Title: If My Heart Could Speak...

Author: -Kazzlar

Pairing(s): Drace/Gabranth

Summary: A series of Flashfics/drabbles about this underappreciated couple and their love for each other.

Warning: Slight language. Angst.

Disclaimer: I don't own them - I just tell them what to do xD

A/N : The inspiration for this was homework. As silly as it sounds. My tutor has asked us to write a flashfic containing 100 words for next week - and I instantly thought of Drace/Gabranth - who are quickly becoming my favourite pair to ship :)

Read and review if you like! I know they're short - but that's what a Flashfic is :D.


Drace has found it almost impossible to sleep as of late. She thinks no-one has noticed this, but Gabranth has. He can hear her footsteps outside of his door as she wanders down the lonely corridors in the dead of night. He wonders why she is suffering, and it plagues his mind.

He decides to follow her as she wanders tonight. Maybe he can help her.

She looks like an angel as the moonlight hits the silvery notes in her hair. Gabranth does not understand why something so simple could harm someone so radiantly beautiful. He coughs accidentally, and she turns and sees him. He walks over to her and asks her why she cannot sleep.

She ponders for a moment, and then simply tells him she cannot sleep, because all she can think about is him...