Author Notes: Well this has been long overdue don't you all think? Okay, so this was quite the lengthy chapter I have been working on awhile now though I am sure some of you will feel it should be larger given the amount of time has passed.

Something to be considered is as writers we have tons of ideas and the real trick is getting them documented without running into walls that will need to be broken down for a story to further its way to conclusion.

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A.U.R. Ch:10

It wasn't long before Akane, her older sister Nabiki along with Ranma and her new friends and schoolmates Saiya, Aiko, and Arisu arrived at the Saotome Training academy of the sword-based arts, they walked up the long driveway towards the manor carrying on a quiet conversation among themselves.

Ranma looked up to the sky, before leveling her gaze proceeding to give her surroundings a weary cursory glance as the atmosphere felt charged as if at any moment chaos could erupt, though she dismissed it slowing her pace as her friends walked past following her fiancee and Nabiki into the very large home/academy.

Once inside Both Akane and Nabiki took off towards their perspective rooms, whilst Ranma leads her friends deeper inside passing students of the school who were on their way towards the exit all who wore similar matching uniforms.

Arisu watched as several girls their age passed by, whilst also some older boys also passed by whilst keeping a trained eye on the red-head as she seemed to know where she was going.

"Wow, I didn't realize a martial-arts academy would have so many students. Is this school really that Popular Ranko?" she inquired not sure about the response she would receive.

Glancing over her shoulder's at her friend shrugging. "To be honest I guess I haven't lived here that long and I didn't know we had this school until recently," she explained.

"Oh I see, but yet you heard of them Aiko?" she inquired of her blond-haired counterpart who gave a simple nod of her head.

Aiko continuing nodding her head. "Yes I have though only by word of mouth, I haven't attended the school yet assuming the instructor is willing to accept new students that is," she explained

Ranko hearing her newfound friend's words. "I am sure Reila will be glad to take you on we just need to find out if she is teaching a class right now." she offered, though she wasn't quite sure if the woman in question was even at the academy teaching today or not.



A Little Training Spar...

It was on a Saturday the morning had started like any other the Tendo's and Saotome's got up from their nightly rest going on to their usual routines with a slight change since they were not at the Tendo Dojo as of yet since it was still under construction, the sky was clear, but the morning air was cool and damp meaning a storm had rolled through sometime during the night.

In the East wing dojo both Akane who wore a yellow gi, her hair as usually was well kept in a short bob, whilst a currently male Ranma wore a red gi, both seemed to be circling one another looking for weaknesses. Though for the raven-haired martial artist he didn't have to look hard when it came to his blue-haired fiancee.

Though he could easily win that wasn't the point, no he had been putting it off for the longest time but he had promised to help his fiancee train, and today was the day he felt it necessary to make good on that promise especially since there currently was nothing else going on for the moment.

The blue-haired teen was quick to move in on the offense, whilst her fiancee blocked each blow with relative ease not at all returning her punches, or the various kicks she had attempted.

"Alright, Akane straighten that posture you won't get anywhere if you don't take this more serious," Ranma called, proceeding to drop into a sweeping leg kick that sent his fiancee tumbling to the floor as her legs were kicked out from under her.

With frustration she quickly rolled into a standing position, proceeding to backpedal slightly giving her fiancee a frustrated glare. "I am taking this seriously... you're the one that won't engage me!" she snapped.

"Those punches are sloppy Akane you need to focus and stop just punching and use some precision," Ranma said pointedly, proceeding to move in quick-firing off a rapid amount of palm strikes some of which his blue-haired fiancee had managed to block yet many more got through causing her to let a groan each time she was struck.

Though he was holding back somewhat but mainly when it came to the amount of force he put behind his blows as this wasn't about pain tolerance the blue-haired martial-artist had. No this was about improving the skill the girl he was sparring with had.

Her temper threatening to come to the fore as she was more frustrated with herself than her raven-haired fiancee she managed to push it down and focus, proceeding to move into her fiancee's barrage proceeding to perform a mock uppercut, however, she proceeded in dropping low performing a spinning back kick that caught the raven-haired martial-artist by surprise nearly connecting but he managed to jump away from it in the nick of time.

