Saucepan Man

He tried his hardest to fit in
But his friends wouldn't let him begin
Wouldn't let him tell them,
What they really meant to him

They always pushed him away
Day after day after day
He couldn't understand
What he'd done to make them feel this way

Oh, why can't you fly away
Away from the fear and the doubt you live by each day
I know it can be hard
And feels like you're breaking their hearts
And feels like you're stuck in chains

He was always spilling ink
He flushed the cat right down the sink
And his friends asked him
Why didn't he stop and have a think

So he had to make a plan
Couldn't be the next Saucepan Man
So he left with his bags
Upon his bags to search for foreign lands

He tried to run away
He broke his chains and left one day
He travelled far
In boat and bus and car
But no one came his way

He asked me to write this song
About what he'd been and done
And about the times when he tried to do good
But just did wrong

I'll help you fly away
Away to the joy and the peace I know you'll have one day
Don't give up on your plan
My poor Saucepan Man
You'll get there one day

Ok, so i write these songs and I don't really know how to classify this, but anyway its about saucepan man from the magic far away tree series by enid blyton. Its not really a traditional songfic, but its not a poem, there is an actual melody and chords that goes with it. I hope you like it!