One of a kind


Well, how can I explain my life? Ok, let's start off simply, my name is Elizabeth Garza my friends call me Liz or Ellie. My life has centered around moving, a lot because of my "problems". My "problems" revolve around my powers, yes, powers I said it big whoop! I'm famous in the magical world because of my powers. I can basically do anything I want I have all the power in the world, I'm what people call a mirror, all I need to do is touch a person and I can do the same thing they can, they still keep their powers though. I've moved around so much my mother has decided to send me to a magical/abnormally sporty school. I'm very athletic and can do any sport known to man, yes including lacrosse, that, including my magical powers will surely land me in the school. You have to be one of the first twenty-five people to cross the line. Considering my powers I know I should do the magic test but I like living my life magic-free as much as I can. I'm flying in a plane to goddess-knows-where to arrive at my school. I can feel myself panicking and hear a mental pop in my head oh goddess don't panic sweetie you'll not die …. Yet haha just kidding sweets! I know you're kidding alisha I say to my mentor in my head look sweets theres the castle haha it's a school alisha just a schoo…. whoa that's a big school yup good luck on your race babe kay alisha take care I'll talk to you later. Good luck with hell sweetie haha ok byee.