"Very nice Akane," Ranma called, taking on a defensive stance. "Alright come at me again."

'Well she is improving that wasn't bad she nearly got me.' he thought to himself watching as the blue-haired girl close the distance proceeding to rapid-fire some punches he quickly bobbed and weaved around, proceeding to fire off a few of his own that she deflected with almost certain ease mainly impart that he wasn't going at full speed.

The blue-haired girl beamed with pride hearing her fiancee's words, proceeding to turn it up a notch attempting to land at least one successful hit she had managed to block nearly all her fiancee's mock strikes fully knowing he was holding back some, but even so, she just wanted to at least land one really good one.

Time seemed to tick by as the dueling continued well into mid-noon neither teen seemed to tire though both glistened with sweat that dripped down onto the floor, both gaining a crowd of students who were watching their training spar with interest.

Niko and Burnique entered the dojo observing the two fighter's, the latter posing a question. "Niko who is that boy I don't think I've seen him before?" he inquired as he thought the raven-haired teen was rather hot.

Niko shrugged his shoulder's at his lover as he had never seen the boy before, though he had seen the blue-haired girl a few nights ago accompanying the red-haired heir to the school they attended.

"I honestly don't know never seen him before. I am surprised though someone with the skill he seems to be showing would waste his time on a girl who is mediocre at best look at her she is quite sloppy and he is holding back." he pointed out, though his lover shook his head negatively.

Burnique sighed at his lover's words. "He may be holding back, but that girl has potential since every so often her movements are precise you are just not a very good judge of others, Besides she has to be worth something to him to even bother sparring with her," he observed.

"Perhaps you are right Love, but I still don't think she is that great." Niko relayed, pausing before continuing. "Now Saotome Ranko she has precision and skill you remember how she moved." he finished.

Walking in observing the duel in progress and hearing the words from the two boys, Reila rolled her eyes before speaking up having overheard the two boy's conversation. "That girl as you call her is only one half of the coin you are looking at her other half in that boy." she pointed out with a kernel of truth.

Looking over his shoulder at the female instructor he considered her words. "So wait are they both a team or something?" he inquired.

"Well, they are in a way siblings. Also, the way I understand it they train together regularly each honing their skills to a finely sharpened edge of a blade." Reila offered, proceeding to turn away to return back to her class having found out what was going on as the cheers had become rather loud interrupting her class.

Eventually, the sparring session had come to an end, both Ranma and Akane stood winded for going at it for so long. The crowd that had been watching them had started to dissipate since there was no more action to be seen eventually leaving the two the only ones in the dojo.

Ranma walked over to a nearby equipment rack where he had hung two towels, taking up both towels he tossed one to his fiancee who caught it with ease, they then went about toweling themselves off.

"Aka-chan I..." Ranma trailed in his words.

Akane looked to the raven-haired martial-artist with a curious brow raised, proceeding to drape the towel she had been using over her neck letting it hang draped over her shoulders. "What is it Ranma?" she queried for her fiancee to continue his words.

'Ugh do I tell her now or not?' He inwardly thought, knowing full well the implications and what may or may not follow should he come completely clean with his current fiancee about the duel with Herb and the deal that had been struck and the true feeling he held for not only his current fiancee and the rest.

"I..." he started to say freezing up, as he reached up clutching at the item nestled against his chest concealed behind the fabric of his gi.

Akane continued to look at her fiancee observing his features were one of both fear and worry. "Okay whats-" she found herself interrupted by Ranma who still clutching at the fabric of his gi his eyes squeezed shut.

"Nothing... Don't worry 'bout it." he snapped proceeding to leave the dojo which left the blue-haired Tendo with more questions than answers.



Two weeks had gone by every time the subject of taking on one of the many clubs the school had to offer Ranma had time and time again said she needed more time to think on it much to Arisu's frustration as she had started to realize her newest friend wasn't just needing time to think she was flat out stalling.

