Bring Me To Life

Chapter Three

A Long Day. I even passed out, though I was supposed to.

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I hope you like the story so far. If you haven't read my story Life's a Right, Not a Privilege, then don't. If you have, you'll agree that that one is crap compared to this one.



'Er – hi?' I smiled uncertainly. They didn't smile back. I wasn't expecting them to. The grandfather clock in the corner chimed, showing it was three o clock in the morning. I was away for three hours? Oh bugger. Ok, I want my coffin white with black lining, or should it be black with white lining…

'We have a lot to talk about, young man.' My father said calmly.

'I'm so screwed.' I muttered slowly.

'Damn right you are. You nearly gave us a heart attack! What were you thinking?' Sirius whispered. Ugh, I am SOOOOOOOOO dead. So bloody dead…sorry Voldie…I was really looking forward to kicking your sorry arse…

'Is that a rhetorical question?' I winced.

They just glared at me, calm masks gone. Say goodbye to the Founders for me! Tell Helga she was very kind! Tell Rowena she can use all my jokes! Tell Godric I loved being a Gryffindor! Tell Salazar he was very helpful and I will never forget his cunning schemes!

'Well? What do you have to say in your defense?' Mom hissed. Onyx stirred, but not enough to rouse the four adults in front of me. The four very pissed adults. Ahhh, if I make it out've this I'm going to murder Salazar's portrait. MURDER!

'Uh – nothing but I wanted to shop.' I admitted. They are going to murder me, bury me, dig me up and murder me again, repeating the process as many times as it takes to wipe the angry looks off their face.

'Not very good, is it?' Remus asked in vehemence, 'Did you know how dangerous that was? When Molly owled us, we thought you had just stuck to Diagon Alley, at least. We didn't think you'd go into Knockturn Alley. Obviously we were proven wrong.' He whispered. Screwed, screwed, screwed!

'Ah, I am so totally screwed.' I murmured.

'Worse than screwed. You are banned from Quidditch, from the incident two days ago, and now you are going to help the house-elves everyday from nine in the morning until six in the afternoon, only ten minutes break for lunch. You will be cleaning the whole first floor, and if you finish you will do the second floor and so on. Is that clear?' Mom snarled.

'Crystal.' I said, gritting my teeth. I was going to leave, you know, to go to sleep, but no. I was stopped from sleeping. RED ALERT! RED ALERT! I NEED SLEEP! RED ALERT!

'We're not finished with you. You are going to tell us what happened two days ago, why you went out today and why you thought it was appropriate.' Remus growled, pulling me back roughly. I considered my options. I could run and lock myself in the Founders Room and sleep in my trunk or I could spill everything. Or…LIE THE HELL OUT'VE HERE!

'I can't tell you.' I said shortly. Mom, Dad, Sirius, and Remus shot me a glare so poisoness it came from Satan himself. I felt like peeing my pants (it looked that terrifying!) but I stood my ground.

'It's not that I don't want to,' I chose my words carefully, even if it was a complete lie, 'It's just that…I don't want to burden you with this. If you can't help it, then there is no reason to tell you. You might get hurt if you knew.' I finished, putting on the weak stance. Aren't I such a good actor? They were still glaring, but it was much softer.

'Nothing you do will make you a burden, Harry,' Sirius said softly. Then I had to put on the frustrated act. Not that hard, surprisingly.

'You can't help. Now, I really need to sleep otherwise I'm going to pass out on you.' I sighed a fake sigh before leaving the room.

Two flights of stairs and three secret passageways later…

I entered my room, having to hold myself on the door frame to keep myself steady. I was not acting this time. Onyx slithered off my shoulders. He seemed to be pondering something.

How are we supposed to train if you have all this work? He asked. I shrugged sleepily. I'll manage. I always do in the end. I gave him a tired smile, un-shrinking my new trunk. I'll sleep in tomorrow. Well, sleep until my human alarm clock wakes me up. Where do you want to sleep?

Onyx looked surprised. Or, I think he did. I'm feeling like I'm being treated like a king! I'll just sleep at the end of your bed. If that's ok. Onyx said.

If you'd like to wake up without a headache, I'd suggest you stay away from me when I'm asleep. I tend to toss and turn a lot. But, hey, if you love headaches, feel free. I grinned sleepily, already in my pajamas.

I think I'll just sleep on that cushion over there, if you don't mind. Onyx hissed, slithering over to the cushion, tomorrow, when you have finished cleaning, that is, we will perform the Bonding Ritual. I would do it now but we need you to be awake.

