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"…" speech

"…" thoughts

"…" second Naruto

"…" Kyuubi


Walking Contradiction

Chapter One

It was official. Naruto was completely sure he had gone insane overnight. Maybe he didn't take the news of bearing the Kyuubi in his stomach not as good as he thought... How else could he explain how he suddenly got a new voice in his head? Normally people only hear their own thoughts. Heh,but it wasn't like Naruto had ever been normal.

You know, you should definatly stop ignoring me.

"Why should I talk to something that doesn't exist.", Naruto grumbled as he massaged his temple with his index finger.

Then why are you talking back, baka?

"Stop calling me that, teme!" Naruto yelled into the silent apartment what would make a watching person question his sanity (Tche, if they hadn't already... who the fuck wears an ORANGE jumpsuit?).

I thought that insult was strictly reserved for the Uchiha. Was the amused response of the voice in the blonds head.

"Huh? How the hell do know about Sasuke? Who the hell are you!"

First of all I have to ask how the fuck you survived this long with using your brain at the minimum. And second... I already told you, if ya don't believe, well it's not me who'll live his whole life in denial from now on.

How the morning began:

Flashback no Jutsu/

"Wake up! Wake up already, you little brat!", someone shouted loudly and in a really annoyed tone. Naruto shot up from his bed into a sitting position, grabbing the kunai he always had under his pillow. Then the blond blinked, there was no one there! His apartment was completely devoid of human life besides himself. The young -now finally!- shinobi was about to shrug it off when he heard it again.

"Oh man, I'm insulting myself, how low I've sunken...", the mysterious voice muttered before saying more loudly, "Do you know how long it took to get ya up? An enemy could have killed you over twenty times already, baka. You sleep like dead."

The said boy jumped up from his bed and looked around in alarm. From his position he could see that no one was in the room and the door into the tiny hall that was the link to the bathroom and kitchen, but it was closed. Everything seemed like always, nothing had been touched, clothes still lay on the floor. A few ramen cups here and there plus a shelf sprinkled with dust.

Naruto looked at his surroundings again, but there was no one here! ….Yum, he had an hunger for Ramen right now. A warm cup of Ichiraku's, he casted a look at his alarm clock. Aww man! It was only six in the morning! What the hell did make him wake up so early?

"You, my dear friend", the voice began and Naruto suddenly remembered that it had been that bastard and growled, "have the shortest attention span I've ever seen. Fuck, really, you're thinking of RAMEN when a potential enemy is in our freakin' apartment? This will be more work than I thought..."

Naruto ignored it and focused on finding the source. Still, he could here somebody clearly speaking with him... a Genjutsu maybe?

"Nah, I'm far from a Genjutsu, but no bad idea. "

Then Naruto finally realised: The voice was in his frigging HEAD! What. The. Hell?

"Oh my god, get out of head!" The blond screamed and took his bed lamp to bang it against his skull.

...The voice person just watched from deep in his mind in morbid fascination. Such stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

End Jutsu /

After Naruto had calmed down a bit and had gotten himself a headache, the mysterious uhh... person in his brain began to explain.

I am you. Were the blunt first words.

"Like hell you are! I don't have a mental disorder!"

Geez, can't you stop screaming for once? And no, we don't have a mental disorder, I'm sure. There's actually not much to explain. Because I don't know myself what I'm doing here...

Naruto furrowed his brows and gritted his teeth. He will get an explanation for this. "C'mon, tell me already." The boy huffed in frustration. "Who are you?"

I just told you, baka! I am YOU.

"That's impossible! How could you be me when I am me?" The yellow haired child groaned and put his face into his hands.

The person sighed. I'm actually believing that this is not my original world. That this is a different dimension parallel to mine. And that somehow my soul after my body was not use able anymore,

fled here to you. An other me. You're as much Uzumaki Naruto as I am. It is my name too. … Andwhile you've been asleep I looked through your memories. Seems we got lot of things in common. Unfortunately. The voice added.

But, it or he began again, our personalities couldn't clash more...

