A/N : This was inspired by the song 'Fiction' by Avenged Sevenfold.

There is just something about this song that speaks to my heart every time I listen to it - and I could just imagine myself doing what Drace does in this drabble if someone were to play it to me...

in a wierd way.

Anyway - thankyou for the reviews again - I really hope you enjoy this :).

'Gave you all I had to give - Found a place for me to rest my head..'

Hitting All Of The Right Notes

Gabranth's hands play the piano keys with skilled precision and such elegance, that Drace has stopped what she was originally doing just to watch and listen to him in silent fascination. The notes that sound from within the piano touch Drace's heart and soul in a way she has never felt before, such enchanting music she has never heard before in her life.

Gabranth knows she is there; and knows she is listening. He wants her to feel the music; to speak to her heart and soul; so he begins to sing. Harmoniously; melodically; the words of the song which he is playing escape his mouth in such perfection that even he is surprised.

That is when Drace lets go; losing control; she allows the musical flow and the words that Gabranth sings speak to her heart and soul, and she loses control of her body.

Her hips sway in time with the rhythm of the soulful tune. She is having the time of her life.

She has lost all control of her body...

And she loves it...