It was the lunch hour sitting at their usual spot Arisu, and her two friends Saiya, and Aiko were all eating together deep in conversation about their newest friend who was sitting off by herself at a nearby tree leaning against it appearing to be napping.

"Okay girl's its been a couple of weeks now and I think we have given her plenty of time to make a decision but it would seem she is now stalling. Therefore I believe it is high time we confront Ranko and get her to make a decision preferably joining the Gymnastics club." Arisu declared to her two friends looking between them as she awaited their reactions.

Saiya didn't say a word as she wasn't sure what to say to her friend's declaration since she herself was having mixed feelings on the subject.

"I don't know Arisu... I don't think we should force her to make a decision I mean even she said she didn't want to be in that tournament." Aiko stated as she like Saiya was having mixed feelings on the subject since she while Ranko was her most recent friend she had started to like her especially learning her newest friend was apart of a prestigious martial-arts school owned by the Saotome family.

That and learning from Reila that Ranko was the heir to the school and had decided to allow both herself and Saiya join the school for simply knowing and being friends with Ranko which was surprising since she had expected there would be some cost involved yet she learned there would be none from none other than Reila herself.

Arisu blinked at what her friend had just said, with a frustrated sigh as she had hoped her friend would be on board, however it would seem the girl was having second thoughts.

"Look we all three felt it was the best club for Ranko especially since it could significantly increase our schools' chances of winning this year's tournament. So what has changed girls? Cause If we don't pressure her we won't even have a chance of winning that tournament." she both questioned and noted.

Saiya let a sigh of her own escape her lips hesitantly speaking up. "I agree with Aiko we shouldn't force the issue she's our friend and friends shouldn't force friends to make decisions."

"We shouldn't force the issue," Aiko said once more, pausing a moment to think on the subject of the Gymnastics club. "Look she's our friend perhaps if you really want Ranko to join the club Arisu you should just ask her and explain the situation?" she offered in the form of a question.

Still feeling frustrated Arisu turned her attention to her shoes, considering her friend's words realizing she had a point. "I guess you are right... I just really want our school to win," she explained.

Then a soft feminine voice spoke up causing all three girls to instinctively jump in surprise; "If you really want the school to win that bad then why didn't you just explain and ask me from the beginning?"

Arisu looked around, finally looking up observing Ranko sitting and partially laying atop a tree branch with her back leaning against the main core of the tree. "How much did you hear? And when did you get up there Ranko?" she queried of the red-head.

"Quite a bit I was about to go inside to get an extra drink from the vending machines when I overheard you three talking about me so I leaped up here as quietly as I could and listened," Ranma explained, her attention skyward observing bits of cloudy sky that were mostly obscured by the leaves of the tree she was laying in.

Aiko, and Saiya getting over the initial surprise of their friend having spoken up from above and had sneaked into the tree above them all without them noticing Arisu continued to look to her red-haired friend who hopped down from the tree to join them smoothing her skirt as she sat down.

"I- Well..." she trailed as if the kid that got caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

Ranma looked to Arisu going on to say, "Okay listen if it will help you guys and the school so much I'll join the Gymnastics club."

"You will!?" All three girl's simultaneously asked in surprise as they hadn't expected this.

Ranma gave a single nod of her head, lifting her right hand up palm out pointing up with her index finger, proceeding to answer with a proposal. "However I will only do this for you if you do me a couple of favors."

"If I do-" Arisu started to ask finding herself interrupted by the red-head. "Not just you Arisu Saiya, and Aiko also since all three of you were in on this before they apparently got cold feet," she stated causing all three girls to squirm a little, worry crossing their features, a slim smirk crossed her lips enjoying how all three gained worried looks.

Saiya sagged her shoulders, looking to her red-headed friend in resignation. "Whats these favors you want from us?" she queried with a feeling of uneasiness.

