Bring Me To Life

Chapter Four

Um…why don't we just call this chapter 'I'm Falling Apart'

Yeah, that's a good chapter name.


I am hoping you like the story so far. I can't believe how quickly I'm getting through it! It's like I'm doing a chapter a day! Actually, I am just about finishing a chapter every day. Please give me some ideas. I have plenty, but I want to see what my readers want. I hope you like the humor.



The room I entered was strange. I wasn't expecting much when Rowena's portrait swung open, but the shock ran up and bit me on the arse. Hard. The room had two rounded entrances and the exit was the back of a portrait.

The room was made out've smooth stone, the floor slightly damp. There were steps (in a circle) that led down to a wide pool. The pool (not a swimming pool) was shallow looking, silvery and it shimmered. I walked down the steps and looked into the pool. I saw myself, but I had a feeling that I shouldn't be human. I knew why.

I had to be dragon. I had to become dragon first. But I had no idea how. Uh…help? Please.

No answer. I wasn't expecting any. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I would have to do it myself. Ok, I would try this plan. I thought about my dragon form. I pictured every detail I could remember from my first transformation.

Okay, I was the size of a German shepherd, I was white, my underbelly/chest were the color of molten gold, and my claws were also molten gold, as were my horns. My wing exterior was white, the inside gold. The tip of my tail had two long spikes (molten gold), curving inwards slightly. My snout was like the one on the Hungarian Horntail, but smoother and a bit less curved. My body was lean and muscled, like my human self, but smoother. My horns (when you looked side on) were lightning bolt like.

At once, I felt myself changing. I grew smaller, grew horns and wings and turned white. I was a dragon. And I didn't change back. Cool, I have a new strategy, now.

I looked into the pool again. My eyes were a molten gold color, but flecked with silver. No emerald. My eyes were almond shaped, but slightly bigger.

I walked over to one of the doors. This one had runes carved along the side, glowing bright silver. Suddenly, the door opened to reveal a large training area. I walked in, the door slamming shut behind me. In the center of the room was a large rune carved in the floor. It was two waves, one underneath the other with a circle in the dips of the waves, top and bottom.

A voice rang out from the room. It was female. 'Hello, Harry. Yes, I know who you are. I am Breeze. I will be guiding you with the wind element. Okay, first, I want you to search within yourself. Close your eyes and feel the element of wind coursing through you, and when you can really feel the wind, open your mouth and let out a hurricane!' she exclaimed.

No use in arguing. So I sat down, closing my eyes. I concentrated on the feeling I felt in 'that bizarre thing that happened in my sleep'. The cold wind that swept through me, raging and spinning. I felt it flow through me body, reaching its highest point. I opened my mouth and blew.

A strong gust left my mouth, I opened my eyes and nearly jumped out've my scales. It was like a curved hurricane flowing out've my mouth. It started from my mouth, curving until the end was swirling on the floor. It sounded like wind spinning, but a soft ring was traveling through it. Then I closed my mouth in shock.

'Well done, Harry! That's all you need to remember. Try doing it quicker, see if you can do it almost instantly!' Breeze ordered joyfully. Filled with adrenaline, I tried again. This time I pictured myself making a raging hurricane, a bit more fierce, flow out've my mouth. I opened my mouth and blew.

The wind that came out've my mouth was awesome! I closed my mouth and cheered. I tried doing it again, and again, and again. It was the fourth try that I got it instantly.

'Excellent, Harry! Now, some enemies will pop up and I want you to dispatch them by sending the Hurricane Rush at them, and then stop when they are spinning in air. Then slash them with your claws once to dispatch them.' Breeze explained, just as 20 opponents popped out've nowhere.

I backed up against the wall, not out've fright, but out've instinct. You should always back up against a wall, so that enemies can't attack you from behind. The first enemy (it looked like an ape) stuck, waving his sword around dangerously. I opened my mouth and let out a stream of wind, just as another enemy was going to attack. Both apes (I'm just going to call them that, because that's what they look like) were caught in a whirl-wind frenzy. After a few seconds I stopped the wind gust and slashed them viciously.

