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I arrive at the Aldbourne station early Tuesday morning and head to the Cooper house to drop off my bags. Lily was in the kitchen cooking breakfast when I arrived.

"Hi Megan, did you have a nice holiday?"

"Yes, thank you. It was really nice to catch up with my friends." I grin, "I even got some new clothes."

"Very nice, but wherever will you wear them?"

"No idea, but at least I have some if I need them. And shopping can be so cathartic."

"That's true." Lily turns back towards the stove, but pauses and turns around. "Oh, Captain Winters asked me to let you know that the next few days will be basic drills."

"Grand, thanks for telling me. I'll change and then go meet them at the mess hall." I pick up my bags, then set them down again. "Wait, Captain? Dick got promoted? Good for him!"

"So did your friend the intelligence officer and a few of the enlisted men."

"Good for them, they deserve it." I pick up my bags again and start upstairs. "See you later."

The next several days are filled with PT and weapons training. I stay pretty active patching up minor scrapes and cuts that the men got.

I get home late from the clinic one night in late July and meet Ron coming in as well. To my surprise, he isn't alone.

"Hi Ron."

"Hi Megan." He turns to his companion. "Megan, I'd like you to meet Amanda Peters. Her husband was Lt. Wilson Peters, he died in Italy."

"Nice to meet you Amanda. I'm sorry about your husband."

"Thank you Megan." She smiles at Ron. "I'm just glad Ron is here to help me out."

"He's good at that. I hate to be rude Amanda, but I'm exhausted and need some sleep."

"Oh, of course. Have a good evening Megan."

"You too."

As a begin to head inside, Ron stops me. "Megan, Winters said that he would be having a live fire exercise midmorning."

"All right. Thanks Ron." I open the door and freeze. "Wait a minute, LIVE FIRE? Has Dick lost what little was left of his ever loving mind?! We're not allowed ammo for exercises here in England, so where did he get it? No no, don't answer. I'm sure he managed to smuggle it out of France. Oooh, but I oughta shoot that man! All right, you lot have a marvelous night. I'm going to say an extra prayer for the return of sanity to the Easy officers. And here I thought priests were the craziest people I'd met."

"Night Megan. Try and work out some of that Irish. Your accent is thicker again, and I'm pretty sure you almost slipped into Gaelic."

"Oh shut up!" I go inside and shut the door behind me, fuming.

Luckily, Dick had some brains left. He had a barbed wire patch set up that the men had to crawl under while other men were firing over their heads. After it was over, I went over to Dick.

"Ok Dick, despite your insanity in setting this up, it was a good idea. The guys will be much better off if they can crawl underneath the barrage. I'm just glad no one was hurt."

"Megan, you know I wouldn't do anything to harm the men."

"Yeah, but I still think it was crazy. You're lucky you didn't get in trouble for it."

"You're right about that. Anyway, the next few weeks will be leaves and furloughs for the men, so you'll have a lot of time off. Get some rest."

"I've been sleeping."

"Right. That explains the black circles under your eyes."

"Fine. I'll get lots of sleep. You and Lew have fun in London."

"How did you know we were going to London?"

"Where else?"


As Dick promised, the next few weeks were very boring. In fact, the most action I see is Ron going out with Amanda Peters every night. The most surprising part is how bothered I get. Each time they go out I feel more and more like there is a stone in my stomach.

"Lily, he's been going out every night. He must have been very close to her husband."

"I think he's getting even closer to his widow."

The sound of a car pulling up has us looking out the window. "It's Ron and Amanda. They're back early tonight. And coming in this time."

Ron and Amanda enter the kitchen, both smiling broadly. "Megan, Lily, we have some news for you. Amanda and I got married this evening. We just stopped by to get my gear."

Lily rose, saying, "Congratulations. I'd had no idea it was this serious."

Amanda blushed. "Neither did we at first, but it ended up serious." Her hand drifted to her stomach.

"You're pregnant!" I gasped. "You're doing ok, right? Congratulations."

Ron goes upstairs to get his gear, leaving us ladies to chat.

"You're a very lucky woman Amanda."

"Thank you Lily. I'm aware."

"Let me know if there's anything you need for you or the baby. You need to take care of yourself."

"Thanks Megan. You're both very kind."

Ron comes back downstairs. "Ready to go?"

"Yes. Bye ladies. Have a good evening."

"Good night." "Congratulations again."

Once Ron and Amanda leave, I shock myself by bursting out in tears. "Megan, what's wrong? You're not upset about them, are you?"

"No, it's just that it seems so fast, and well, I hate to think that he's only marrying her cos she's pregnant."

"Megan, I think you're jealous!"

"Why? Amanda's sweet, and Ron's just the nicest, funniest, most exasperating and annoying man on the planet! Why would I be jealous?"

"Maybe because you're in love with him?"

"I can't be! I'm just the baby sister of Easy Company who takes care of everyone." My head falls into my hands. "Oh who am I kidding? Yeah, I'm crazy about him. And I certainly don't see that changing now that he's married. It's not like he sees me as anything other than the little sister of Easy anyway."

"Megan, if he doesn't, he's a fool! Now go to bed, and it'll seem different in the morning."

"Yeah, good night." I trudge upstairs to my room and cry myself to sleep.

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