I went on a Parker/Eliot spree and here are the results. Hope you enjoy. All of these are commentfics.

Prompt: No, Parker. NO! Find the damn stairs. For: wanderingfriend

For Parker it's the greatest dream she's ever had and that's why Eliot brought her here. He knew that it'd make her smile, but that smile is dangerous. Miles-wide, happy; Eliot can't say no to this smile. He's tried, desperately. She leans over the railing her body too far over; there are other people mingling around and they are staring at her. Hard. He brought her here because she can appreciate fantastic architecture; it might have slipped his mind how much she enjoys free-falling from said amazing buildings.

"No, Parker," He wraps an arm around her waist and pulls her against his chest. A tight ball of tension eases in his own. She looks over her shoulder that mischievous smirk in place. "No!" he says, louder.

She grins and he's not sure if the batting eyelashes in intentional or not, "C'mon, Eliot." She turns in his arms and leans against the wall; he knows it's security that's keeping her from jumping up and sitting down.

"Have you ever jumped from this high?" He is in no way entertaining Parker's insane idea. He's hoping a little bit of logic will calm her down.

Parker looks over her shoulder and shrugs, "I might be able to do it, but I have a harness," So matter-a-factly. She planned this.

"Why?" She rolls her eyes, like he doesn't know and Eliot's going to kill Hardison for showing her this before they left.

"This is going to be more fun than beating people up, Eliot. Trust me." She's already getting out her harness and Eliot's looking around but all the tourist have lost interest in them. Even security is otherwise busy and there is a convenient plant blocking them from most prying eyes. She really, really planned this.

Eliot realizes that he isn't doing much in the way of protesting but then Parker's slipping a harness on him. "What're you doin', crazy? I'm not jumping with you."

She frowns, "But we're on a date." Parker's quick hands have them strapped together and Eliot's looking around but they're still not getting any attention.

"For the record," he grumbles as they climb up on the wall, "this isn't my ideal way a date should end." They've gathered that attention Eliot's been waiting for. Security is shouting into their talkies, tourist are gasping hands over their mouths in shock.

Parker grins, "You're the one who brought me here. How'd you think it was going to end."

Prompt: poke fights in the back of the car. For: zortified

Eliot started it; that was Parker's story and she was sticking to it. He knew that he was suppose to keep to his side of the car. Parker needed space, she didn't want someones knee bumping hers. Especially during a long car ride. So when his leg slipped to her side she poked him, hard, in the side.

Eliot had been dozing. The fight with the last Mark's goons was a tough one and he wanted to crawl in bed for a week. He didn't even know that his leg was moving closer and closer to Parker as the car made turns and went around sharp curves. When Parker jabbed him in the side he hadn't been expecting it; he jumped to the side and started glaring at her. "What was that for?" he demanded.

She glared back, "Stay on your side of the car."

"It was an acci-" She poked him again. Eliot did the mature thing and poked her back.

"Ouch!" She used two fingers and dug them into Eliot's side. "That hurt!" Eliot went for her again and she couldn't twist out of the way fast enough.

Quickly they were going at each other with both hands and even when Parker got Eliot in the eye they didn't stop. Eliot's finger poked racily close to Parker's breast. They were going to be covered in fingertip-sized bruises in tomorrow, but for right now they were laughing and having fun.

Until Nate turned around, "Knock it off you two, or we're going to stop this van." They looked at him and then each other and started laughing harder. After Nate turned back around again they kept up their poking battle; now they were quiet though and kept their eye on Nate in case he decided to turn around and check on them.