Chapter 22: Epilogue

The first few days back for Danny were slow, full of paperwork and cold cases. Not that he could complain. He felt like he was in a fishbowl and the entire world was watching him and the team.

He had to fight the desire to stick out his tongue.

Of course, Steve being Steve, the Navy seal had no qualms in glaring at all the speculative looks towards them, and especially Danny. By the third day the testosterone was so thick Chin was going to suggest some time down on the gym floor when a case came up.

Gun runners. Word on the street was a big shipment was coming in from the mainland. As the coconut wireless heated up Chin and Kono did some information gathering from Kamekona while Steve and Danny decided to scout along the suspect dock.

Steve moved ahead, exceedingly happy to be doing something. Even more pleased to have his partner backing him up. Bitching, of course, about procedures under his breath, but there non-the-less.

Skirting under the large, smudged windows on the water side of the third warehouse, McGarrett took up residence on the hinged side of the door nodding to his still-grumbling 2IC. A silent three count and the door was forced open and they heard the scrambling sound of shoes.

"5-0, drop your weapons!" Steve called out in his forceful tones. More scurrying and a few shots rang out embedding in the doorway.

"Damn, back in the saddle again," Danny growled as he went low and Steve went high. Their guns sang out finding two targets. After watching his colleagues go down, the third man simply tossed his gun and raised his hands.

With Steve covering, Williams handcuffed the ambulatory suspect then proceeded to check out the other two men and picking up loose guns. Pulling out his phone he called for ambulance and HPD back up.

Chin and Kono made it first, their tires laying rubber as they screeched to a halt and entered the warehouse.

"See that you've found receiving, eh?" the older detective said as he holstered his weapon and looked over the entire scene. He knew his team would keep their eyes on the perps.

"Looks like we found something," Steve grunted. In the distance the sound of sirens wailed, both paramedics and police. Soon the warehouse was filled with HPD's finest opening crates and cataloging both stolen merchandise and weapons.

Once the perps were secured Danny began his harangue about procedures and the myriad ways "Super Seal" had messed up. Kono nudged her cousin and they shared a fond smile.

"I thought someone took care of that asshole," an HPD officer growled.

"Yeah, why does McGarrett put up with that shit?" another added.

"Maybe because Detective Williams is correct?" Chin said firmly. Both officers looked at him in disbelief.

"We've all heard about that haole!" the first man said. "Even you don't like him!" Now Kono looked at them and stepped closer.

"Who told you that?" she asked. "Names, we want to know who's been spreading this crap!" The confrontation drew the attention of the surrounding officers as well as Steve and Danny.

"Uh, just heard it around the station," he stammered. "Common knowledge." Now Chin stepped forward as McGarrett and Williams came over.

"So you admit you're spreading malicious gossip about MY PARTNER?" he poked the offending officer in the chest. Now all the people in the warehouse were staring at the confrontation.

"Well, everyone knows he disrespects his commanding officer!" the man hedged. "We'd never act like that!"

"So you want to tell Lt. Cmdr. McGarrett how his reckless disregard for securing a site before entering and waiting for back-up could have messed up this entire mission?" Danny slid in front of Chin and stared coldly into the officer's eyes.

"I'm just sayin you could be more respectful," the HPD officer said, "Uh, sir."

"Respectful? I'm layin' it out in terms he understands!" Williams. "This isn't some fancy tea party out on the lawn."

"I'm sure I'd screw that up, too," McGarrett said as he squared up beside his 2IC.

"Just sayin', you'd stand a better chance," Danny said.

"If Grace coached me, but still..." Steve muttered.

"Gracie would be happy to coach ya," the shorter man shrugged.

"So Saturday, maybe we should give it a try," Steve suggested.

"Hey, don't think I forgot I'm mad at you for barging in without backup!" Danny turned, the annoying HPD officer edging away.

"Yeah, heaven forbid you should do that, Danno!" the Navy Seal rolled his eyes as he put his hand on his friend's shoulder. They walked off, William's hands describing complicated circles, mouth running a mile a minute. The cousins turned to face the other officers.

"Danny Williams is our Haole, our ohana," Chin annunciated very clearly.

"If we hear anymore of your crap," and Kono reached out pulling on the nearest officer's badge, "Officer Kenau, we will definitely be filing complaints."

"And possibly rearrange your ass-sets," Chin promised.

The entire HPD group stared in silence as the twosome turned and followed their team out of the warehouse. As soon as they all cleared the door the talking resumed.

"Those 5-0 guys all hammajang!" the first officer said.

"You right there, bruddah," his partner said as they bumped fists.


'hammajang' messed-up

The Ohana continues in "Snow Bound"