A/N: One of three Flangell ideas I wrote at school last week. Maybe I'll post the others. It came from re-watching every episode of CSI NY that Angell was in... And from re-watching the scene where he says she looks good in the vest... this idea is losely inspired by that, and by a Danny/Lindsay fic I read where he says she looks good in his shirt.

My first time writing this pairing, I hope it's okay... It's kind one of my first CSI NY fics, so I hope it is okay... Let me know! Really couldn't think of anything for the title...

Don Flack stood talking to Danny Messer in the crime lab, about trace evidence he had found, relating to the current case they were working, his eyes travelling to the elevator as the doors opened, and his partner, Jessica Angell walked out file in hand, headed in the direction of Stella's office. But there was something different about her and he couldn't quite place it.

"Earth to Flack," Danny ran his hand in front of Flack's face, and Flack gave a half hearted laugh, running his hand slowly through his hair.

"Sorry, running on no sleep right now, what were you saying?"

Danny got called away at that exact second, and he decided to head back to his desk to pick up his things and head home for at least a few hours sleep – he wasn't lying about having had no sleep – via Stella's office.

The two girls were laughing over something – he saw them before he heard them. Approaching the office, the door open, he could hear what they were saying. "Yeah, can you believe it? And I didn't have a spare shirt in my locker, and because I knew that Don did, I figured he wouldn't mind."

"Wouldn't mind what?" he interrupted the girl's conversation, walking into the office. The two girls shared a look, before looking at Flack. Angell turned her body to face him, and gave him a smile.

"Wouldn't mind letting me borrow a shirt?"

Flack smiled, noticing, for the first time, she was wearing one of his shirts; that was over-sized against her petite body, and came down almost to her knees.

"Do I want to know what happened to yours?" he questioned, and she laughed.

"Probably not," she then turned to face Stella, "anyway, I'll talk to you later!"

"Yeah, see you," she gave her friend a knowing look, as Flack and Angell quickly left her office.

"I'm heading home to catch a few hours sleep; did you need a lift anywhere before I leave?" Flack questioned, and as the walked down the corridor of the lab.

"If you don't mind, the guy called, he finally fixed my car, and can you drop me off? It's on your way home."

"Of course," he smiled at her, arriving at the elevators. Pushing the button, and he glanced another look at her, which didn't go un-noticed by his female partner.

"What?" she questioned. The doors opened, and the duo stepped into the elevator. Flack smiled at his partner.

"You look good in my shirt!"