I am Jealous. Happy now?

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"Sa-Sakuno?" Momoshiro whispered. He's been hearing sobs nearby and never thought he would know who it was.

"Mo-Momo-senpai" She replied wiping her tears and smiling. It was almost 7:20 p.m and the petite head turning girl hasn't gone home.

The night was cold, her heart is mostly feeling the cold.

The snow was heavy yet she chose not to be comforted by the warmth of Syusuke.


"So,..are you sure you'd be fine here?" Momoshiro asked as he stopped walking. They stopped walking in front of the park and Sakuno asked him to leave her there.

Sakuno bowed and thanked him.

"I wonder if it was because of the fan girl from St. Rudolph Fuji was talking about this afternoon.." Momoshiro whispered and walked away.

Sakuno just walked slowly...clutching her chest.

"I wonder why it hurts so badly." She asked herself.

After some minutes, she reached her room, finally.


"Sakuno, Fuji is-" The coach opened the door revealing the cold Sakuno.

Sakuno was shaky, no wonder why she hasn't been responding to the calls of the older Ryuzaki.

"FUJI. Come here! Carry Sakuno, we're off to the hospital!" Coach Ryuzaki called and packed some of her things before leaving. Fuji did as told, embracing her tightly near his chest.



The rain was pouring hard yet it didn't stop Sakuno on looking for her senpai, Fuji.

Her umbrella was wet and so was her shoes. She didn't bother stop. They were on their way back from St. Rudolph after they had a match, she lost sight of Fuji after his match.

*rustle* *rustle* *rustle*

"Fuji-senpai. I had really adored you..even when you were in your second year." Sakuno swallowed all the forming saliva in her mouth. She unconsciously formed her hands into fist.

"Sorr-" The taller figure was cut out when the girl hugged him

"I am not taking a 'no' for an answer!"

The girl leaned and..their lips were only some inch apart..the rain seemed to be like her tears falling from her precious eyes.

"SYUSUKE...YOU IDIOT!" Sakuno shouted and ran away from the two figures.

Did she kiss him when I left? Did he..damn. I don't even know but it feels so hard. I am so stupid

Fuji noticed the tear falling from her eyes. No one was left to take care of her so he took the chance to say sorry.


"Sakuno. Of whatever you are thinking...sorry. I was caught off guard. I guess I am still at fault. I forgot Tezuka's famous line." He whispered and she began to open her eyes.

It's warm, she thought. It's so white around me, hospital? She asked herself..and most of all.

Fuji Syusuke. He's here, obviously standing beside her.

"Syusuke." She whispered, her voice was hoarse as expected from someone who got high fever. He leaned and smiled.

"Sorry, if you saw that. I was caught off guard." He apologized kissing her forehead.

"No..I am sorry I was over exaggerating." She confessed looking at the flowers neatly placed in the vase.

"Were you jealous?" He asked. Ah, she blushed in reply.

"I am not..I was just surprised." She said looking away from him

He chuckled, "You were after all, jealous." He insisted and the fight kept on going then she finally stopped..

"I WAS jealous, happy now?" She asked, tears forming in her eyes. He smiled,

"I knew that." The Tennis Genius smiled and leaned more intending to kiss her nose...

"GOTCHA!" Eiji, the loud mouth childish player said.

Fuji was startled and ended up kissing her on her lips. Th regulars were standing.

Standing still.

The time stopped for the couples and he pushed himself away blushing.

"Sorry..I got startled." He said walking away from the bed.

"Fu-Fuji..you..you..you just harassed Sakuno-chan and..and got yourself an excuse?" Oishi and Eiji shouted, let's include there the blabbing Bibura and Momoshiro.

Kawamura in the other hand, blushed and put the sushi on the tables for Sakuno to eat and the captain with the youngest player, Echizen silently and awkwardly sat on the couch.


After an hour of blabbing, thanks to the four regulars, the doctor asked them to leave. Well, the visitors can only stay until 10 p.m (Hospital rules plus they were too noisy)

"Everyone, thank you for all. I appreciate you visiting me today." Sakuno smiled warmly to them

Fuji stayed longer, he excused himself as the one who's be staying till morning so the doctors agreed.

"Sakuno. Sorry, I took your first kiss." He blushed looking at the ceiling as he laid himself on the soft couch.

"It's fine. As long as you promise me you'll marry me." She laughed childishly.

"Ah, yes. The childish saying that if you take the first kiss of the girl, you have to marry her." The genius reminisced and stood up

He walked to her and gave her a smile.


"But to tell you honestly, I had your first..how about you're second?" He asked kissing her again, "This is the third" He kissed her again, "Fourth" "Fifth"

The sick cold girl laughed at his antics.

"How about you make me sleep? It has been a hard day" She finally said when he got the the tenth kiss.

"*chuckle* I don't know a song." He said and she then loudly chuckled.

"Oh, come on..you know one."

"I can just kiss you all over again till you sleep." He proposed and she shook her head.

"You're such a pervy." She laughed and he agreed.

"Only when I am with you." He laughed, "I love you, Syusuke." She said stealing a kiss from him and later then drifted off to sleep.


"I love you too, Sakuno Fuji" He claimed and kissed her forehead before leaning his back back on the couch.