I was really getting into it now, dodging and throwing the apes off course so I could get to others. There was only two left, now. I let out a stream of wind, sucking them up in the whirly-gig. They started smashing together, banging heads and all that. I let the wind stop and quickly slashed my claws across there necks.

'Nice one! We're going to go with the next wind attack: Cyclone. What you have to do is flap yourself in the air, yes, like that, and start spinning around. It's like your diving upwards with your wings tucked in. Try it.' She encouraged.

I took a deep breath and started spinning around, my head pointed upwards. I pretended I was falling upwards from an airplane, spiraling. It was actually quite fun. I spun myself faster and faster until I could feel the wind around me.

'You can stop now, Harry.' Breeze called lazily. I slowed down before coming to a complete stop. Flapping to the ground, I called out, 'What do I do now?'

'Ok, we don't need to do a test for that, as all it does is throw your enemies off track. What we are going to now, however, is your fury attack. You will know what to do on instinct, just think about the wind when the Apes are surrounding you.'

Several enemies popped out've the air around me, blocking any chance of escape. I closed my eyes. You can do this, young dragon, a voice that wasn't mine said inside my head.

I thought about the wind, the destructive nature of it. I imagined the trees snapping, houses roofs flying off, birds fighting against the strong current of the wind. I knew it was working, as I was rising off the ground.

I let go of the wind that I was subconsciously holding in. I exploded (not literally), wind rushing around my wings. I pulled my head back, opened my eyes and let out a loud, strong blow of wind. The world let go, me in the center. I flapped my wings, sending off powerful air currents. All the sudden, the wind stopped. Flapping to the ground, I looked around.

All of the apes were dead, blown against the wall. I cracked the ground a fair bit, but not enough to break it horribly. 'How did I do?' I asked nervously.

'W-wow. Amazing! I have to tell Rowena! You can go now, through that door. Blizzard will be awaiting you in the Chamber of Ice.' Breeze said quickly, and though she was invisible, I heard footsteps running away.

I exited the room, walking to the pool again. Looking in, I saw that I had got some minor cuts. Damn, ah well, can't be perfect. I walked to the next door, my feet padding softly on the ground. It's going to be really hard walking on two legs when I'm human. I'll be so used to walking on four legs…hope I don't fall flat on my face…I do enough of that when Flooing somewhere…

Walking into the Chamber of Ice, the first thing I noticed was a rune on the floor, like in the Wind Chamber. Are all the rooms alike? This one was glowing icy blue, though. The rune was a straight line downwards with a circle at the top, like an 'i', but having two vertical, curved lines on either side of the first line. Neat.

I looked around. 'Hello?' I called, my voice echoing off the walls, so that five 'hellos' bounced off the walls. 'Is anyone there? Or have I finally gone insane?' I asked.

'I'd hope it's the former, but you can believe that latter if you want.' Blizzard sniggered.

'Oh, very funny. I can't breath for laughing.' I said sarcastically to the room.

'Ok, as Breeze would've told you, I am Blizzard. I shall be instructing you on how to use the harmful nature of ice.' He explained. I nodded, suddenly serious. Hey, I can be responsible. I'm not all jokes and that. That's Sirius's job.

'The first is simple: Ice Shards. These are targets. You have to stay in that circle,' A big, glowing, blue circle erupted around me, rising up slightly. There were these strange runes coming up as well, 'and shoot Ice Shards at the targets. Simple. Now, to summon the ice in you, concentrate on cold things. Let the ice flow through you, encase you. Then aim for a target and shoot! Bang! Have a go.'

I closed my eyes and imagined Antarctica. Hey, it's the coldest place in the world! I imagined the large ice blocks, floating on the more-than-chilly water. I let the chilling force of ice wash over me, before opening my eyes. Aiming for a target, I opened my mouth and let lose with the ice!