"Okay listen one of the things I want is pretty simple. Don't have discussions behind my back, Second, all three of you are in Home ec' you gals will bring me something you three make every day you cook for one year." Ranma relayed as she leaned back against the tree awaiting her friend's answer. 'I think Nabiki would be proud of this one.' she thought to herself with pride.

Aiko felt relief as this wasn't so bad especially since she usually ended up eating her own cooking. "I am down that is perfectly fine with me... Saiya what about you?" she queried.

"I-well that doesn't sound so bad though you may or may not like my cooking at all," Saiya explained, though she was happy with the favor since it wasn't anything all too terrible as her imagination ran wild for a few minutes.

Arisu felt relief as that was a simple request. "You have a deal Ranko we will need to get you enrolled in the program tomorrow so don't get cold feet or our the deal is off." she pointedly said.

"You don't gotta worry about me. I'll honor my end just make sure to honor yours." Ranma assured, though she wasn't looking forward to the leotard she would undoubtedly have to wear, she felt that at least she was getting some type of recompense for the chaos she was sure would follow especially knowing she would end up facing off once again at some point with the Black Rose of Saint Hebereke's school for girls or otherwise known as St. Bacchus as it was called by many of the students of Furinkan as well as her current fiancee referred to it by.



It was a bright and sunny morning in Nerima, Japan with relatively little to no cloud cover, a light cool breeze was blowing, in the abandoned lot directly behind the Hibiki home, four figures appeared in the midst of a blinding light that briefly flashed and dissipated just as quickly as it appeared.

The Musk Empress, her son currently daughter Herb, and the prince sometimes princess's two most loyal retainers who also served as her companions Lime, and Mint.

Herb for her part was always in awe at the ease her Mother could use magic, sometimes she speculated if the woman willed it she could wipe Beijing from the map with a mere thought which if possible would make the woman very powerful.

Yet despite all her power in the magical arts the woman seemed to give an air that she couldn't do such a feat, or if she could she showed great restraint by not abusing her abilities even if it meant allowing millions to suffer in the process by her refusal to intervene using said magic.

Of course true magic had become a thing of both myth and legend, is a lost art rarely practiced since most the humanoid species barely had an affinity for it, and those that did have an affinity upon using said magic were vilified and treated with suspicion by those who could not use magic; even going so far as to even put them to death.

"Well looks like we arrived safely, and no one appears to have noticed us," Herb observed, scanning the group's surroundings.

The Musk Empress scanning her surroundings with a nod of her head, thumping the bottom of her staff against the turf below her feet, going on to say, "Of course we arrived safely I am the best at my craft, Now then Dearest let us go find that would be spouse of yours."

"Right... very well." Herb said unenthusiastic, turning to her retainers, "Mint lead the way." she called at which the wolf hybrid retrieving a map briefly glanced over it before folding it back up quickly starting forward,

"Follow me my Lord, and Your Ladyship," Mint called leading the group forward who followed behind him traveling down a secluded side path that would give them the most direct route to the Tendo estate and dojo which was the last known address for the object of their visit.



Eventually, the Musk Entourage arrived at the Tendo estate that was still under construction Herb glanced over the house observing most the house looked brand new, while very little of it was still impacted by the destruction that befell it meaning repairs were close to finished.

"Dearest, the father of your child lives in this destroyed hobble?" The Musk Queen inquired, tilting her head to the side.

With a slight nod of her head, Herb spoke, "Yes. I can see the home has met some unfortunate circumstances since the last time I came through." she observed, as she then observed a familiar woman who was sitting on a lawn chair drinking what she assumed may have been tea.

"Mint go ask Kounji Ukyo if she has seen Ranma," she ordered to her companion who in turn gave a salute before crossing the distance between himself and the Okonomiyaki chef.

Mint just short of a couple of feet of the Okonomiyaki chef speaking up in a question, "Miss Kounji my Master would inquire where we might be able to locate Ranma?"

Ukyo glanced to Mint recognizing him from a not to long ago visit that Ranma had made to her restaurant with both him, Lime, Herb as company. She then glanced around observing the rest of the Musk entourage all standing not too far away recognizing Herb in female form but despite her clothing had a belly, then another female who looked older and wiser.

