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Much Love


When Noah finally pulled away, Kurt felt like one of those girls in the trashy romance novels. He was a bit light headed and if he was prone to it, he probably would have swooned. Luckily, he was not so he just leaned heavily into his boyfriend's body as he tried to catch his breath.
Noah leaned and kissed him on the forehead. "So how was that for a first kiss? Can I deliver or what?"
Kurt rolled his eyes but didn't say anything. He didn't argue with Noah. It was an amazing kiss. Kurt rested his head on Noah's shoulder. "It was pretty good."
Noah scoffed at the response. "Come on, princess You know that was the best kiss you've ever had."
Kurt snorted. "Noah, it's the first!"
"You're right. I should try to top it."
Noah leaned over and kissed Kurt again. It was better than the first. It was slow sweet but had a hard line to it as if Noah couldn't wait to kiss him again. Noah pulled away and Kurt chased him grabbing the back of the football player's head to keep it with easy kissing range. Kurt felt Noah smile within the kiss. Apparently, his eagerness was amusing to Noah. When Kurt finally pulled away, he was sure that his cheeks were flushed and his eyes are probably blown wide while they were watching Noah lick his lips. Who knew that kissing another person could be so addicting. This must be why people talked about their first kisses. This must be why people loved making out. There was nothing was like this.
Noah didn't say anything. He just brushed the hair off of Kurt's face as he looked at him adoringly. Kurt felt the blush run up his cheeks. He knew that Noah had been planning this out for the last few days but the look in his eyes was like fire. Amazed, Kurt felt warm from the inside out. He never had anyone look at him as if they wanted to eat him alive before today. The fact that it was Noah made the whole thing even better.
Noah grabbed Kurt's hand and lead him back to the food that was laid out on the ground. When they sat, Kurt moved as close to Noah as he could. Noah smiled indulgently and threw an arm over Kurt's shoulder and pulled the smaller boy into his body. Noah turned his body so he could looked at Kurt. Kurt smiled as he leaned forward and kissed Noah again. He could understand why Josh and Rachel were having such a hard time keeping their lips to themselves at school.
The kissing stayed innocent for awhile but Kurt slowly felt Noah start to crowd him as the bigger boy became more eager. Kurt moaned into the kiss. He was on fire with the passion that Noah was showing him. It was like Noah knew about this crazy, wild side of himself that he had buried deep, deep inside and the only way to get it out was through kissing the living daylights out of him. Not that Kurt minded. He loved the feeling of Noah surrounding him and holding him close. Kurt could taste the hint of chocolate that they had had for dessert and the faint taste of the gum that Noah chewed when he was nervous. It made Kurt smile that Noah was just as nervous as he was earlier today even though Kurt didn't notice.
There was a throat clearing behind Kurt that stopped the boys just as Noah seemed to be making a move to lay them down. Kurt was a little annoyed since he wanted to know what it felt like to have Noah completely covering him. He already knew he felt safer sleeping next to the boy but the idea of him cover him completely made Kurt feel hot all over his body. Kurt turned to see Mac and Jesse looking at them. Kurt squeaked a little as he moved away from Noah.
Noah groaned. "Come on, guys. A little privacy."
Jesse shook his head even though there was a wide smile on his face. "No can do. We promised to chaperone this little date to make sure nothing bad happened to Kurt. I think losing your virginity on the mat where people normally get pounded in a different way is not a good thing to happen to Kurt."
Mac rolled his eye a little at his partner's words but otherwise seemed to agree with the sediment. "Behave yourselves. No getting into any horizontal positions."
Noah sighed and pulled Kurt next to him. "Next you'll be telling me that I can't knock Kurt up."
With an evil grin, Jesse started to speak. "Well, I do have the bird and the bees talk that I've been wanting to go over again with the development of your sexuality. So when a boy likes a boy, he gets these feelings. Mostly south of this belt…."
Kurt blushed at the idea of getting the sex talk from basically Noah's father figures. He turned and tried to bury his head into Noah's shoulder.
"Mac, make him stop." Kurt heard Noah say as he feels Noah's hands coming over his ears as if to shield him. "Kurt's got delicate sensibilities and he's ruining my date."
Kurt laughed into his boyfriend's chest as he heard Jesse being pulled away by Mac. Jesse was valiantly still trying to give them a lecture but the tall blonde seemed to be cackling more than he was speaking at that point. Even when the room seemed empty except for the two of them, Kurt didn't feel like moving from his spot. He was warm and comfortable nestled next to Noah's chest. Noah had started to play with his hair as the music kept playing around them.
Noah eventually broke the silence. "They do have a point about making sure you are comfortable about what we are doing, Kurt. I mean, this is the first time you've been kissed and I kind of was mauling you like a bear."
Kurt shook his head at the absurd comment. "Noah, we were just making out and you wanted to lay down. That's no different than when I slept next to you at your house except that we were kissing."
Shaking his head in disagreement, Noah replied. "Princess, it's a little different since getting horizontal is the first step in going all the way most of the time."
"If I said that I wanted to stop, you would have. I'm not worried about it." Kurt hesitated for a second as he thought about what he was saying. "I'm not saying that I want to go much farther though. I mean today was my first kiss and everything."
Noah kissed Kurt on the top of his head. "I know and even if you wanted to I'm sure our chaperones wouldn't let us get much farther. Anyway, considering that I had to work this hard to get a kiss out of you, I don't think of you as an easy lay."
Kurt tensed at the words. He knew that some people thought that just because he was gay his whole life revolved around sex and getting laid but he never understood that misconception about homosexuality. He hadn't even seen another boy naked yet so the idea of jumping in to bed with anyone, even Noah, was ridiculous to him.
"Calm down, Princess. If and when you are ready for anything more than kissing, I'll be right here waiting for you. After all I've waited this long just to be with you so whenever you decide to take the next step is fine by me." Noah pulled Kurt's chin up so the smaller boy was looking into his eyes. "I've had plenty of sex and kissed tons of people but this is one of the best nights of my life and that's because it's with you." Noah closed the distance between the two of them and kissed Kurt softly and chastely. "I want you to want it just as much as me when we get to that point but for right now I'm perfectly content with lots and lots of making out, you got that?"
Kurt smiled at this boyfriend. Who would have thought that under the gruff exterior that Noah had, he was such a softy. It amazed Kurt every time the glock let this softer side out and he knew that he was one of the few people who was privileged to see this side of Noah. "You're something else, Nathan Noah Puckerman." Kurt wrapped his arms around Noah and kissed him.
The two continued to kiss for a while longer listening to the soft but beautiful music that Noah picked for their date. A few songs had passed before Noah pulled Kurt his feet quickly without letting the slight boy out of his arms. Louis Armstrong started to play as Noah started to slow dance with Kurt again. Noah smiled as he softly crooned the words to Noah as the two of them two stepped to the words of the romantic song.
"Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss
Sweetheart, I ask no more than this
A kiss to build a dream on

