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Walking Contradiction


Tonight, without anyone knowing, there was an important and life changing event that would effect the whole world happening in the forest that surrounded the Hidden Village of Leaf. And it all evolved around one obnoxious, loud-mouthed, lonely young boy and his host.

"Naruto, give me the scroll!" Demanded Mizuki, a smile plastered on his face as he looked down from the branch he was standing on at Naruto.

"Hey! Hey! What's going on here?" Called said boy, looking wildly to the wounded Iruka and then to Mizuki, wanting answers. "Hey!"

Blood dripped from Iruka's mouth, a vein was standing out as the man extracted a kunai from his abdomen wincing, but unfortunately many more were piercing his skin. "Naruto! Don't give him the scroll even if you die!"

What? Naruto was confused. Hadn't Mizuki-sensei said that he would pass the exam if he brought the scroll? Why had Mizuki-sensei hurt Iruka-sensei? What the heck is going on, damn it! Naruto took a sharp intake of breath as a sudden spike of pain surged through his head, that surely had nothing to do with the situation though it vanished so fast that the boy had to blink. But all sluggishness disappeared with Iruka's next words.

"That is a dangerous scroll that has forbidden ninjutsu sealed within it! Mizuki used you in order to get his hands on it!"

WHAT? He had been used? Mizuki, you bastard! Naruto gave the traitor the "Uzumaki Naruto Maximum Death Glare" and instantly went into an basic academic fighting stance that sadly wasn't very perfect.

So Mizuki just smirked nastily, a hand placed on his waist (very manly, indeed) as he gestured with the other at the blond. "Naruto... There's no point in you having it. I'll tell you the truth now."

Dread creep-ed up in Iruka. No, he won't do that! He can't tell Naruto! "N...NO! DON'T!", yelled the wounded man without hope to prevent the coming.

Mizuki blissfully ignored him and began to recount.

"Twelve years ago... You know about the demon fox story, right?"

Naruto watched the man in growing confusion, of course he knew about that, everyone did!

"Yeah! It was killed by the Yondaime!"

The traitor shook his head sadly and sighed.

"Well, that is sadly a lie. The Kyuubi was sealed. And then a new rule was created for the village."

Mizuki pierced Naruto with his eyes. "Do you want to know about it?"

"...A rule?" What is he talking about? Why haven't I ever heard of this? What has that to do with me? And many more questions flew in the blonds brain. "Tell me already!" Was the boy's answer.

"But Naruto, Naruto...", the white haired man chuckled, "This rule was never meant to be told to you, especially not to you."

" Especially not to me?", Naruto whispered. Dread was slowly crawling up his spine. But now he had to know, he was just to curious.

"What is this rule? Why?", the boy yelled, hoping for an answer.

Now Mizuki didn't chuckle anymore, he cackled.

"What...kind of rule is it?", the academy student tried again. Though somehow he didn't want to know now. Something a kin to foreboding overcame him, as if somewhere in his mind he already knew what was coming. It confused him even more.

The traitor's story came to it's climax, a cruel light shimmered in his eyes as he opened his mouth to speak.

"The rule is, that nobody is allowed to talk about the fact that you are the demon fox."

Naruto's eyes widened to the impossible, shock evident on his face. "Huh?", was the intelligent response.

The boy shook himself out of his stupor. "What the hell do you mean?", he screamed at Mizuki.

"Stop it!" , Iruka tried again against the unbidden words.

"It means that you... ", Mizuki started and then yelled out the last parts. "...are the nine tails demon that killed Iruka's parents and destroyed the village!"


"You were sealed up by the Hokage you admire and-" "STOP IT!" "-you have been lied to by everyone!"


"Didn't you find it odd how everyone hated you?"

Tears streamed down the boy's face as he desperately clamped his eyes shut, trying to deny the truth, but he knew it was true, somehow he knew. Everything made sense now. The looks... the whispers... the hate in the villagers eyes.

So that's why he always had been alone. ("Go away, demon!" "Hopefully you die soon!")

Mizuki took one of his big shuriken of his back and began swirling it above his head, aiming at the distraught blond.