Naruto still a lot disbelieving, just went along with it for now and asked. "So just what do we do now?"

First of all, I should probably tell you that you could just answer me with your thoughts, you know. Or people will think you went crazy. And second... we lived through the same circumstances, you know, the hating looks, the whispers... I got them too. But the people in this dimension seem to fear you more or have higher morale cuz my world's villagers didn't hold back from trying to kill me.

The listening blond chocked and his eyes widened. "They..." They tried to kill you? He finished silently in horror. He could feel the other nodding.

Yeah, so there are differences in our lives, minimal, but you can see how it affected us to become that what we are today.

Biting his bottom lip and scrunching his forehead, Naruto let himself fall back onto the bed.

So... what happened over there? What did you mean when you said that your body was unusable or somethin'?

Naruto II as he dubbed him in his mind, responded with an simple answer. I got killed of course.

What? How? Who did it? Stormed the shocked boy.

The other licked it's imaginate dry lips. We were on a mission I think, I don't remember all of it, you know? And there had been an ambush or something. Someone betrayed us and gave us false information. My team and I fought, but soon ...The voice halted a bit before starting to talk again. But soon I was the only one left standing. He gave a bitter laugh. They tortured me, all though a bit amateur-ish since they accidentally forgot to stop my bleeding and I died before they could get what they wanted.

It was silent after that and the two of them brooded a bit.

I had a really painful headache before you got here. Naruto thought. I had thoughts that were … not my style of thinking or so. It's kind of hard to explain. But...That was you, huh? And I even passed out after that.

You had a real hardcore headache, hmm? Well, that's nothing against getting pierced twice in the gut with a fucking metal stick and then getting your legs broken and arms at that and then lastly as the perfect happy ending, slowly bleeding to death, you know. Naruto II said somehow proudly what was a bit disturbing for Naruto I. The blond winced at the mental image of himself laying on the floor with his limbs in weird angles, blood dripping from his mouth and holes in his stomach, body drying out...

Ouch. Really ouch.

I'm a bit older than you, you know. I found that out when I watched your memories. You're about 12 right now, hmm? I'm already fourteen, hehe, aww our liwwle Naruto is still a baabyy.

The other teased playfully.

Naruto growled a bit. "Shut up!" But went red in embarrassment when his fellow self just began to laugh. The blond grumbled a bit to himself, then asked. Hey, how do you look like? Are we alike?

Well, I look or maybe looked like you, I s'ppose. Just better, of course. Naruto could practically see Naruto II smirking. But I had black hair and I was taller. There was a pause then he asked suddenly.

Do you know about our parents, Naruto? Maybe we don't even have the same since your hair is blond and mine not... Think you got any bloodline limits?

Naruto brightened up a bit at the prospect of maybe having cool hidden abilities, but than the boy flattened a bit. I don't know anything about them... The Old Man says that I wouldn't understand or something.

The other snorted. What's there to not understand for? Besides... I know who our father , I think, was since we both look a lot like him, you know. I really can't see how I overlooked it all these years...

The young shinobi on the bed shot up from the position he had been laying and asked in not a bit concealed excitement and expectations (which would surely be overthrown with the next piece of information he would get in a few seconds). Really? Who? Tell me! Tell me!

Naruto II chuckled at his other's childish antics and gave him a proud smile/smirk. Then he dropped the bomb.

The Yondaime.

The Genin's jaw fell positively slack.

The... the, the Yon- THE YONDAIME! Are you kiddin'? He's our father? Why did no one tell me?

They haven't told me either.The other grimaced. I had to find it out myself. And the only ones thatknow besides us are the Sandaime and Jiraya the Sannin.He explained.

Naruto, angry but curious and still working to get over the surprise, asked his next question.

Who's that Jirawa the what?

The soul from another dimension face palmed. Naruto! He groaned frustrated. That's common knowledge! Listen, Jiraya is one of the three Legendary Sannin along with Tsunade the Slugsannin and Orochimaru the Snakesannin. They all were trained by the Sandaime and really powerful. They all left the village at some time and Orochimaru went Missing-Nin. But back to Jiraya, he's a self proclaimed super pervert and author of the "Icha Icha Paradise", pure porn, Kakashi Hatake's favourite book.