Give me a kiss before you leave me
And my imagination will feed my hungry heart
Leave me one thing before we part
A kiss to build a dream on

And when I'm alone with my fancies, I'll be with you
Weaving romances, making believe they're true

Oh, give me your lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on

When I'm alone with my fancies, I'll be with you
Weaving romances, making believe they're true

Oh, give me lips for just a moment
And my imagination will make that moment live
Oh, give me what you alone can give
A kiss to build a dream on."

Kurt laughed a little at the song but it was so sweet. As the music played out, Kurt yanked Noah down to his level and kissed him soundly. There was nothing hesitant about this kissed. Kurt wanted to prove to Noah how much he appreciated what he had done for him. He really was going to woo Kurt like he always wanted to be wooed. He kind of felt like the princess that Noah always teased him about being. Kurt felt Noah stiffen at the abrupt move but soon felt Noah pulling him in close. Though he didn't even think about it before but Kurt felt what had to be Noah's erection push against his stomach. Kurt gasped as he pulled away from the bigger boy. Kurt looked down and saw the bulge in Noah's pants. A little part of Kurt's head over loaded. Noah looked down and then scooted away from Kurt a little. "Sorry, princess. I trying to control myself but…"
Kurt turned back at his boyfriend's face in wonder. "You actually think I'm hot."
Looking at Kurt as if he had lost his marbles, Noah replied. "Of course, I think you're hot. Why do you think I'm doing all of this?"
Kurt still felt a little stunned. "But I'm just the odd, little, glee kid. I mean, I'm not muscular like you or strong or tall. I mean I know I'm not ugly but just kissing me got you hard."
Noah furrowed his eyebrows. "Kurt, I've been jerking off to you for at least a year so yeah I think you are hot."
Kurt had a sudden epiphany. "Oh my Gucci, I have a boyfriend and he thinks I'm hot."
Noah laughed at Kurt's sudden realization. "You didn't get that earlier?"
Kurt shook his head. "I've had a lot thrown at me in the last few weeks."
Noah surrounded Kurt in his arms. "I know, princess. I wish all that craziness didn't happen to you but I can't change anything."
"You have made it loads better." Kurt relaxed against the taller boy's chest.
"I'm happy to be of service." Noah stated as he kissed Kurt's head.
The two boys swayed in place as the soft music washed over them. They didn't even realize how quickly time was moving until they heard the door to the gym opening. Kurt's dad was standing in the doorway. Noah was the first to react to the older man.
"Hello, Mr. Hummel." Noah said as he moved away from Kurt a little. The glock had been introduced to enough dads to know that PDA was not something they enjoyed seeing.
Burt nodded to his son's boyfriend as he looked like he was suppress smirk. Kurt wanted to roll his eyes since he knew his dad probably had a snarky comment on his lips. "Mohawk. Come on, Kurt wrap it up. It's a school night. I'm doing to pop into the office fort a minute to give you time to say goodbye."
Pulling Kurt into his arms as Burt left the room, Noah pressed his forehead against Kurt's. "So how was your first date, princess?"
Kurt kissed Noah softly before saying, "I have to say it's probably the best anyone has had, ever.."