'Kay. Night, Onyx, I whispered before falling into deep slumber.

My crazy dream

I was dancing the conga with Dobby while Onyx was break dancing. Daphne asked me if I thought her hair was ugly. I said no. Daphne gave me a jacket that she pulled out've the blue. I put it on and it turned to snakes while Dobby was playing the pan flute to Onyx. I wanted a drink. I asked Daphne if I could get a drink. She started crying and screamed that I took her for granted. Then she started tap-dancing. I walked around the lake that was in the room. I tried drinking from it but it turned to ice. I started swimming in the lake. I started dancing, hitting my head on the ground.

I still wanted a drink.

End of crazy dream

I woke up, sniggering slightly at my psycho dream. I looked at my alarm clock. It's luminescent silver numbers showed 7 o clock. Looking over to Onyx's pillow, I had to stop my laughter. I can hold something against him now. BLACKMAIL. His head was lolling to the side, hitting the floor. His body was spread long across the corners of the pillow. I could hear him mumbling about being scared of…mice!

Getting up, I walked over to my bookshelf. Um, Transfiguration, Charms, Herbology…ah, there it is, Arithmancy. I was really curious about the subject. I've heard Hermione blab on about how good it is and all that, and I'm really curious. What's so good about it? If it's good enough I'll drop Divination and take it. And Ancient Runes.

I quickly found out how good it was after finishing the fourth chapter. Unfortunately, my reading was cut short by a knock on the door. 'Come in!' I called quietly. The door cracked open to reveal Mom.

'Oh, you're awake. Whatcha reading?' she asked softly, walking in.

'Arithmancy. I'm thinking of dropping Divination and taking it and Ancient Runes,' I mumbled, engrossed in reading again. Don't take me away from it! Please!

'Your punishment starts today.' Mom said quietly. I snorted. Punishment. I did more than that in an hour.

'Mom, honestly. At the Dursley's I had to wake at five, mow the lawn, paint the fence and bench, trim and weed the garden, making it perfect. Then I have to go inside and cook breakfast. When I've done that I took half a slice of toast and cleaned the kitchen. Then I cleaned the whole house until seven, when I was locked in the cupboard under the stairs. And I was doing that since I was four,' I told her.

Mom looked angry. 'Looks like I'm going to have to visit Petunia someday.' She said dangerously.

'Can you take photos?' I asked hopefully. That would be a time to remember. I hope she turns Dudley into a pig. A job Hagrid should've finished ages ago. Remember when he saved me from the Dursley's? Yeah, that job.

I skipped out've my room, whistling. I was wearing my new robes. I was wearing the emerald green ones today. They shimmered in the sunlight, just like Daphne's hair. Forget that. The Daphne part, I mean.

I entered the kitchen, where I made myself a quick breakfast of pancakes. Mmmm, blueberry pancakes. I was whistling the tune to that Muggle song, I Like It, by Enrique Iglasias. It's one of my favorite songs.

I quickly shoveled down the pancakes, washing it down with a glass of full-cream milk. I washed up the dishes and scrubbed the benches in record time. I was able to see my face in them in ten seconds. NEW RECORD!

It wasn't hard to clean the kitchen, despite the largeness. When Dad and Sirius walked in, they gasped at the shininess. I'm so cool. 'Bloody hell!' they whispered.

'Yes, I am brilliant, aren't I? Now, onto the next room,' I cheered, walking into the next room. Dad and Sirius followed me, just as I was dusting off the room, whistling a different song. Blue, by Eiffel 65 is also a favorite song.

Dad and Sirius followed me all over the first floor. 'I think we should change the punishment, Prongs. He's enjoying it too much!' Sirius whispered to Dad. And indeed I was. Cleaning, contrary to what other people think, is fun. Especially when you get to hide things. Soon, I was finished the first floor. There are five floors. I could finish this place in three days! Ha, in your faces!

Mom called me to the kitchen just as I finished the first half of the second floor. I walked down to the spotless kitchen, standing at the doorway uncertainly. Sitting at the table was Mom, Dad, Remus and Sirius. Mom indicated that I should sit down. Sitting, I stared at the adults. They stared back. What is this, a staring contest?

'Well,' Mom began saying, 'We have decided that you no longer have to clean, seeing as you will have the house finished in a few days. However, you will be kept to the house, no going anywhere but here. And your Quidditch ban still stands.' She said, looking at me seriously. I nodded. I was itching to go read that book. Let me go! I need to read and see Onyx.

