Title: a warrior and a scholar

Fandom: Firefly/Numb3rs,

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: basic info of Firefly needed

Pairings: none

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 160

Point of view: third

Prompt: Firefly/Numb3rs, none (no incest), even that far in the future, something in Don and something in Charlie will always find each other, one way or another

She sees the world as strands of a web, threads connecting family from the beginning to the end, and sometimes a little sideways.

Lives come and go, and she always has a brother, protective and strong, determined above all to keep her safe.

He can't keep her safe, though. She wasn't meant to be safe. She's meant to see things no one else can, meant to dance with reality and bend it and change it, because her brother has always protected her and she can.

But it's her turn now.

A dozen lives he spent hurting in her place, spent dying in her name, spent sacrificing for her.

And this life, that will end. This life, she's the warrior. This life, she'll stand between him and danger, finally pick up the weapon and strike.

She wasn't meant to be safe. But this life, she will defend him and protect him, and follow the threads of their souls to whatever end.