Listen To Your Heart



''Umm, these guys gave me the heebiejeebies sooo I want to inspect them'' I mumbled while twisting my fingers around,''lets draw mustaches!'' I scrame with a jump. '' and how will that help?'' noah said his voice dripping with sarcasm. '' well, mr. sarcasm it will let me enter their minds they have a big wall and that distraction will help, duhhh'' I said as if it was the smallest thing in the world,'' besideees I'm pretty dang powerful '' I said and there went Noah never tiring of fighting with me,'' how are you going to get a marker, smart '' ''Like this,'' I retaliated while putting matter particles together and formed a sharpie" I know I'M smart thank you very much, UGHH never mind you took me out of my devious mood.'' I sat down on kyle with a plunk and unfroze everybody.

Emily POV

After Liz unfroze everyone an awkward silence ensued at the table. I couldnt stand it anymore so I faced the boys because I felt eyes on me I turn around and see Noah Simms staring at me. I blush and wonder,'' why are you looking at me like that?'' I hear him whisper while his cheeks start to get rosy,'' because your beautiful'' . Suddenly all the boys at the table go quiet and lexi looks at them weirdly and goes,'' what happened'' reid, who I think has a slight crush on lexi states,'' Noah doesn't think girls are beautiful '' And? I bet more than half of you are man-whores''. I stated.

Lexis' POV.

I myself wasn't susrprised that Noah liked Em I mean, she had sleek brown hair and gem-like green eyes. I suddenly began to wonder if someone liked me like that i was unterrupted, rudely by the player-like voice of Reid Garwin,''so, babydoll do you want to meet me in my room after I found out what it is? ''Ughh, whore'' I say with a slap. '' you are not helping , besides I don't think man-sluts are my type just yet'' ''Oh c'mon babe you know you wanna''

Cheylans POV

Well I wasn't surprised that Reid was hitting on Lexi I mean shes beautiful (no homo) with naturally highlited black and blond hair and electric green eyes. I love her and all but Iwould love to be her I mean I'm just a red head with forest green eyes I felt so lonely and I couldn't text my boyfriend because I broke up with him... cuz I found him having sex with my best friend let me tell you , not a pretty sight. I miss my baby, my red ferrari motorcycle. so I went to Liz with a puppy dog face,'' can you materialize my baby here'' exxagerating my look. '' Ugghh you can't stay off that thing for more than a day right'' fake exxageration in her voice. Some of the men at the tables eyes looked up, IWW , pervs. '' nope'' I said popping the p. '' whoa, whos is that '' I heard somebody ask. I wondered what he was talking about until I turned my head around '' MINE '' I scream while running over to my baby. Pogue is just standing their in shock , he slowly walks over and I calm down when I hear the purr of my baby ,'' ahhh I missed you '' I said while hugging the monster motorcycle''' Thats a nice bike, I have a yellow ducati.'' ''Yupp thats Pogue for you, a huge adrenaline junky'' I hear reid with a smile I more feel than see.

Calebs Pov

Let me tell you at first sight Cheylan doesn't seem the motorcycle type , Jocelynn the beautiful mexican next to me though, she looks more like the type but then while looking closer I see a delicateness to her features and I start to see her differently. I don't like the way tyler is looking at her is it wrong that I'm jealous of baby boy? So I start up a conversation,'' hi, my name is caleb'' I whisper while flashing her my best smile.'' I knew that when reid presented us '' I smile suddenly feeling stupid.'' uhh yeaa, i remember, your name is jocelynn right?'' ''yupp '' she smiles. '' Do you want to go swimming tomorrow with me ? '' '' yeah its a date.'' she whispers in my ear.

Olivias POV

Great, I love my twin and I know she likes caleb and all but I don't see tyler getting the message. I turn around and see kids looking at some papers at their tables Will all students students please look at your tables for your dorm numbers and schedules. A voice said in some sort of magical intercom thingamajig . I looked down , '' oh my gosh'' I exclaimed,'' what, whats wrong liv ?'' my twin asks '' My roommate is Tyler '' Hhaha, great. we all got paired with a guy , me with tyler, caleb with jocelynn, pogue with cheylan, reid with alexis, noah with emily, and liz with kyle. And there went the sentence that started everything,'' I think we should go to our rooms.'' everyone agreed and we left.