'Now I can practice with Harry's Firebolt. I am already great, though.' Sirius examined himself in a spoon.

'Sirius, you know that bright thing in the sky? It's called the sun and the world revolves around it, not you.' I told him brightly, walking towards the secret passage.

I walked through the secret passageway just as Sirius called 'Smartass!'

'It's better than being a dumbass like you!' I called back. I grinned at the laughs I received from that comment. Ah, I love humor. And sarcasm. Whoever said sarcasm was the lowest form of wit was poorly mistaken. Like mistaking an ant for a pig. Yes, that mistaken they are.

I entered the room to find an agitated Onyx tearing apart my room. Onyx, calm down, I had to leave while you were asleep. I hissed to him soothingly. Sorry, Master, but please try to give some warning. I don't take kindly to being left alone in an unfamiliar habitat. He snapped, though there was a trace of relief.

Uhhh…what about the bonding ritual? I asked quickly. I don't want to test Onyx's temper when his poison can still hurt me. Best save it for later. Onyx seemed to calm down at those words.

Is there anywhere where no one can find us? Where nobody but us can get in? he asked, still slightly snappish. Yes. Follow me. It is a Chamber that only I can access.

I led him through a wall, into the Founders Chamber. Onyx looked impressed. Well, I think he did. It's hard to tell since the only light was the flame on the torch. And he is an animal, so it's hard to tell what his expressions are.

When I opened the Chamber door, I was greeted with relieved voices. 'Harry! Did you get every thing? You didn't get in too much trouble? You didn't fall on your arse when you used the Floo, did you?'

I held my hands up. 'Too much noise! Shhh! To answer your questions, yes, I did get everything, no, not too much trouble and surprisingly no, I didn't land on my arse.' I called out. They all gave a relieved sigh.

What about me? Are you not going to introduce me? Onyx hissed. 'Oh, and everyone, this is Onyx. Say hi, Onyx.' I grinned. Hi! He said sarcastically.

'Hi Onyx!' they chuckled. I grinned at them, suddenly feeling at home. Looks like I don't have to say goodbye to the Founders after all.

'Ok, you have the trunk?' I nodded, 'The books?' I nodded again, 'Everything?' I nodded once more. 'Excellent,' Salazar said in satisfaction. I sat down on the floor, waiting for Onyx to speak.

Okay, he said when he finally spoke, we need something big enough to drink out've. Fill it with water. When we have that, we need a drop of each of our blood and mix until it changes color. A color other than red, he said hastily when I was about to say 'Red's a color.' He wasn't kidding when he said he was smart.

It goes in order. Green, blue, purple, pink, bright red, orange, bronze, silver and gold. As you can tell, green is weakest, gold is strongest. We have to drink the blood. You and I will be knocked out for several hours. I will be intercepting all of your memories, you mine. Then we will be bonded. We can read each others thoughts, we will always know where the other is and I will grow with your power. I will be able to Apparate to you, and you me, regardless the wand. We will also gain each others abilities. In other words, we gain a lot. Onyx finished.

I was so shocked. 'Crap,' I whispered, 'that is a lot.' Noticing Godric, Helga and Rowena's confused expressions, I hastily relayed the conversation. I suddenly remembered…

Onyx, what about Draco? He doesn't understand Viper. I said confusedly. Him being a pureblood, he will know what to do. I dare say that he's already done it. Onyx assured me.

Oh, that's good then. When you say we will gain each others abilities, does that mean you will be able to speak English? I inquired. Hey, I don't know these things! I should really pay attention in History of Magic…

Yes, it does. I am looking forward to it. Now, hurry up. Go get a bowl of water. A bowl, by the way, because it would be very hard for me to drink out've a glass. Onyx hissed. I rolled my eyes and sprinted outside.

One secret passageway later…

I was in the kitchen, searching through the cupboards for a bowl. Where does she…there we go. One bowl, filled with water, coming right up. I placed the bowl in the sink and turned on the tap. Merlin, this thing is so slow! HURRY UP!

I heard footsteps behind me. Wheeling around, I came face-to-face with Remus. AH! Remember what I said about screwed? Well it was a gross understatement.

'What're you doing?' Remus asked suspiciously.

…did he seriously just ask that? IS HE THAT BLIND? 'What does it look like?' I asked incredulously. Remus's eyes narrowed.

'Don't take that tone with me, Harry. You might've redeemed yourself in everyone else's eyes, but not mine. You should learn some respect.' He growled. He wanted to play like that, hey?