Wow, you know much. Naruto said blinking. Then he continued hesitatingly. It's somehow weird when we call each other Naruto, I know we're both Uzumaki Naruto, but don't you think it'll get confusing soon?

Naruto II made a clacking sound and thought about it. You got a point there, you know. Hmm, you stay with our given name, I get myself another one. But I've still got to think about one. I'll tell you when I chose one.

The younger nodded and both chuckled when suddenly his stomach grumbled like an angry lion. "Hehe, time for some ramen!" And he already was in the kitchen getting out a new cup out of a shelf while the water was getting hot. Few minutes later, Naruto was happily slurping his noodles when the other spoke.

We're really different you know? Completely contradict each other... You're kind, I'm definitly not. You're innocent and hell's froze over if I'm that of all things. I usually kill all of my opponents and you haven't even taken one life yet. Heh, it would be a long list if I would count everything. Look at this... it's seems like I'm a bad guy here and you're the freakin' saint. Do you see the difference, Naruto? Then he blinked and formed a slow smile. Hmm, seems like I found something... Kotonaru means different... the name fits. You can call me that from now on, if we had to call each other since you're right with calling the other Naruto all the time would get pretty confusing and weird.

Naruto thought a bit about what he said and grinned. "Okay then, Kotonaru-nii."

It was the new named soul's time to blink. Huh, Kotonaru-nii? How do get to that?

Heh, since you got another name now, it's somehow like... your someone else now... not just me or us or Naruto Uzumaki. You're Kotonaru. And though you don't have a body, we still have the same parents, plus your older and that would make you my nii-san. Naruto said smiling his trademark foxy grin and finished with one last gulb his food and placed it into the sink.

Sometimes you're surprisingly deep, Naruto. Kotonaru snorted, but smiled still. Then it morphed into a nasty grin. Hey, aren't you supposed to be in the Academy now?

Naruto froze in place, paling a bit as he looked at the clock hanging above the door frame. He was one hour late. "OH SHIT!"


All the while as Naruto had dressed himself top speed and raced off to the Academy, he had heard Kotonaru snickering in the back of his mind. And now shortly before the boy was about to open the door to the classroom, he asked the older one about it.

Nothing, Naru, nothing. Koto mused and urged him to finally get in and not waste so much time. Preparing himself Naruto confidently opened the door. At the first look the classroom seemed empty, but then eyes swept over two figures in the back.

The boy grinned at them apologizing. "Sorry, I'm late. Huh, what? Our sensei's not here yet?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Obviously." Though Naruto didn' t now if he meant that Naruto was late or their sensei. Knowing the Uchiha probably both. "Dobe." The Uchiha just had to say it, huh?

"Hey!", protested the blond, he was about to respond with the usual 'teme' but the feeling of surprise that came from his other stopped him.

Huh? What's wrong? Naruto asked mentally and looked at his second teammate, who was currently sleeping.

No, it's nothing. Kotonaru assured him.I just thought that Sakura would be in your team.

Naruto grimaced a bit. Yeah, so dumb that Sakura-chan isn't here... But Shikamaru is okay too, don't you think?

His nii-san smiled in response. That guy is more than okay, he's brilliant. It's said that he's got an IQ over 200. Never underestimate him, Naruto. Plus, you should work on winning him over. He's loyal and a great friend... but lazy as hell.

Huh? Naruto cocked his head questioningly. Were you good friends?

Kotonaru chuckled and smiled sadly afterwards. Yes, he got us out of deep shit more than once with his strategical planning, you know... Hey, ask them who our sensei is and who is in which team.

Yeah, yeah. Naruto looked over to the young genius who was still drowsing, head in arms arms. "Hey, Shikamaru.", the blond called, "D'you know who our sensei is and in which teams the others are?"