"Your master gained weight since I have last seen him," she commented off the top of her head, before readdressing the human wolf-hybrid. "As for Ranma if you are looking for him he went to stay at his grandparent's estate while the Tendo estate is undergoing renovations due to a huge battle that took place not to long ago," she explained.

Ukyo then retrieved a note pad, proceeding to write down directions, though she hesitantly started to hand them over stopping a moment, "You are not here to cause trouble are you?" she inquired.

"No Miss Kounji my Master has no intention of bringing harm to Ranma or anyone from here. However, as to the nature of our visit, it is purely for Ranma to know only sorry I cannot elaborate further." Mint explained as he held his hand out to which the Ukyo reluctantly handed the address over.

With that, the Wolf-human hybrid returned to his group, to which they started heading off in the direction that would take them to Ranma. Ryogo walked up carrying some broken planking tossing it down into a trash bin that was nearby.

He observed Herb along with Lime whom he had fought against as well as Mint and an Unknown Woman that looked a lot like Herb's female half but older.

"So they are back again what you think they want this time? And also is it just me or is Herb letting himself go he appears to have gained weight.

Ukyo glanced to the fang-toothed martial-artist shrugging her shoulders, "Beats me anyways get back to work Ryoga daylight is burning." she stated, taking a sip from her tea.

"Yea-yea..." Ryoga trailed, returning back to gathering debris to toss into the trash bin as the construction crews worked on repairing the house.



Ranma sat in his room with the lights off, staring into the distance through the window of his room which was the room's only current light source.

A thoughtful expression to his features as he thought on his inability to face his blue-haired fiancee over his deal with the Musk prince, he had already managed to deal with most of his other wayward suitors, but for some reason, this was proving quite difficult.

Course she already knew dealing with the Amazon question would be difficult in itself, however, she knew once the Musk's involvement would become known to the Amazons that could cause problems in itself; however, for the time being, due to her grandparents, the Amazons had been sent on the retreat for the time being most likely licking their wounds and considering another plan of attack on how to obtain him for the tribe.

While he had found Xian Pu to be quite attractive, he wasn't quite interested in being forced to marry someone simply over some silly Amazon law, at least with Herb it had seemed he was being given some choice in the matter which was something he just wasn't used to.

With a shallow sigh, Ranma laid on his side, then rolled over onto his back staring to the ceiling the events up until now playing in his mind like a vivid movie to which he let a wistful sigh escape his lips as melancholy settled in.

Minutes went by eventually Ranma sat up on the bed proceeding to go over to the closet opening it looking through several sets of clothing, retrieving a green flower-print sundress along with a red bra with black lace with matching panties, laying them out upon his bed, before proceeding into the bath.



After a refreshing bath and having got dressed Ranma did the finishing touches to her hair opting for a simple ponytail held via a white bow rather than her usual pigtail since she no longer had to worry about her hair growing incredibly quick due to the dragon whisker fiasco she inadvertently ran befoul of so long ago should she end up somehow accidentally transformed to her male form.

She wore the locket her grandfather had given her, her ears adorned by silver dangle earrings with triple white pearls at the ends of the tiny link chains, though due to the fact the dress barely covered her ample cleavage she decided to secret away the item Herb had given her within her room rather than wear it on her person.

In her left hand, she held a pair of white flip flops, in her right she carried a purple umbrella since having watched the weather report on the television in her room the weatherman said there was a chance of slight showers.

She made her way with haste to the front entrance of her grandparents rather large house, eventually arriving at the door proceeding to open dropping her sandals on the ground slipping them on her feet only to run face-first into an unexpected visitor just at the door who was in the middle of preparing to knock.

This person was none other than Herb who looked in slight shock at being ran into, and the fact Ranma's face was planted between her breasts caused her to gain a red tinge to the bridge of her nose and cheeks.

"Uh." she stammered, as Ranma reaching up having dropped her umbrella placing her hands on Herb's shoulders proceeding to step back looking up at the larger girl she just ran into.