'You need to earn it. Excuse me, I have to go, I have better things to do with my time than arguing. I need to catch up on my Arithmancy and Ancient Runes if I'm going to take the classes.' I said coldly, taking the bowl (which was full enough, but could be fuller) and walking to the secret passageway.

'Severus is right, you are arrogant.' Remus said suddenly, rather rudely in my opinion. You are making me hate you right now, Remus…don't make me hate you…not a good idea…definitely not a good idea…

'There is a difference between standing up for yourself and arrogance. Maybe you should learn that, Remus, because you aren't really that good at telling them apart.' I said icily before marching away. Note to self: Set Onyx on Remus while he is sleeping. It'll teach him not to mess with me.

I stormed furiously into the Founders Chamber. Setting the bowl on the ground in front of Onyx, I closed (slammed, really) the door, locking it. Taking a deep breath, I sat down opposite Onyx.

You go first. Onyx said calmly. I pulled Sirius's knife out've my pocket (I have taken to carrying it around, you know, just in case) and pricked my finger. I let two drops fall into the bowl. At once, the blood swirled around, spreading like some poisoness vine. I was panting heavily from my encounter with Remus and I only just saw Onyx dropping two drops of blood in.

I used the spoon on the knife (yeah, sounds funny. But the knife has a knife, spoon, fork, cork puller and a small button that, when pressed, ejects one of the things) and stirred the blood slowly. The blood was changing color. I should've seen this coming. It was platinum. Ah, always happens to Harry Potter.

Okay, drink some. I will drink the rest. Onyx said quietly. I picked up the bowl and took a gulp. It tasted like blood.

…did I seriously just think that? Am I as dumb as Remus?

Placing the bowl in front of Onyx, I took a shuddering breath. I was tingling. When Onyx finished the rest, the tingling turned into full blown pain. I wasn't ready for it, so I grasped my chest, wrapping my arms around my body, trembling. Onyx was shaking, but that's all I saw. I just blacked out.

Images were flashing around my head. There were so many, yet I could memorize them all. One of Brazil…war…slaughter…it was all fresh in my mind. I felt my body growing physically, mentally, spiritually and magically. I think I even felt my hair changing. Then it all stopped. What replaced it was numbness. But then it turned into warmth. It was comfortable at first, but then it got too hot. My first move was to drop whatever was burning, but my body lay limp.

The pain was unbearable, yet all I could do was lay there. It only continued to get hotter. Then it stopped. I didn't know what it was. It was ages later when I opened my eyes. As the world came into view, the first thing I noticed is that my hair was longer. It reached just below the top of my back.

I sat up, looking around. I spotted the portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw watching me. The others were watching Onyx. I gave her a small smile and stretched.

'Hey, Rowena. How long have we been out?' I asked curiously. I noted that my voice sounded like a melody, slightly deeper yet honey like. 'Four hours. You'd better look in a mirror.' She nodded towards a mirror that had not previously been there before.

'I need to see Onyx first.' I said stubbornly, but another part of my brain was listening to my melodic voice. She smiled softly. 'If you wish it. He is over there. Don't be to shocked.' She warned softly. Curious, I stood up and walked over to Onyx. What I saw was a big surprise.

Now, Onyx was big before. If he stood up on his tail (if possible) he would an inch taller. Double it. That is how big Onyx is now. His scales had a strange gleam to them, like shiny metallic. But mostly shiny. His emerald eyes were flecked with gold and silver. He had a strange move to him, more confident. I walked over to the mirror and gasped.


I was taller now, tall enough I could give Ron a run for his money. If he has any. My new thought of Ron startled me. Shaking the thought away, I stared into the mirror.

My eyes were still emerald, but they were flecked with silver and gold. I did guess right, my hair was just below the top of my back. It was mostly straight, but it had a strange wave it. I was lean and muscled , but not so that I looked too strong. It just mixed in with the leanness. All in all, I think I just fell in love with myself, I was that beautiful. Not in a girly way.

I felt more…confident as well, and calm. No hot-headness. Just calmness. I also felt in control. And sharpness, wit, cunning, kindness, determination. It was like…

'I feel like you guys. How?' I asked calmly. I wasn't panicking, wondering if something had gone wrong. Just curiosity.

'Well, we portraits have magical properties. We are sort've alive but encased inside a portrait. So we relinquished our abilities…and handed them to you.' Godric explained. I smiled softly at him.

'Thanks guys. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.' Looks like the new me doesn't mind sharing his emotions Cool.

