling, falling way too fast ...too low.

Syusuke, known as the genius, not only in tennis but in his studies was asked for this. This is quite a challenge though because he knows the girl isn't interested at all. She had in mind the smallest in the regulars, Echizen Ryoma.

"After you answer this, let me be the one to walk you home." He said softly, pointing at the problems she was trying to solve. 'He always smile.' Sakuno told herself and allowed herself to giggle.

Fuji was so unlike Ryoma, why was she even attracted to someone not interested in her?

"Hai." She bowed in agreement.

When she was near finishing her work, she talked again, "I know you weren't able to practice for today because of me. Sorry." Her guilty feeling taking over, then he chuckled.

"Yes, I missed Inui's juice though, but when you perfect that all. I guess it won't matter too much neh?" He asked,

It's a dismissal time for the tennis regulars and they are still under a shade of a tree trying to make Sakuno understand her math problems

"I guess I am done?" She said, Fuji smiled and looked. "I guess you got a mistake, don't worry all are good." He said dusting his pants while comparing her answers to the answer sheets he had made.

She smiled and he could see her eyes gleam up like diamonds.

"Ice cream as promised?" He asked as he pulled out his hands for an assistance to her.

"Thank you, but wouldn't such be a bother?" She asked, he looked afar and shook his head.

"Thank you so much," She bowed again, Echizen passed by as Sakuno's eyes followed him.

The little girl needed not to hide nothing, everything was painted in her face like a plastered writing.

It made her senpai laugh as she went back to reality.

He's graduating and she's 2nd year. Not anymore freshmen, he thought

"Am I getting older or is it just me forgetting that falling in love is normal?" He asked as she blushed.

Her height was reaching his eyes, how small she remembered she was when she was first year.

They stopped by an ice cream parlor for the ice cream. "Vanilla, make it two." He ordered as she tailed behind.

"Are you sure you want plain vanilla?" He asked as she nodded. He smiled at the counter and the lady smiled back. Sukano knew she was more observant than ever.

"Senpai, you said you never fell in love?" She asked as they walked pass by a sport shop.

"No, but had a date. And it didn't work." He laughed, she felt guilty about bringing up the conversation. "You like Echizen, don't you?" He asked, he never knew he could be somehow...talkative.

"I idolize him, he's a newbie but he's good. Tomo-chan claimed him though." It made him laugh again, "You can claim me if you want." Sakuno stopped and blushed, there was no more hiding the red cheeks.

Not with the senpai she's with.

She didn't realize they were near her house.

He stopped by the park and led her to the swing.

"Mind if I take some more of your time?" He asked as she nodded, she knew her senpai needs to kill some of his time after getting stressed with all the fuss of her geometry problems.

"Senpai, are you sad?" She asked as he looked at her. He finished his ice cream with out her even noticing.

"No, I am feeling neutral." She shook her head, "You're sad." As if she was feeling something else that he himself does not feel within him.

"Come on, open up." She looked at his side, as he did the same.

"I crave for-"

"For spicy ramen?" She guessed as he laughed, "Can you say I am sad when I laugh?" he asked her, she nodded.

"Sorry about bringing up the relationship topic." She, for the uncounted times, bowed her head and said sorry,.

"There's no helping it then, I am fine. It's not your fault. Something else is bothering me. So don't worry, little Sakuno." He smiled as she looked more confused.

They walked again to her house, "please do come in. Grandma mustn't be home yet. She told me she had some business to make." explaining as Fuji went in removing his shoes.

"Tell me what bothers you." He knew she was dying curious, "Your curiosity can kill Echizen's cat."

She pouted as she prepared a tea and his spicy ramen.

He knew she would let him stay because she was afraid.

"Echizen, you know he's leaving and it worries me on how his girls would react and how the team would go on." He revealed as she smiled

"I told you, senpai, I idolize him and tomo-chan claimed him. I like someone else" She smiled,

"You like someone else but you glue your eyes on him whenever he passes by?" The older guy questioned

He couldn't seem to notice that what they were talking of is like a boy and girl argument in their relatonship.

"Yes, because I idolize him, like a star. And the one i like is like ...well. The one I like makes me go all confused with my problems. Math problems specifically."

She blurted out as he laughed,

"So that's why." She thought he found out, "So that's why you got problems and that guy must be the one to blame."


She unconsciously said, Fuji smiled and confusedly looked at her,

"Then are you blaming you-" She was confessing and the rain poured hard.

"Tell me, who is it?" He asked, "You're curiosity makes me it could kill me." She laughed nervously as he sipped from the bowl the ramen she had prepared.

"Well." Her finger tips touching each other and removing each other. Oh well, it's not the time for some...taking back.


"Let's make this work shall we?" Fuji smiled as the thunderstorms clapped.

"Eh?" she asked, "You like me and I guess I like you then we're couples. Isn't that the thing?" His tone was in a questioning tone and it got her all stuck up.


"Then, you're little Sakuno, correct?" He asked standing up.

"Up to them?" She asked. She was referring that being couples is being up to the two people.

"I am in, are you?" He asked as she slightly nodded. Dazed from her shocked revelation.

"Senpai, -" It seemed that the older guy isnt at all afraid of all the consequences

"Call me...something sweet I don't want you calling me my name. Ok?" He asked as he planted a sweet kiss on her forehead.

'is he playing mind games or is it...just the way he courts?' she thought as her grandma freaks them out opening the door with a sudden bang.

"Oh, Fuji. You're here. How was the tutoring?" She asked as she removed her wet shoes.

"It went fine. If you must agree, I shall go before the rain pours harder," He excused himself and dusts his uniform.

His sensei nodded and smiled. "Sakuno, please do accompany him to the gate."

She nodded and got two umbrellas.


"Goodbye..oh. As your guy, i prefer my name by tomorrow." He smiled and laughed getting in the bus.

Coach Ryuzaki laughed when her grand daughter entered the house.

"Your wishes are my commands." She stated

Oh, she remembered. The young Ryuzaki opened up on about the guys she likes in the team and here it goes.

It came rushing the next day.

"You know, Fuji had set his eyes on you a year ago. Well?" her grandmother laughed as she blushed.

"Come on, I prefer you call him something sweet."

Sakuno blushed not knowing whatever it is to call his 'sweet guy' tomorrow.