Chapter 32: Seeing it through to the end

The sun was shining just a bit too brightly for him as he stepped out of the courthouse. Somehow, he thought that it would bring closure to him by seeing the trial out to the end. Now, the trial was finished, the sentence had been passed. But none of that seemed fill the void that had been left my Kira's murder. Townsend was sentenced to death. Though that was after Seth Morales, the flunky who was hired to attack Kira while she had lived in Atlanta, had made a plea bargain. He pleaded to aggravated sexual assault in exchange for flipping on his boss; a fact that Bo and Luke had fault tooth and nail. In the end, Jesse reminded them both, though, that Kira had spent the last months of her life investigating Townsend. That if given the choice, she would have preferred that the plea be made if it meant taking Townsend off of the streets for good. Neither of them had been able to stomach much of the trial after Luke and the others finished testifying about their time in the silver mines during their kidnapping. One certain blond Duke, though, couldn't stay away. He had come for every single day of the trial, and then again for the sentencing hearing. He felt that someone owed that much to Kira. J.D. had testified as well. Though anyone who had not seen him in a while, was shocked when they saw him. By now it was clear to everyone that he wasn't well though no one spoke about the reason behind his wasting away.

Back in Hazzard, things had already begun to change. Boss had given Luke special permission to head west for Smoke Jumpers training. He planned to stay in Hazzard during the off season when he wasn't working. Pop hadn't been surprised when Jesse had called to tell them. Seems that Luke had finally found the push he needed to take a chance of his own (that didn't include jumping from one car to another while going 60 miles an hour). Bo was still home but had begun to consider some of the offers that never really had stopped coming his way to drive in NASCAR. Jesse was trying his best to support his boys' dreams. He knew that they would have never of left so long as he needed them on the farm. This year he had significantly scaled back his planting with it only being him and Bo working the fields. Next year, he may not plant at all. Kira had seen to it that money would no longer be an issue. Any planting done would most likely resemble that of a garden instead. Just enough to keep Jesse busy.

Already, talk had begun about remodeling the old farm house too since in some areas, repairs just were becoming to common. Daisy and L.D. had moved to North Carolina. It was obvious that things weren't going very smoothly for those two. He honestly hoped that Daisy would go to college. Especially since it looked like the others were following their dreams, too.

Scanning the people out on the sidewalk, he spied a young teenager with honey blond hair and was reminded him that it hadn't just been the family that had been affected by Kira's death. As he walked over he supposed that the girl was here for the same reason that he was; to say one final goodbye.

"Hey, Jail Bait." Jebb said smiling while trying to lighten the mood that had remained somber for months. "Your parents know you're here?" The teen shook her head as she stayed silent. Well, he had three sisters. He reckoned that it wouldn't hurt none to have one more. After all, Sam had been the closest thing to a sister that Kira had. "Come on. I'll take ya home." With that, both of them left the courthouse behind.


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