I can get revenge on Remus! But then, well, that wouldn't be nice. I can't sink to his level…

'Uh, but there's one problem. I can't stop fighting with myself. My head is telling me to do three different things. My kind side will make me feel guilty, my cunning and brave side will go insane if they don't do something and my intelligent side will feel disappointed!' I cried in frustration.

They chuckled. 'Why don't you do what you need to do, but make it minor so it satisfies all sides?' Rowena suggested. I smiled at her. 'I knew there was a reason to intelligence.' I chuckled.

'Onyx, I think we should go visit Draco. We said we would visit him. It's around three now, so we can go back up and explore the trunk a bit until it's four. Sound good?' I asked.

'Agreeable.' He nodded in English. It sounded like a normal human voice, just a bit of hissing strewn through it. We would have to work on that later. We walked/slithered through the passage (after saying goodbye to the Founders), having a good-natured argument on which was better: King Kong or Godzilla. I was with Godzilla, Onyx with Kong. We settled it when we entered my room, but it wasn't over.

Opening the trunk, I let Onyx slither in before I hopped in. Closing the lid behind me, lights on the wall lit. We were met at the bottom by Draco and Viper.

'We decided to come early. I only got here five minutes ago, so we're all in good time.' He explained when I looked confused. Draco looked different as well. He had the same body build as me, same height as well. His hair reached his shoulders, but he had pulled his hair back in a ponytail. His eyes were silver, as always, but flecked with gold and sky blue. He looked cheerful.

'We look different, don't we? How're we going to explain this?' I asked, bemused. Draco shrugged. 'How about we just say we were doing a potion but it exploded and it had good effects?' he suggested.

'Yes, but what about when they ask what potion it was?' I asked, eyebrows raised. 'Uh, we can say it wiped away a few memories in the process?' he offered. It might work…

'What about when they demand you show them proof?' I inquired. 'I'm all outta ideas, then,' he grimaced. I pondered a bit. 'Hm, how about it was in something we drank, but the effects didn't come until later?'

'How about we just leave it how it is and if they have a problem with it then they can go whine to whoever cares.' Draco waved it off with his hand. I shrugged. 'Good enough.' I nodded, walking into the supposed living room.

W.O.W. So cool. The room was cozy, a fire roaring in the fireplace (where else would it be?). The room was a Chinese design, so there would be lots of scarlet and golden Chinese dragons. What is it with dragons and me? (A/N: I don't know how to decide the outlay of the room, so you can make up how it is designed.)

I sat down on the couch, Onyx next to me, but on the floor. Draco sat opposite me. Silence. Then I asked, 'Don't you find it funny that when we were around nobody but that crazy lady, we got along fine? I think we had a spell on us or something.' I frowned. Draco looked grim.

'That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Don't you find it strange that in first year, we didn't hate each other until we entered the Great Hall? We might've disliked each other, but we didn't hate each other until we were being Sorted. I think we were hit with a spell. And I think I know who did it.' Draco's voice got furious at the end.

'You think its Dumbledore.' I stated calmly. Draco nodded. 'Why do you think that?'

'Well, look at your life. It looks like he's been manipulating you. Look at first year, with the Philosophers Stone. How come the enchantments were only good enough for three first years to get through. And how come Dumbledore had to fly to the Ministry? Father told me,' he said hastily, seeing my questioning look, 'Dumbledore could easily Floo or Apparate to the Ministry, but he flew and by doing that, you were nearly killed! Look at Weasley and Granger! They're always there, following you.

'Second year, you were left to fight with a Basilisk. Dumbledore would've known that you were connected to Voldemort, seeing that scar. He would've known that you were a Parstletongue, but he didn't say anything to you. How'd Granger know how to make Polyjuice. Hey, I figured it out when I saw the way Vincent and Greg were acting. I even saw a bit of Weasley's hair. But still, it isn't usual for a second year to brew a potion even Snape has trouble brewing! How'd Granger find out about that the Basilisk was traveling through the pipes? It was all set up by Dumbledore.'

'Third year, the Dementors were after you like Bowtruckles on Doxy eggs. How come Dumbledore didn't try to help you? It was Lupin that helped you in the end, and I'm guessing he told Lupin to. Lupin knows that you should use a hopeful memory instead of a happy, Father told me it was his technique while he was in school. Lupin told everyone, but he didn't tell you. And I know for a fact that Granger and Weasley were leaning it as well, as I had house-elves following them. They had to act like they didn't know anything, I've heard it from Dobby. Yes, I'm helping him. I didn't hate him. Just the influence of the spell.'