It took a moment before she spoke up, "Uh Herb what are you doing here?" she questioned a hint of angst to her tone while also attempting to keep her voice down. Not at all yet registering the presence of the other three Musk who stood not far behind the prince currently princess.

Having got out of the initial shock of being run into by none other than the reason she was there currently Herb started to speak only to find herself interrupted before she could say anything.

"You promised you said I would have time and you wouldn't come back here and said I can come once I get all my affairs in order!" The red-head pointedly stated feeling slightly betrayed.

Herb gave a nod of her head, "Yes I did, and trust me it wasn't my idea to come here so early I had truly planned to honor our agreement to the letter, but my Mom insisted on coming here to meet you."

"Your Mom the Queen of the Musk has come all the way to Japan just to meet me?" Ranma questioned gaining an owlish expression, looking just past Herb's left arm at the woman with a similar appearance to Herb who just gave a cute and elegant wave of her left hand.

Herb gave a nod of her head, Ranma was beside herself since she didn't even know Herb even had a mother yet clear as day the Musk Queen stood beside both her soon to be possibly spouse's retainers.

She took a calming breath glancing at Herb's midsection saying the first thing that came to mind, "Herb you really been lax in your training you are getting Fat."

The Musk princess gained a half-lidded expression gritting her teeth before grabbing Ranma by her shoulders picking her up and rushing forward shouting, "I ain't getting fat you idiot!" as she slammed Ranma into an old grandfather clock that was smashed to pieces with a loud crash the wall behind the red-head heavily cracked as she had partially gone through it.

Holding a dazed Ranma against the wall and destroyed grandfather clock that was crumpled against the wall a few stray tears fell down Herb's cheeks as she proceeded to speak once more in a meek voice, "I-I am not fat you idiot." she paused for breath and some sniffles, "I am pregnant with your child..." she trailed in a mere whisper.

Having Heard the ruckus from the top of the stairs Renji, and Neji had overheard Herb's words in slight shock, so to had Nodoka who also was standing just behind them also in shock but in her mind, she was viewing a victory dance with fans with the Japanese flag on them for grandbabies, but didn't act it out.

Genma too had overheard this from just behind Nodoka, and down on the first floor in the west wing corridor, Akane stood with a look that was mixed between shock/anger/ and betrayal.

Getting over being dazed Ranma slowly hung limply, speaking softly, "Are you sure its-" she then found herself interrupted by the Musk Princess, "I am sure and even though the night was hazy I know for fact It wasn't anyone else but you that did me that night." she stated, doing her best to fight back tears.

"I really am truly sorry for my actions that night I barely remember it myself but remember it none the less I do and I really am so sorry." Ranma apologetically stated giving a bow of her head.

The Musk Queen entered the house her son currently daughter's retainers just behind her, "Sorry won't simply cut it, Son, you have a baby on the way I would hope you would make it right by my child." the woman curtly spoke.

"I too believe you should as Well son," Nodoka called, having made her way down the stairs.

Herb allowed Ranma to land on her own two feet lowering her gaze to the floor, the redhead let a sigh escape her lips as there were no hiding things now and the time for secrets was long past.

"I understand... but before any of you jump to conclusions I didn't-" she started to say finding herself interrupted by the Musk Princess, "No one is accusing of anything Ranma I was equally complicit according to Mint I threw myself on you after we had got long into our drinks."

Kasumi who had just returned from shopping spoke up, "Oh my!"

Nabiki with a slight look of shock echoed her elder sister's words.

Akane felt as if her heart was being squeezed as she heard Ranma and Herb's admissions, inwardly she wanted to scream and yell yet somehow she managed to hold it together, turning on the ball of her left foot heading back to her room, her temper threatening to come to the fore.

The Musk Queen looked to Ranma with an approving gaze, "I must say child when you said Ranma was a looker in cursed form you were not joking and has a good sense of fashion in cursed form it would seem as well." she noted.

