More Parker/Eliot love, hope everyone enjoys. And thank you to those who commented! :) I had to change the name cause "Hitter and Hacker" is right above this one. Don't want to get them confused.

Prompt: sweat-slicked skin (mature themes) For: rockerbaby423

If Eliot had it his way they wouldn't have ever gotten into bed. Not with the air conditioning busted and no fans between them. He didn't want someone close to him when it was hot and sweaty, sticky all over from not bothering to shower (which would have at least cooled them down). But Parker insisted and he couldn't say no to the damn girl.

When she climbed on top of him his automatic response was to push her away but she slid over his skin and he moaned. His hands fell on her hips at their own accord and he rocked against her. She smirked and he knew that this was what she wanted the entire time.

Eliot couldn't even complain as they started to sweat more; Parker blew cool breath over his skin and lapped at his chest. She groaned and grated; Eliot ran his hands up her back and they both moaned when Parker jerked against him. Their thighs rubbed together and pants filled the space around them. He twisted his hand in her damp hair and pulled back her head to make access to her neck; he caught a drop of sweat rolling down. Protests of future sex in the sweltering heat were abolished from his mind when she came around him, mumbling his name over and over again. She kept riding him, hands traveling over his chest, around his shoulders, down his biceps where she gripped him tightly. Between Parker's quiet pants and the little sounds she was making with her orgasm still rolling through her Eliot wasn't far behind her.

She collapsed against his chest, fingers drawing senseless designs in the sweat on his arms; he let his hand rest on the curve of her lower back. She cuddled into him and he grinned. As they drifted toward rest Eliot figured it'd be okay if the air wasn't fixed immediately. At least let them get in a round two.

Prompt: I and Love and You For: rockerbaby423

They're curled together on the couch with Eliot's arms wrapped around Parker's waist. She's sitting on his lap face buried in his warm neck, part dozing part paying attention to the old film they stopped on. Eliot's running one hand lazily up and down her side, accidentally tickling her whenever he gets too close to her hip bone. Less accidentally since every time he gets close she giggles and wiggles in his lap.

The movie's winding down. The main characters are falling into each others arms and declaring their undying love. Parker trails her fingers up Eliot's arm and twines a lock of hair between them. Lifting her head and giving a gentle tug she gets him to look at her. She pulls him down and initiates a gentle kiss. When they pull away her eyes are dancing, "I love you," she says, quiet, sincere.

Eliot's voice catches in his throat, "I. I-" And her eyes keep dancing and he knows that she wont care. If he doesn't say it today or tomorrow. Maybe he doesn't say it for years to come. She wont care, because she's looking at him like she already knows the answer and hears it every day.