'Last year, they was a way to keep you out've the competition. Just disqualify you and give you no marks. Easy. And Dumbledore would've known his own friend! Moody wouldn't turn students into ferrets!' Draco snarled, looking down at the thought of that incident, 'Moody doesn't do that, I knew him. He used to visit when my father wasn't a Death Eater. He even visited in private! Dumbledore would've known the Cup was a Portkey, as he supervised the Cup placing. It was like he was planning for Voldemort to rise and you to die, so he could take care Voldemort and look like the hero.'

'I'm betting that's why he sent you back to those Muggles. The main ingredient of a blood ward is love and happiness, but there is none of that around those Muggles, rendering the wards useless. Any of those wards could be placed up in any home. My Father was willing to take you! But he sent you back every year. I thinking it's because so when you came back to Hogwarts, you'd look up to him like he's a god or something.'

'And don't you find it strange that Granger and Weasley always seem to be around? Every time you're alone, they seem to pop out've nowhere and give you something to do. They're trying to distract you from thinking too much about your life. I just know it. I tried telling you that when we met on the train. Remember when I said some families are better then others. You need to learn which families are better than others. That is what I meant. I guess I didn't make it clear enough. This is why I don't trust Dumbledore or the Weasley's. Apart from the twins and the three oldest. The rest are cheating you for money right under your nose. We need to stop this.' Draco said firmly, ending his speech.

I blinked. 'Okay, I am taking it seriously, but that was the longest speech I've ever heard you say.' I chuckled. Draco smiled in an embarrassed way. 'But it all makes sense. I've been cheated by the ones I used to care about.' I murmured.

'Even though we don't look like it, us Slytherins are good people, and should the opportunity come up, we would go on your side. My parents are with you Harry, but they have to keep up appearances.' He said quietly.

'I know Slytherins are good people, Draco, as I have living proof in front of me. But I'm only the way I am to Slytherins because of the way are to me. There are people in other Houses that have gone bad.'

'Harry, Peter is also on your side. He's falling into depression because of it. He feels extremely guilty for selling your parents out and for bringing Voldemort back, but he doesn't show it. He still cares for you, Harry.' Draco said gently.

My head snapped up. 'Wormtail still cares for me? Why?' I whispered. 'When you saved his life. I know Black might've killed him, but he wouldn't have had the guts to. Lupin, unfortunately, does. He's been cheating many people, Harry. I'm sorry.'

I took in a shuddering breath, digesting this information. 'Can you bring Wormy in?' I asked hopefully. Draco checked his watch. 'It's too late. Holy Merlin, it's already six! I gotta go! I promise I'll bring Wormy in tomorrow, at three. Bye Harry!' Draco said hurriedly, but not in a suspicious way.

'Holy! I have to go too! I think I've missed dinner!' I cried, running to the stairs just as Draco ran up his. With Onyx following me, I left the apartment.

I climbed into my room, closing the lid of the room. I ran through the secret passage leading to the Founders Chamber. I don't really care about dinner right now. I need to tell the Founders about my new discoveries that Draco helped me find. Bursting into the room, I sat down against the all and relayed Draco's (and my) suspicions. It was Onyx that spoke first.

'It makes sense. I've seen all of your memories, and I wasn't trusting this Dumbledore at the end. This is evidence. I have to say I'm not liking this Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Mrs. Weasley either. Remember that thought about that boy named Ron? How you thought bad of him. That's because you shared my suspicions, even subconsciously.'

'The question is: How are we going to approach this? Are we going to come out with all of our knowledge and hope for the best, or are we going to gain a group of people to whom we trust and work secretly against them, keeping up the clueless act? I think I prefer the latter.' Onyx said thoughtfully.

'I agree. Coming out with all of our knowledge is just about suicide. If Dumbledore found out that I've worked out his schemes, he won't just leave it. He'll work against me, feeding lies to people and turn everyone against me. He will subdued me, and he won't just do it quietly.' I growled at that last part.

'You need to be trained, Master. You need to be trained now, otherwise it might be too late.' Onyx warned, rising slightly. I nodded, my face set. 'I need to be trained now. Near non-stop. And I need to control the elements.' I said firmly.

'We can help with that.' Salazar said softly, 'Press the dragon mark on the right of out portraits. See that flat part? That's where you press it.' He explained.

Looking at the four Founders, I picked which one I wanted to start with. Walking up to their portrait, I pulled up my sleeve. When I approached the portrait, my dragon mark glowed icy blue and light grey.

I pressed my mark next to the portrait of Rowena Ravenclaw.

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