She then proceeded to address the red-head, "You are the great Saotome Ranma I have heard so much about from both my child and his retainers, that and from the Amazon's whom I was recently in talks with. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance I am the Musk Queen my name is Remedy, but I would hope eventually you could come to call me Mother down the line."

"Hai... likewise," Ranma stiffly commented, giving a slight bow of her head.

The woman revealed to be named Remedy then aimed her staff at the broken clock the staff started to glow as the clock and wall instantly repaired as if they had never been destroyed.

"Don't disappoint me my dear or you will live your life as a toad." she threatened in jest with a cheeky grin to the red-head which caused Ranma to gain a slight look of fear.

Herb frowned at her mother shaking her head negatively before speaking, "She was just kidding Ranma she wouldn't do such a thing." she assured, however, she was sure her mother would if displeased make Ranma's life quite miserable.

Having observed the magic used Genma quickly came down the stairs posing a question, "Excuse me your Highness since it would appear our two families will soon be joined could I ask that you cure my curse?"

Ranma rolled her eyes at her father's question as he didn't even skip a beat and seemed to not care about his and Soun's dreams of the family schools being joined were now in jeopardy.

Remedy shook her head negatively speaking through laughter, "You presumptuous man. The curse that has befallen you, my child and so many others is beyond my power. If I so much as attempted to tamper with it you would most certainly die where you stand turned to ash and bone." she paused briefly.

"I myself was cursed to the form you see standing before you now and I was permanently locked in this form by my husband so long ago." she explained pausing a moment for effect, "It took me a few hundred years to forgive him. However, trust when I say if I had that kind of power I would have at the very least unlocked my true form it has been so long since my wings felt the wind beneath them." she somberly finished.

Genma gained a slight look of disappointment, "I see well I had to ask seeing as you are the first person I have seen use real magic just now." he dully stated.

Meanwhile, at the top of the stairs, Neji and Reinji spoke to one another over the scenes playing out on the floor below.

"Well, not just the Amazons so the Musk as well it would seem," Neji commented, tilting her head to the side.

Reinji giving a nod of his head, "Well it would seem now our family will be truly connected to two tribes. Our grandson has sired an heir with that young woman she is quite beautiful." he observed.

"Yes she is but we both know that woman is also a man." Neji pointed out.

Reinji chuckled at his wife's words, "That really matters?" he inquired.

"No dear it doesn't I just never foresaw any of this coming to pass... They certainly will make an interesting couple perhaps." Neji stated, she wasn't quite pleased with the situation but she wasn't at all completely against it either.

Reinji considering another matter, "Now the question is will the Amazons accept it?" he questioned.

"Hopefully so otherwise this could start a war," Neji commented on her husband's words, she then proceeded to head downstairs eventually coming to a stop a few feet away from the Musk Queen.

She then spoke up softly, "Your Highness may I offer to prepare you and your entourage a guest room for yourself and the two men there should you wish to stay for a little while?" she offered.

"Yes if you don't mind I would love to stay a night or two if that will be okay with you Mrs. Saotome." Remedy answered, a pleased expression to her features.

Neji nodded her head, "Then I will see to it you have accommodations welcome to our home."

Not far from at the top the stairs but leaning against the wall where his friend once stood was Soun who seemed to stare off into space at the events going on downstairs his dreams seemed to be floating out of his reach.

The fact Ranma apparently had a baby on the way with the Prince sometimes Princess of the Musk seemed to put the proverbial nail in the proverbial coffin that was the arrangement he and his friend had set up from childhood.

On his features were betrayal though he didn't know who to direct his feelings towards be it Ranma, his Father being his oldest friend, or even the woman who just announced she was pregnant with what was supposed to be his little girl's fiancee's child.

Even his home was currently under renovations and Ranma was at the very heart of his woes or so he felt, he couldn't remember a time his daughter had got kidnapped before the pig-tailed boy arrived in their life, nor could he think of a time that his home had to go constant renovations until the boy sometimes girl arrived into their lives.

He felt it poetic things turned out the way they were, and that now maybe he would find some peace in the fact Ranma won't be his problem for much longer.



