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Tony and Ziva walked through the corridors of the underground building,gripping their guns tightly
Just then They came to a fork in the hall and looked to eachother.

"I'll go left."

Tony said looking towards his partner and she nodded,taking the right pathway.

Tony took a short breath and followed along the left corridor, walking along the hallway he came to a door.

Ziva took step after step down the small narrowly lit hallway as she gripped the gun with both hands, looking around as she could hear dripping water falling to the ground.

Looking up she could see a pipe leaking droplets of water onto the floor…then when she looked back down there was a face staring towards her.

"Freeze Fed…"

She tried to lift the gun but he swung his arm and knocked it from her hand, sliding to the ground.

She looked to him and put her fists up ready to fight.

Tony took a deep breath befoe he inhaled and kicked the door open,"…Federal Agent!"

He yelled as he burst through the door but the room appeared empty.

Looking around he came into the room to search it more thoroughly,just then as he walked over to a desk a man jumped from behind it and tackled him over.

Dropping his gun he hit the floor hard on his back.

Tony swung at his attacker but they backed up and then laid a punch into his jaw.

He rolled to the left and threw them off of him, but as he struggled to get up they grabbed his legs and pulled him back to the floor.

The man swung at Ziva and she dodged to the side,stepping to the right then grabbing his arm and spinning,bringing the side of his face into the wall,then pushing him down onto the ground and twisting his arm back.

He screamed in agony as she grabbed his hair with her free hand and lifted his head up, then proceeding to shove it down onto the concrete floor.

Her attacker fell unconscious and she pulled out a pair of handcuffs and secured his wrists tightly.

"It almost seemed as if this one were waiting for us…"

She said then the realization his her, "Tony!"

She yelled out and picked up her gun,running back towards the left corridor.

Tony's face was pushed into the concrete as he fell back to the floor,

His head became light as he struggled to regain composure,he turned around breathing hard as his attacker glared into his eyes and gripped his neck forcefully, cutting off Tony's air supply and blood flow as he strangled him.

Just then as his vision became blurry and was starting to fade he heard a loud sound.

A shot,the firing of a gun as a bullet splattered through the heart of the man strangling him.

Blood splattered onto his face as he watched his attacker fall from him a cold, lifeless corpse.

His vision was coming back a he could now breathe better,looking up to see his partner standing there holding her gun up and glaring at the body on the floor.

Tony's breath was short as he tried to talk but he could only muster the words "Ziva…"

before he passed out from exaustion.

Tony awoke about twenty minutes later and looked around as he was in a hospital room surrounded by Gibbs,Abby,McGee,Ziva,and Ducky…

"You gave us quite a scare there Anthony."

Said the elderly Scot,just then before he could say anything he felt arms around him as Abby gave him a big hug.

"I'm glad you are okay Tony…"

Abby said then McGee nodded.

Afterwards he loked over to Ziva and said,"Thanks for the save…if it weren't for you I'm pretty sure I might be in that big movie theater in the sky."

Ziva gave him a small smile and nodded,"Well…now you owe me"

She joked to him and Tony smiled.

Finally he looked at Gibbs and asked, "Did Yourik get away?"

Gibbs shook his head,"Incidently the one that attacked you was Yourik…and we were able to match his fingerprints with the ones on the murder weapon.

Mission accomplished DiNozzo.

Ducky looked over to a nurse and she nodded,then he turned back to the group.

"Nothing is wrong with you other than a few bruises,you are cleared to leave."

After about five minutes Tony and the group left the hospital and left back for NCIS HQ.

Tony finally sat down at his desk,holding an icepack over his forehead to ease the bruise.

Just then Gibbs came to him with Ziva at his side and he looked over to them.

"Hey Boss…"

He said as he stood up,taking the ice pack off of his head.

Gibbs motioned for him to follow them into the conference room.

Once they got in he shut the door and threw his hands onto the desk leaning on it.

Then he stood up and spoke with a firm voice directed towards Tony.

"DiNozzo,I almost lost my Senior Field Agent today…you need to be able to pretect yourself better."

He said sternly,pausing before he continued to speak.

"Next time you may not be so lucky,

Tony froze,he knew Gibbs was right…but it couldn't be as easy as just taking Karate lessons.

"I'm assigning you to Ziva,for the next month she will be your DI…until you can fight your way out of a corner you will be under her orders…"

Tony looked over to Ziva who cracked her knuckles menacingly and smirked,"You will learn how to fight like Mossad…by the end of this week you will not be able to move a finger.

"Oh boy…sounds fun"

Tony said sarcasticly,This was going to be Hell.

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