The lazy Nara answered without opening his eyes, his voice a bit sleepy. "Troublesome... sensei's some jounin called Hatake Kakashi and the other's... Iruka-sensei was disrupted from some Chunin who had some message and he had to sort all teams anew. If that hadn't been you would be in team Seven with Uchiha and Haruno. I in team 10 with Ino and Chouji. But now... Team 10 is Haruno, Ino and Chouji, the poor guy, but Team 8 stayed like it was with Hinata, Shino and Kiba... Some others were changed as well, but listing them all... would be troublesome." Shikamaru finished and went back to daydream-mode.

Hn, you got Kakashi, that means lot of self training. He will most likely devote most of his attention Sasuke here. Shika 'nd you will have to work something out if you don't want to fall behind … I wonder what made the Hokage change his plans- in my world we were with Sakura and Sasuke in one team.

Naruto, as the Naruto we all know and love, didn't think much about it and seated himself near his new teammates, dreaming about all the cool missions they would have. Rescuing a princess, saving a village or will they maybe do some ultra dangerous as spies?

His other rolled his eyes, but smirked. Those missions you won't get until you're at least Jounin or ANBU, Naru. For now you'll do simple D-rank stuff, like weeding, grocery shopping, babysitting and catching that fucking, godforsaken piece of crap that is called cat. The second soul muttered the last part of the sentence with hate. Kami, that stupid Feudal Lord's wife's cat ran away regularly three times a WEEK. And that fuc- I mean our lovely sensei made us do this mission every time when it was available. Torture, pure torture.

What? We'll only go shopping and those lame stuff? Aww, man! … And that cat can't be that bad or- The cat can't be that bad? CAN'T BE THAT BAD? It fucking nearly scratched my eyes out every time, I've got more scars from it than from every other mission! -Okay, okay! I get it. No, need to get this emotional over it... Grumbled the blond pouting. Hey, with Kakashi, did you mean that perv that reads that Jirawas porn book all the time you told me of?

Yes. Kotonaru confirmed him grimly. Exactly him. But don't underestimate him. He's one of Konoha's best shinobi and ranked A in the Bingo book.

Hey, hey. What's a Bingo book? Naruto wondered, asking his new found nii-san.

It's a book where all Nuke-Nins and strong ninjas from the villages are listed. Work hard and you'll be in there one day too.

Ohhh. Then I'll be in there one day too, when I made it Hokage, DATTEBAYO!

Kotonaru rolled his non-existent eyes in expiration. Is that really everything you think about, Naruto? Kami, you and Hokage...what's so great about job anyways? There's so freaking much Paperwork! The epitome of evil, PAPERWORK! And I know what I'm speaking about, I know and I gladly would not. Besides that you have to give out missions to, sometimes really dangerous ones to your friends, to ones you've sworn to protect. And what then? What if they don't come back from one of this A- or S-class missions? Are able to handle the guilt, knowing that you ordered them to their deaths? Hmm, Naruto?

Naruto stood there for a while frozen. He had never looked at it from this view. Yeah, he had known that he would have to do a bit work. And it surely wouldn't be as terrible as it sounded like... right? Kotonaru-nii seemed really horrified there... But, could he really give his friends dangerous missions, knowing that eventually one day they wouldn't come home from a task he had given them? The blond really had to think about that. Koto had a point there after all, but before the Genin could think much about it, the door slid open and revealed a good looking man,well as much as one could decipher with that mask that hid half of his face. Their new sensei had silver hair that pretty much defied gravity and was dressed in standard Jounin clothes. Naruto noted that he held an orange book with "Icha Icha Paradise" written on it in one hand.


That pretty much describes him.

"YOU'RE THREE HOURS LATE!", yelled the blond on cue and pointed rudely at Kakashi.

Sasuke gave their sensei a glare and Shikamaru just yawned.

"Hmm..." Kakashi said, while holding his jaw in a thinking pose. "I don't have a real opinion have you guys right now, so why don't we go up to the roof and introduce ourselves? Meet you there." And with that he puffed (A/N: forgot that jutsu's name...) out of the classroom, leaving one pissed, an agitated and one indifferent still sleepy Genin behind.


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