Later that night Ranma stood on the balcony of his room looking off into the night, within the room he could hear the sounds of the television depicting a show of some kind, on the bed Herb lay propped up against some pillows seeming engrossed in whatever she was watching.

Course Ranma figured it wasn't often she had the luxury of television, though he felt quite awkward here was a girl staying in his/her room even though that girl when not pregnant typically was a man.

When he thought his grandmother was preparing accommodations for the Musk Entourage he never thought they would put Herb up in his room of all the rooms in the entire estate, but over dinner, it was considered unanimous given the circumstances they should stay in the same room as one another.

While the situation was quite awkward he didn't protest as he knew it was probably for the best in the long run since they would soon be married, though he had hoped for the original deal he and Herb initially set however it would seem their lapse in judgment seemed to put a nix in the original plan.

Ranma thought on Herb's mother Remedy the woman seemed really nice from what he could tell, but the fact she could readily wield magic frightened him far more than Jusenkyo ever did, but a curse and the magic the woman displayed were on two different wavelengths even if one was less powerful.

Jusenkyo didn't have the reach or so Ranma hoped, whereas this woman could pursue if angered he wasn't in a hurry to find out what would happen the sheer thought of such an instance was terrifying to him.

Of course, he had expected his father to go off on him for the betrayal of his childhood deal with Mr. Tendo, but instead, his father had been unusually quiet and had made no attempt to talk to the Musk Queen about a possible dowry which was probably a wise choice on his part.

He had expected his mother to give him the come to Kami-sama speech but that never came either, nor did either of his grandparents do so either.

Also, all three Tendo girls were pretty silent over dinner, Akane especially quiet though he could tell she was fuming any time she spared him a glance.

Soun had also been rather silent which was unusual for his track record since Ranma half expected the man to erupt over dinner and berate him for betraying his little girl.

Even Herb for her part had remained silent most the night, even now she was in there watching the television and not once had either of them spoke since the dining hall and that exchange was just him telling her to follow him as he leads her to his room which she would be staying in with him.

Mint and Lime he had heard from his grandmother they would be staying in the room opposite to his and he just knew it wouldn't be surprising to find one or both posted outside the door as guards.

He reached up feeling through the fabric of his shirt noting the item secreted behind the cloth a symbol of dreams shattered and future dreams born.

In the distance, he could hear the Higurashi singing their sad nighttime song almost as if playing a tune for the pain he and so many others felt.

'I am going to be a father...' he inwardly trailed as he had never envisioned nor planned for children so early in his life, the sheer thought was terrifying, but then he was sure the soon to be the mother of his children felt much the same as he.

After awhile Ranma finally entered the room sliding the balcony door shut, sparing a glance to the television briefly observing a martial arts movie of some sort he stood watching as a scene played out that reminded him of one of his many battles with Ryoga though this opponent was a little more competent when it came to skill or so depicted in the movie.

Ranma considered the actor a moment as inwardly he knew he could probably beat him easily since the person was just that an actor and not the real deal. He then turned away from the television walking over to the left side of his bed grabbing a pillow dropping it on the floor, proceeding to unbutton his shirt taking it off.

He then proceeded to lay down on the floor laying his head against the pillow still watching the television as he lay his shirt over himself, while at the same time using a nearby remote to shut off the lights.

A few minutes went by before the girl on the bed joined him on the floor laying a pillow to his left, he glanced to her as she did to him their eyes meeting before both turned their attention back to the show depicted on television.

"You are silly you know that we have already been closer than this. We may as well get used to each other's company." Herb commented as she dragged the blanket down spreading it over them both.

Ranma adjusted the blanket allowing Herb to settle against him as he reluctantly placed his left arm around her shoulders, "Silly huh, your quite stubborn don't you know the bed would be much more comfortable for you?" he inquired.

"Perhaps so." Herb simply commented.

The two continued to watch the show well into the night eventually falling asleep the show eventually changing over to snow as the station eventually went offline.

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