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As we zoom in on the scene we see Hogwarts in the background. Wizards and witches of both sides surrounding there respected leaders. "Alright potter" Voldemort says to Harry Potter. "This has gone on long enough. We can't seem to best each other in a duel so I have come up with a way for one of us to win." "Oh and what's that Tom?" said Harry as tom's eye twitched. "Have you ever heard of Russian roulette?" tom asks. "Hmm you mean the muggle game where you play with a pistol with one shot?" Harry asks.

"yes' tom says gleefully' except we will play with potions and basilisk venom and various other pots." "Sure, why not Tom, maybe one of will die by this" Harry says.


"Excellent! BELLA set up the table! So what we do is take six vials and place a potion in each one the first one to get basilisk venom well dies" Tom says with an evil smile on his lips as Bellatrix set up the game table. Which looked like the wheel of fortune board only with six spots.

"Wonderful. Very well let's do this" Harry sighs

"Ok potter you go first" Tom smirks. 'Ha the fool doesn't know that there all basilisk venom muwahahah i'm a genius' Tom though with glee.

"Alright" Harry says as he spins the turntable.

Around and around it went till stopping on a vial that looked like blood replenisher.

"Bottoms up" Harry said as he drank it all down shuttering at the taste.

"Your turn Tommy" he said with a grin. Not a hint that the venom was affecting him.

'Huh' though tom 'why isn't he being affected by the poison did those idiots actually make the potions what they were said to be?'

"Come on Tommy, it's your turn"

Tom twitched and turned the wheel.

Around and around it went till stopping on a vial that looked like the cure for boils.

'Hmm it seem my servants are once again incompetent, the boy doesn't look like he took any venom so it should be safe' Tom thought as he downed what was in the vial.

"Your turn potter" Tom said as the itching and burning sensation started in his mouth and throat.


"Ha I bet potter wins that boy has luck poring out his arse" some random dude said.

"No the dark lord will win" Said random Death eater.

"Wanna bet" said the same random dude.

"Sure one thousand galleons on the dark lord winning the Game" said the RDE (Random death eater).

"You're on" says RD (random Dude)

Back to the Game

Around and around the wheel turned for Harry, till it reached a vial that looked like a hair pot.

"Oh look, ill get shiny hair out of this too." Harry says with a smirk before downing the vial.

Tom looked at him wondering how he did it as he felt the venom run through his body.

"How did you..." he trailed off as his body gave out to the Venom.

"Oh' Said Harry with a smirk 'did I forget to mention that I'm immune to basilisk venom"


"OH $#!^" said RDE

"HA! You owe me a thousand "

"AVADA KADAVERA" screamed RDE as she pointed her wand at the RD.

"HA, I don't owe you $#!^" RDE said as RD fell to the ground. RDE took a closer look at the RD the she just killed and saw that it was her husband. "OH $#!^ now i'm not getting any tonight!"


AN: This came to me after watching Princess Bride and HP&CoS I don't know if there is sumthing out there like this but if there is I don't mean to take it that's all im sayin on the matter