An ice shard burse from my mouth. It was pretty large, but small enough that it wouldn't hit my teeth and break them. It was sharp though. The shard pierced the target, blowing it to smithereens. Whoo! Go me! Uh huh, it's my birthday, I'm gonna party like it's my birthday. Ignore that last part.

'Ok, do the rest. Let's see how much demolition this causes.' Blizzard cried eagerly. Grinning as much as a dragon can, I let loose some mega Ice Shards. The targets were blown too more than smithereens! Probably smithereenians! Smillioneerians!

'Whoo! Go Harry!' Blizzard cheered. I did a dance on the spot. Sort of like the Moonwalk.

'Ok, time to do that on those dreaded Apes!' Blizzard said in mock horror. I like Blizzard, he's hilarious! All I had to do was send those Ice Shards at the Apes. It was so easy. If that were me being hit then I'd do more than scream in pain and anger, I'd rip the persons head off before dying!

'Now, since those Apes are all gone, thank Merlin, you don't have to the next one on enemies. However, you still have to do it. It's like the Cyclone, but your head isn't pointed up and your wings are out. Try it.'

I flapped in the air, gaining my balance. When I was comfortable, I started spinning. I focused on the Ice Shards I just learned. I was really getting dizzy now. When I was going to be sick, the Ice Shards were starting to burst forth from the frostiness surrounding me. I slowed down, flapping to the ground dizzily.

I was panting heavily as the world spun around me. I closed my eyes. Where's the nearest bathroom? I think I'm going to be sick! Wait, scrap think, I know I'm going to be sick!

'Yes, many people get sick after doing the Cyclone and the Snow Tornado –' Blizzard didn't finish, as I had just collapsed. This was strange…

I'm somewhere in eternity. Looking down over the edge, I saw endless space, endless night. Random pieces of columns floated past, weathered and beaten. In front of me was a blindingly fast platform spinning around and around, never stopping, spikes on one side, a flat surface on the other. Then I heard whispering.

I couldn't make out what they were saying. I just heard continuous whispering, running through my head. It's driving me insane!

'Make it stop!' I cried, closing my eyes. Everything seemed to stop. When I opened my eyes, my eyes were moving slowly. I looked around, my head slowing. That platform was still spinning, though it was slow enough to hop on then off. So that's what I'll try. Walking to the edge, I waited for the platform to be near upright before leaping.

I was moving so slowly, so when I landed it was hard to leap again. It was like I was fighting against gravity, like trying to fight through super thick water. But I made it.

As soon as my feet landed on the platform on the other side, the slow motion stopped. My legs felt like they were made out've jelly. It took me a while to regain balance.

'Hello?' I called out, gliding down to the platform below in ease. No answer. 'Is anybody there?' I called again. Still no answer. There was one of those spinning platforms again. I trembled. How was I going to get passed this?

I thought back to last time. Surely it couldn't hurt to try, could it? I thought about making time stop again. It wasn't easy, considering I didn't want to have it happen again. I concentrated really hard. After a few moments, I felt the slowness of motion hit me hard. I stumbled back a few steps, but thankfully kept my balance.

Waiting for the right timing, I soared through the thick air and landed on the platform. I leaped again, landing on the ground in front of me. I focused on having it stop, and real time hit me with jarring impact. I might've been ready for it this time, but I still felt wobbly when walking.

'Hello? Is anybody here? What happened? Where am I? Why have you brought me here?' I called.

'Do not be frightened, young dragon. You are not alone. I have called you here to teach you the manipulation of time. What you have just witnessed is called Dragon Time. It is very rare, almost unique. When this has been mastered, you can almost see things before they happened. You are a very unusual dragon, young one. You have no idea how unique you are.' Answered a wizened voice.

