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"Ano.."Sakuno bowed lowly as the regulars walk their way home.

Of course it would be unnecessary for her to talk to her senpai just to tell her she haven't thought of anything to call him. She almost wanted to call him Syusuke. Even though he would protest. She kept eye on him as he passes by, through the trees. He stopped and looked around, she thought he noticed her and blushed. Wasn't she just spying? Wasn't it too embarrassing to find out that his girlfriend was spying on him. But before she knew it, he was beside her. She let her guard down. Her shriek was almost as loud as a scream but he didn't mind. His smile was still plastered on his face...he was acting normal

"Ne, Sakuno-chan, let's walk together" He asked as he held her hand. His warm calloused hands held the soft and moist ones. "Sorry for acting like an idiot spying on you" She said not letting him see her blushing face. His laugh calmed her up.

"Have you thought of my name?" He asked, she remembered. "About that, Fuji-kun." He stopped and looked at her, "I-" His smile was restless and it has been melting her.

She looked by his shoulders and saw a cute name. PUFF

"Puff?" She asked blushing wildly like a cherry. He laughed and his hand was on his mouth. "Sounds like my favorite ice cream parlor" She blushed, of course it was the ice cream parlor's name. "But I am glad you thought of it." He stopped and looked at her, "did you?" He continued.

"Ano. I was.." Biting her lip wasn't such a good idea at all. It caused her to taste her own blood. It tasted sweet mixed with rust. "It's hard to name people, correct?" He asked as she nodded, he could see her nod with his side views.

"But when we have kids, you would sure get used to it." Her senpai laughed as her blush seemed to never leave her cheeks. The topic was too..too..too..advance for their on going relationship for now.

It made the senpai laugh, he was still holding her hands as they wait for the bus. Even in the bus and their way home..he was still holding her. Like she was gonna be lost or something.

"Senpai-I mean, err." Having a hard time on saying the childish name he stooped down to her level, they were just infront of the park, near her house..

"Syusuke would be nice." He said, "If you're too uncomfortable to say out PUFF then" He continued and she smiled. "Ano.." He was still on her level when she smiled widely and toothily.

She gave him a peck and closed her eyes, not wanting to see any of his emotions. He was schocked.

Of course he was, she thought

So stupid of me, she thought again, she could feel him looking at her. She didn't really want to look. He laughed, "Please tell me no one saw that." -"FUJI! STOP HARASSING SAKUNO-CHAN!" the loud Eiji blurted out as her eyes widened. "I guess, I wouldn't lie"

"Right time, wrong place." He said as he put his arms around her waist.

Her cheeks were wild like fire, she was even feeling so much faint.

The team captain was walking huskily like he always do, the young Echizen was no where to be found, Oishi was shocked and Eiji was feeling a bit noisy.

"Since when?" Oishi asked as Momoshiro listened eagerly as Kaidoh grunted.

"Yesterday." She shyly said as she served them some dango her grandma made the last night and some drinks.

Inui wrote down some details, "Wow." Eiji was even more excited.

"Now Now, what is all the commotion around?" The coach asked as she entered the noisy guest room she had in her house.

"FUJI AND SAKUNO ARE TOGETHER" Eiji sounded more like he was in his 1st level. He was too noisy,

"I am not surprise at all." Coach Ryuzaki said as Tezuka nodded, "I agree." He said, Fuji smiled at him and said, "You were the first guy I told these all about. At the bus." He smiled

"Eh?" Sakuno was a bit feeling intrigued as the old woman joined and sat on the grounds of her house.

"He was there by the bus when I was going home." Fuji explained,

"So, Sakuno. What was his name?" Her grandma asked, she reminded her again the embarrassing name

"Puff" Fuji proudly said, all of them were curious. What name? All of them thought

"I asked her to think of a name, a pet name. So that when we have children we don't have to bother you for nick names." Fuji, known for his bold character, said. PROUDLY

"Children! Tell me you're not pregnant Sakuno-chan!" Oishi and Kawamura shouted. Coach Ryuzaki laughed,

"O-O-Of curse not!" She defended, she was really feeling the faint feeling at the very second.

She never thought a name would even matter for the regulars. She looked at the captain who was a bit interested and was a bit smiling himself

"S-S-Syusuke-kun-" "Waaaaa. You're calling him Syusuke. NO NO NO. It must be PUFF right?" Kawamura teased as Momo did the same.

"P-Puff?" She stuttered, stressed, dizziness..

"Yes?" He smiled, this time his blue eyes were open.

"-" She couldn't release a word.

"Ok..time to go. it's getting late" The coach said as she heard grunts. It was just being started. The old Ryuzaki knew that her granddaughter was too stressed to handle the commotion.

When all of them were waiting already at the doors of the Ryuzaki residences, Fuji came to be late. He was saying his sweet goodbyes to the young girl.

"Hey. See you at the cafe tomorrow. Let's have lunch together." Fuji managed to say as she nodded.

"Hai." It would be a long day tomorrow and she bet...the regulars would love to tag along.