"Iruka is the same! He actually hates you!" The white haired man wanted to rub it in so that it would hurt more.

Naruto!, Iruka said in his mind, terrified of the idea of Mizuki killing the boy.

Naruto was angry. Furious. But mostly the boy was in pain. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! An endless mantra in the boy's brain. His eyes were leaking with tears again. Chakra flooded wildly and untamed around him in his anguish. He looked slightly animalic.

He's never known a parents love and is hated by all the villagers because of that incident. Iruka thought sadly as he gagged blood, fighting, commanding his body to stand up.

"Nobody will ever accept you!", came Mizuki's yell, a mad smile painted on his face as he finally threw his weapon.

So to get attention... , Iruka' s thought continued, …he makes a lot of trouble. He's seeking acknowledgement of his existence in any possible way. And so Iruka made a decision.

"The scroll was used to seal you up!" The traitor said sadistically, sickeningly laughing.

He acts tough, but he is truly suffering. ("Iruka's a pervert!") He would fight and even day for this boy.


Blood flew rhrough the air, staining ground and clothes.

Iruka was over Naruto, the shuriken that had been send to kill the Jinchuuriki pierced into his back.

"Ugh.", gagged Iruka in agony, more blood than saliva was in his mouth now.

Naruto looked up to him in shock, brain blank as he tried to understand the situation. The foremost thought in his mind:why? A sharp lance of pain went through his head again, but stronger as the one before and it shook him out of it, now wasn't the time to be dumb 'n' numb.

Mizuki watched in anger, his face in a grimace as he saw that the 'demon' was still under the living and not staked into the earth.

"Why ..?", Naruto weakly asked out loud, anguished eyes glued on Iruka's face, whose eyes were shadowed, impossible to read.

"My...", Iruka started, voice trembling. "My parents... after they died... there was nobody to compliment me or acknowledge me... I was so sad... I would always act like an idiot to get people's attention since I wasn't able to do well in things like school and get attention that way. It was better than being nothing. So I kept acting like an idiot. It was so painful..."

Tears dripped onto Naruto's face. Sad eyes full of sorrow looked down at the blonde.

"Yeah...Naruto, you must have been in a lot of pain too. I'm sorry, Naruto, if I had done a better job, you wouldn't have had to feel like this."

Mizuki all the while gritted his teeth so hard that it crunched. You finally finished with your sob-story, Iruka? It's getting lame.


Naruto's eyes were wide and frightened as he stared at his sensei. Suddenly determination replaced everything else. Carefully he looked at Mizuki and-

dashed off as fast as he could.

"Naruto!", cried Iruka.

"Hehehe, sorry...", cackled the traitor as he jumped of the branch he'd been standing on and landed a bit behind his ex- fellow teacher.

"But Naruto isn't the type to have a change of heart. He plans to use the scroll to get revenge on the village. You saw those eyes earlier... Those were the eyes of a demon."

With a painful grunt Iruka ripped the big shuriken of his back. The exhausted man breathed in harsh huffs.

"Naruto...isn't like that!", he spoke in faith.

Spoken person gasped shortly as pain, it was stronger than before and grabbed his head again, but it took longer than before to disappear. In his determination he didn't let himself fall and just ran faster, he had no time for a headache now.

"Well, that doesn' t really matter. I'll kill Naruto and take the scroll. I'll take care of you later. " And with that Mizuki took off.

No way I'll let you do that! Iruka narrowed his eyes and gritted his teeth.


"We should have killed him!", a Konoha shinobi yelled, no doubt speaking of Naruto.

"Now we have to get him before he releases the demons power! He is very dangerous. Kill him if you find him!"

The crowd around the shinobi shouted it's approval. "Yeah!"


In the Hokage's Office the Sandaime sat and watched Naruto in his glass orb, worried about the current situation the Jinchuuriki was in.

"Mizuki has told him... Now Naruto is afraid like never before. The power that is sealed may be released... plus he is holding the scroll of seals... The odds of him being able to break the seal and reverting back into the Kyuubi is very very slim... but not impossible, if that happens..."


Naruto was hiding behind a tree, holding the scroll close, listening to what Mizuki and Iruka were saying.