'I see you have suffered many times in your youth. You have had many bewitchments placed on you either to block your memory or your true potential. Possibly both. You have still pressed on, though, never letting anybody down. You have been betrayed too many times, dragonling, hurt one too many times. But this has never stopped you.

'I will remove these enchantments from you. I will call upon you six more times from now on, and different intervals. You will not know when these are. They could be in training, as it is now, or in class or even when you're sleeping. It could be in a few days, months or years later. But it will happen. Be alert.'

'Keep fighting on, little one. I will be seeing you…'

'WAIT!' I yelled, 'WHO ARE YOU?' I asked desperately. 'I am know under many names. The Dragon of Time, The Chronicle Keeper, the Wanderer…but to you, I am known as the Chronicler…'

I was snapped back into reality.

I sat up groggily, my head waving slightly. What the hell? 'Harry! Are you okay?' Blizzard yelled frantically. 'What does it look like?' I asked dazedly. I tried standing up. I was wobbly at once, but I was ok. I hoped, anyway.

I remembered that phenomenon. You have had many bewitchments placed on you either to block your memory or your true potential… I will remove these enchantments from you…what enchantments? It suddenly hit me with such jarring impact I was surprised I didn't go flying into the wall!


I went far back into my memory. Yes! He called me up to his office on many occasions, told me his plans for me, taunted me with them and then wiped my memory! And he covered up my true potential! I remember that occasion.

Dumbledore had told me that by the age of fifteen, I would be more powerful than him, but he was going to put a spell on me so that wouldn't happen. HOW DARE HE! I'LL GIVE HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND! And try out some of these cool moves on him. MWAHAHAHAHA! **Play Evil Music**

'Can we just finish training so I can go to sleep? Wait – oh DAMN! We have to hurry! Cedric's funeral's today!' I cried.

'Okay, I'll say this quickly. You need to do your Ice Fury. Just like the Wind Fury, only ice. I'll give you 30 opponents.' Blizzard said hurriedly.

I closed my eyes. I let the Ice spread through me like a poisoness vine, seeping. Rising off the floor, I pulled my head back. Large snowflakes encaged me in a large sphere. Icicles joined on the outside, the whole thing spinning. I let the ice explode, the icicles spreading outwards, the snowflakes destroying anything that got in its way. All in all, it was an awesome sight.

'BYE!' I yelled from behind my shoulder.

I was running to the door that led outside. 'I'll be back, I have to go to a funeral!' I shouted to the Founders.

'There'll be many more funerals because people will be dying of shock when they see a talking dragon!' Godric called after me. I screeched to a stop, closed my eyes and thought about my human form. Wasn't hard.

'SEE YA LATER!' I shouted, sprinting off.

'He should really learn to remember things.' Rowena sighed. The others agreed.

'Harry! Hurry up!' Mom shouted through the door. I was quickly getting changed into my black (and when I say black, I mean black) robes, pulling my hair back as I went. Checking myself, hastily in the mirror, I opened the door.

'Christ! Harry, how-what-why-HOW?' Mom cried, looking at me.

'Never mind how, what or why, lets just hurry to the where. We have a funeral to attend, remember?' I reminded her, growing calm.

'You're the one making us late!' she exclaimed angrily.

'Now you're the one making us late by arguing. Lets go.' I said, pulling her through a secret passage.

'Hey!' She protested.

'That's what horses eat.' I said, smiling softly. My head's way different to my actions. Way different.

We entered the kitchen. 'Whoa, Harry! Your looking better than me!' Sirius exclaimed, impressed.

'That's not very hard to do.' I rolled my eyes. Sirius scowled. Dad was staring off into space, looking like he was about to fall asleep.

'Hello, wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!' I said slowly, waving a hand in front of his face. Dad jumped.

'Where's bakey!' he asked, jumping up and down.

I snickered. 'Grow up, Dad.'

Dad turned as red as beet from embarrassment. Ha, the color doesn't suit him much! Maybe he should try gold instead. We walked into the living room. We must be taking the Floo. Uh oh. Well, if I fall on my face I'll make people laugh. Ok, don't move when you land, you're still in the same place…

'I'll go first.' Remus said quietly. Yeah, I don't believe your quiet act, so stop laying it on. Now that I knew his act, it was so easy to see that he's always lying. Well, most've the time anyway.

'44 Snidget Lane,' Remus murmured inaudibly. I was the only one to hear him, but I'm sure the others knew the address. I shook my head. I don't know why I shook my head, though. Mom went next, followed by Dad. Now it was only Sirius and I left.

'You ok, Harry?' he asked softly. I shrugged. 'Do we even know the meaning of ok anymore? If it's just neutral, then yes, I'm ok.' I nodded, smiling softly. Where'd all that wisdom come from? My world's turning upside down…

'Just remember, it wasn't your fault.' He reminded me. What, am I crying without knowledge?

'I know. Cedric wouldn't want me to blame myself. I need to celebrate his life and work on ways to make Voldemort pay. Otherwise Cedric will have died in vain.' I said strongly before stepping in the fire. Sirius wasn't coming, as he was a fugitive. You didn't forget, did you?

'44 Snidget Lane!' I exclaimed, whooshing away in a big gust. Whew, now…wait, I'm going to a funeral. BE MORE SUBDUEDED, POTTER! I put on a blank mask as I came to a halt. We were in a marquee. A black marquee. Wow, they know my favorite color!

Stepping out, my vision was obscured by a mane of bushy brown hair. 'Hermione, let him breathe!' Ron laughed. Oh no! Ron and Hermione! Ok Potter, just play it like you always do…don't let them know you know what they've been doing. Easier said then done.

'H-hey Ron, Hermione,' I said, trying to keep the coldness out've my voice. Obviously I was failing. DAMMINIT! 'Harry, what's wrong? You sound strange.' Hermione worried. It was fake. You know how I can tell if people are lying? That's one of the things I inherited from Onyx. I think it's kicking in.

'Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Just recovering from a cold.' I lied. They thought nothing of it. Aren't I a good liar or what?

Ron and Hermione started chatting, trying to get me to join in to the conversation. I wouldn't talk to them. Not say anything to them. I walked away, intending to look for Mr. And Mrs. Diggory. But…CODE YELLOW! Which would mean 'McGonagall' when in school.

Now, at Hogwarts, there are different codes that the teachers haven't worked out yet. Code Purple is Flitwik, Green is Sprout, Scarlet is Headmaster and White is the greasy old git.

'Hello, Mr. Potter.' McGonagall greeted kindly. 'Hi, Professor.' I said, smiling softly. I seemed to be doing that a lot often. 'I hope you have been well. The Diggory's don't seem to be,' she said sadly, gesturing towards the front of the marquee.

I looked over to where she pointed, my throat stuck. I felt guilty. This was my fault. If only I hadn't been so stubborn, if only I had just taken the cup like Cedric had suggested, then there would be no need for this send-off.

Julia Diggory seemed like a marble statue, only moving when people came to give her their apologies. Amos Diggory was nearly the same, but he was crying. He must've been close to Cedric, playing Quidditch with him, having fun, watching him grow up…but all that was gone. Over. Cedric wasn't here to enjoy life. He wasn't here to live life, get married, watch his kids grow up…it was all taken from him is a flash of green light.

'I can't believe all this. Why did we even have to have the Tri-Wizard Tournament? If we hadn't, Cedric would still be here. He should've been able to live life, but it was all ended. Why? Why him?' I whispered. ARGH! HELP! I'M FALLING INTO A PIT OF DESPAIR! Sorry, I need you to. It's part of the plot line. Just go with it.







I take it back! I TAKE IT BACK!