"Hehehe... You'd even transform into what killed your parents to protect him?", asked Mizuki.

Iruka looked defiant. "I won't hand the scroll over to an idiot like you!"

"You're the idiot.", the traitor replied, "Naruto and I are the same."

The teachers brows furrowed. "The same?"

Naruto looked at a tree before him glaring, waiting.

"If you use the skills in the scroll, you can do whatever you want. There's no way that the demon fox wouldn't try to use the power unlike what you're resuming."

"Yeah...", Iruka agreed quietly and Naruto took a sharp intake of breath as sudden sorrow claimed his heart.

Damn... I knew it. See... even Iruka-sensei deep down doesn't acknowledges me.

But Iruka wasn't finished yet.

"The Kyuubi would do that, but Naruto is different. He is... I've acknowledged him as one of my excellent students. He may not be the hardest worker... and he is so clumsy so nobody accepts him. He already knows what it is to feel pain in your heart. He isn't the nine tails anymore...He never was." Iruka stopped and Naruto pressed the scroll harder to his body in a death grip that made his knuckles stand out.

"He is a member of the Hidden Leaf Village, he is..." A first tear fell." ...He is Naruto Uzumaki!"

And Naruto couldn't hold it anymore, he cried silently in big tears flowing endlessly as he thanked Iruka hundred and hundred times over for existing. For being there, for acknowledging him. Him, the dem- no, Naruto Uzumaki!

Mizuki grimaced and knew he had no other options anymore, now he really had to kill Iruka.

"Ok, whatever...", he said, clasping off his second huge shuriken from his back.

A sudden tremor of pain went through Iruka as the man tried to move, but he knew instantly that he couldn't evade the attack that would surely kill him with one strike.

"Iruka... I said I would take care of you later, but I'm changing my mind."

Mizuki will kill him! Move!

Naruto's eyes widened as the conclusion flashed through his mind.

"Hurry up and die!", Mizuki yelled swirling the shuriken and aiming at Iruka this time.

A battle scream ripped from the traitors throat, eyes mad and raging, hand already letting go of the weapon.

So this is it... Iruka thought calmly. He felt so... at peace and smiled.

KAWUSCH! And he sickening crack followed.

An orange bomb had kicked Mizuki in the jaw, breaking it for sure.

The shuriken fell out of course and harmlessly flew into a trunk while Iruka could only watch in shock.


The white haired and now really furious man heaved himself from the ground shaking in anger. His clothes were now dirty and his hair, normally blindingly white was light brown in some places.

"Yof foufdn'd hawe done dhad..." He tried speaking with a broken jaw and it came out very muffled which didn't fit his bad boy image at all.

But Naruto only snorted lightly and stood there, watching the traitor calmly, eyes calculating though with a bit of sadistic glee at the older enemy's words and the obvious pain.

That's unlike Naruto..., Iruka's subconscious noted and he yelled panicky at the blond.

"You idiot! Why did you come out? Run away!"

The blond only continued piercing Mizuki down with one of that stares, the kind that was really really unnerving. The traitor nearly shuddered, but got a hold on himself before it happened. Then Naruto stated quietly, while at the same time cocking his head a bit to one side, what gave him the innocent look of a live less doll since suddenly his face had become blank and one could read nothing of his face.

"I'll kill you." It was a simple statement, a fact and not a threat, but it made him seem much more dangerous than before.

Mizuki only laughed out loud to mask his sudden feeling of doom at the ridiculous sentence. "Shut up! A punk like you I'll kill in one shot! "

Naruto only raised an eyebrow before his face morphed into a cocky smirk and challenged Mizuki silently.

Tch, you could never beat me, traitor.

"Then try it, scum. I'll return everything multiplied" Naruto crossed his fingers in front of his face into a jutsu symbol that was still unfamiliar to him, but like we all know wouldn't be soon.

"Then do it, demon fox!", Mizuki screamed aggravated with a vein pulsating on his temple.

Iruka's eyes were glued on the both of them, helplessly watching and not able to do anything, his eyes widened to the impossible when Naruto uttered the words of Mizuki's downfall.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Smoke filled the whole area as a loud pop was heard and as it lifted the two chunins eyes nearly bulged out of their faces.

Hundred, no hundreds, no a thousand of clones surrounded them, all glowering at Mizuki, although smiling a slightly feral smile.

Mizuki looked around wildly for an escape route, only to find orange clothed people watching his every move and blocking all exits.

"Wh-What's going on!"

In panic he stumbled over his own legs onto the floor, fearfully searching for the real Naruto, while Iruka watched the scene dumbfounded, mouth slack.


"What's wrong, Mizuki-sensei?", all Narutos taunted. "Are you afraid? You know, weren't you going to kill me with one shot?"

Iruka noted the same as he did some minutes before. Naruto's acting... weird...Taunting and smiling creepily at his opponents as if he were above them... He's so confident.

"Well then, Mizuki.", all of the Narutos said, same smile still in place, cracking their fists threateningly, "Let's get this freakin' party started!"

Mizuki pissed himself in fear and had began to sweat in rivers with a really panicked expression.

Some seconds after a loud "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" rang through the nearly silent night.


Mizuki layed at Naruto's feet after the real one dismissed his clones with an absent wave of his hand.

Iruka, still in the same position Mizuki had wanted to murder him, looked at Naruto proudly.

He divided into thousand clones... plus they were all real not an illusions, but bodies using the high level Kage Bushin ninjutsu. He... may surpass all the previous Hokage...

Suddenly Naruto gasped in agony and gripped his head falling onto his knees. Pain and much more pain rolled into his head. It hurt so much!

Iruka looked alarmed. "Naruto! Are you alright?" The man tried standing up, but failed.

The blond's breath come out wheezing and harsh. "I'm okay, Iruka-sensei. Just... a headache." He responded trying to smile reassuring at his sensei, when a new pain wave came and he grimaced, biting his bottom lip to prevent himself from screaming out loud. Trembling the boy stood up, slowly making his way to his always faithful sensei.

"Naruto, are you sure?", Iruka pressed concerned as the blond sinked to his bottom in front of the chunin.

"Yeah, sensei, I'm fine. Hey, I kicked his butt, did ya see me? I'll be the greatest Hokage ever, dattebayo!", the Jinchuuriki yelled all of a sudden full of energy, giving Iruka a foxy grin. Bipolar much, hmm?

Iruka was really relieved, both because Naruto seemed normal again and in (full) health.

The man chuckled mirthfully. "Come here." He beckoned the boy nearer. "There's something I want to give you."


Meanwhile in the village...the shinobi are panicking.

"Did anyone find him?", someone asked.

"No!", another one answered louldly.

"Damn it! This is bad!", one yelled.

"He may be far away now!", a big and really overweight person said, apparently from the Akamichi Clan.

The Hokage thought it would be time to interfere now and stepped to the front.

"There's nothing to worry about."

"Huh?", stammered one.


Sarutobi calmly took a breath from his pipe and smiled.

"He'll be back soon."


Naruto had felt his sensei taking of his goggles and replacing it with something … cool and- could it be?

A part of him was still confused (thoughts that were wrong somehow- then since when did insult himself?- surfaced. Kami, I'm slow. Ya should really know by now what he's doing.), but he felt as if he had accomplished something great.

But before he could even thing more about it, Iruka told him to open his eyes. His sensei had his goggles in his right hand while the left messed with Naruto's blond mop affectionately. Something metallic was pressed onto his skin where the goggles had been before. In Naruto's (slower part of his) brain, it clicked. Iruka-sensei didn't wear his hitai-ate anymore and metallic on forehead...

"YATTA!", yelled the boy in victory, pumping one fist into the air. A grin that reached from one ear to the other was painted on Naruto's face. He was so happy that he completely ignored his pounding head.

"Congratulations on graduating. Let's celebrate on ramen tonight!", Iruka laughed happily.

The boy, nearly delirious from happiness gave him another radiant smile before his eyes dropped shut and sunk into blissful unconciusness in the chunin arms, giving into the headsplitting pain and darkness. It only mattered that he finally succeeded.

"Naruto? Naruto!" Iruka's panicked words were the last he heard.

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