I looked back to McGonagall, my face guilt-ridden. I looked back over to the Diggory's. They seemed to be having an argument with someone. Craning, fury welled inside me as I saw Dumbledore pointing his wand at them. I walked up to them, standing behind Dumbledore. '…you must tell him it's his fault. I can't have him having a straight mind.' Dumbledore argued quietly.

'We won't do it, Dumbledore. It wasn't his fault!' Julia screeched.

'What's going on here? Mr. Diggory, would you care to tell me?' I asked coldly, glaring at Dumbledore. 'Don't worry, Harry. You can go back to Ron and Hermione. I have things under control.' Dumbledore smiled. LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE, HANGING FROM THE TELEPHONE WIRE!

'I wasn't asking you, Headmaster, I was asking Mr. Diggory, or is your hearing starting to fail you?' I asked loudly, drawing attention to Dumbledore and I.

Dumbledore just kept on smiling. 'It appears that your anger and sadness is telling you to do bad things, Harry.' Dumbledore said gently.

'My anger and sadness isn't telling me to do anything, seeing as they're emotions. If you have everything under control, then why is there enough yelling here to wake the dead?' I asked calmly, raising an eyebrow at Dumbledore questioningly. Oh, take that! Haven't got an answer have you?

'Harry, don't start a fight, as I have no wish to argue with you.' Dumbledore said softly. 'I will argue. It doesn't seem very kind to harass the Diggory's in such miserable times.' I said icily.

I looked to the Diggory's, who were gazing at me in appreciation…and a hint of pride.

'I am not harassing them, just asking whether they are in need of anything.' Dumbledore said, a nearly undetectable force underneath them.

'Liar.' I hissed. Everyone around me gasped. Not many people called Albus Dumbledore a liar. 'HARRY JAMES POTTER!' A voice screeched out from the crowd. It was Mom.

'HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO THE HEADMASTER LIKE THAT! APOLOGIZE AT ONCE!' she yelled. Her ferocious expression didn't unhinge me, only made me angrier.

'I won't. He shouldn't be lying. So why should I apologize for calling him something he already is?' I asked callously. Out've the corner of my eye, I saw Dumbledore point his wand at me. I flicked my wrist, my old wand falling into my hand.

'Don't you dare try to bewitch me. Don't you dare.' I hissed angrily, my eyes flashing. I felt the cold frostiness of ice flowing through me, captivating me. I shouldn't…no, I can't…

I forced the ice to recede, but it didn't diminish my anger. It only made it grow. After a few seconds of silence, Dumbledore announced, 'You can go back to what you were doing. I need to speak to Harry and his parents privately.'

My glare deepened. He was going to try to get my parents with him as well, wasn't he? I won't let that happen. He might've already gotten Remus and many other people, but he wasn't getting my parents. He does I'll kill him. I'm not bluffing. I'll kill him in the most painful way possible, making him admit to all his crimes and kill him some more.

He hurts anybody I care for it'll be his funeral next. I don't care about going to Azkaban. Save a cell for me. I'll take Sirius's old cell but make sure it isn't inhabited by fleas.

I followed Dumbledore and my fuming parents to an area cut off from everyone else. My parents looked like they wanted to kill me. Good luck. You'd have to fight me first, so that's my dragon self and my wolf self and my human self. Have fun!

'Lily, James, I will let you talk to Harry first before I do. This should be dealt with by his family.' Dumbledore said quietly before he swept off to the Diggory's once again. I made to follow him. He wasn't going to get away with this. I'll get him badly, stuff it being legal.

'Where do you think you're going!' Dad hissed, grabbing my arm tightly. 'I think I'm going to stop him from harassing the Diggory's. If you let me go I can do that.' I snapped furiously, twisting my arm away.

'We have many things to talk about, and I don't think they can wait for home.' Mom growled. I glowered at her. I'm not in the mood for this. Time to say something I'll regret, but I have to hurt them if I was going to keep them safe…

'Do I look like I really care? If you thought yes then you were sadly mistaken. Leave me the hell alone. If I made it thirteen years without you then I sure as hell don't need you now!' I shouted in vehemence. They looked shocked, hurt, torn, shattered, angry…but mostly shattered. There were tears in Mom's eyes.

'So that's it? You don't want us back? You don't want us alive?' Dad choked. 'Sometimes it's safer to leave me alone. You don't know what your dealing with!' I hissed.

Mom and Dad were shaking badly. I felt horrible. But it was safer. If I could cut them and Sirius off, Dumbledore wouldn't touch them. He wouldn't bother.

I turned around and swept away gracefully, heading towards the built-in fire place. Stepping inside, I whispered 'Potter Manor.'

I spun around in dizzying circles. I caught one last glimpse of Mom and Dad's crushed faces before being swept away completely. The guilt was really setting in by then.

Appearing in the house, I sprinted up the quickest passageway that led to my room. From there (once I entered my room) I locked my door with the most powerful locking charm I could, collapsed on my bed and cried.

I curled up in a ball, sobbing heavily. This was way harder than I imagined. It's easy to say something when your angry, but when that anger has faded, you can't really believe you said those things.

I wanted to take them back, but I had said them and can't take them back. I have to cut them off, save them from having their lives more ruined than it already has been. The lives I ruined.

That thought brought a whole new wave of tears. I'm a life ruiner! I ruin everyone's lives!

No, young dragon, that is Dumbledore's fault. If all this hadn't happened, then you wouldn't have to have said that. You were very brave, and you will continue to be.

I listened to that soothing voice, drinking in his words. The Chronicler was right. This wasn't my fault in any way. I only did what anyone in my position would've done. I would have nevereven dared utter those words if it hadn't of been for Dumbledore. I felt calmed.

I walked into the bathroom, turning on the shower. Stepping in (I don't have my robes on! CLOSE YOUR EYES!), I remembered the shattered looks on their faces. I nearly started crying again. I held them in determinedly.

Washing my hair, I sifted back through my memories. There were many there, from nice Dursley's (yeah, I'm shocked too) to Remus taunting me because I couldn't cast the Patronus Charm properly. Fury welled inside me, making the shower freeze. I made my anger recede, but it never went away. My anger has always caused problems.

Turning the hot water up, I waited for the shower to unfreeze. Then I remembered something.

'Aw, CRAP!' I groaned. Mom's taking DADA this year! Oh this'll be awkward. Wait…AW DOUBLE CRAP! Who's taking Hagrids place while he's off doing his mission with the giants. Probably Dad…oh I am gone…done for…look like it isn't Dumbledore's funeral next…I wonder who'll come to my funeral…

The water came back on again. Rinsing my hair, I turned off the water. I dried myself (with a little help from the wind element). Getting changed into my sapphire blue robes, I exited the bathroom.

Pulling out the Arithmancy book I was reading yesterday, I started reading…

Until I was interrupted by Onyx.

You're back early. What happened? He asked worriedly (in Parstletongue, obviously). My face contorted in pain. I had a bit of a spack with Mom and Dad. In other words, I just screwed my relationship with them to the point where it's unrepairable. I screwed up big time, Onyx. I sighed.

They are family. They will forgive you once all troubles are out of the way. They will understand. You are only trying to protect them from all the danger lying ahead. Believe me, I have seen it many times in my long life. Onyx assured me, Now, I think we should get some training done. Don't look at me like that, you asked for a snake that wouldn't take any rubbish. He reminded me.

Getting up, I slowly followed Onyx to my trunk. I walk down the steps determinedly, never looking back.

How stupid was I? I should've run away if I knew the horror coming up!

Thanks folks. I hoped you liked it. It was sad that I didn't get to finish the end of the funeral, but when I did type it, I started mucking things up (getting stuck, technically. I didn't know how to have them going home), so I stopped and changed it. Sorry. Now, time to find Weasley and Granger and give them a good swift kick up the-


The Sacred Shadow Mistress,