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" get up Jack, its your turn at the helm." yawned a tired Jean shaking awake his captain." 5 more minuets daddy." moaned Jack half asleep. Jean just giggled then tipped over Jacks hammock," Jack, The boat, Sear it." he said climbing into his own hammock.

"ah, right the ship. I knew that."

Jack staggered out to the deck to the helm, it was a beautiful night good for sailing. Jack didn't mind sailing at night, it was peace full, their was no Fitzy and on constance. However their was no Arabella, to break up the fights and tear constance away from Jacks boot . she was a good first mate and the best friend jack had ever had." I want her to be more than my friend," Jack thought out loud before realising what he had just said, he shook his head hard trying to get that thought out of his head, no luck. why would I say that, my first and only love is the sea! He though. You never said love in the first place mate. What, who are you, I'm you, oh ye... so do you love her, get out of my thoughts its none of your business...

Jack stopped, and put his head in his hands "your, losing it mate."

"Jack?" called Arabella." I must be mad I can hear Belle too."

"that's because I'm right hear Jack."she said, "oh, well that's fine then, what are you doing up?"

"couldn't sleep, I've got too much going to in my head." she said pitifully. "I know how you feel." mumbled Jack.

"what did ye say?"

"Like what?"he lied. " what I would do if I lost ye,"


"no, well aye, the hole crew." she answered looking out to sea. " well, if it makes you feel any better your not getting rid of me in a hurry." Jack answered with his famous grin flashing, which made her smile, Jack loved her smile.

"yer so luck Jack, how ye never let yer emotions get the better of ye."

" that's because captain Jack Sparrow dose not have any emotions." he lied " but ye must have," she argued "have you not ever hated someone so much, or been so happy that you have almost wet yer self laughing, or been so sad ye shed a tear, or loved some one so much ye go mad?"

" no," he lied once more. "what about Fitz? Or the time he fell of the boat and cryed like a little girl because he messed up his hair? Or when Tumen almost died?"

"OK you win them rounds luv, what about love?"he tried. "yer boat, yer freedom, yer self! Do ye want me to go on?"

" I don't love my self!" he protested " aye ye do, to much for yer own good." she joked ( although it was true )

"do you love anyone." Jack tried once more. "...ye will just laugh,"

"no I wont, I promise."

"Fitz." she said, " are you serious..."

"aye," she said it with a straight face, but jack was not fooled "right, very funny belle. Don't even joke about stuff like that."

"I'm not." she said " are you sure its not your hormones?" Jack tried not wanting to believe this.


"OK,OK, just making sure. How, I mean there are plenty of decant bachelors on board, like Jean, me, Tumen, me..." he said, " well, I don't really love him." thank god" but if he marries me, I can have a better life." she said dreaming about it "Belle, your happiness is more important to me... I mean to you. Is it not?"

"well aye but..."

"no buts about it luv. Ether your happy or your single for the rest of your life, I cant life to see you get married to that astrocrabby dolt."Jack pleaded, this made Bella giggle.

"OK, ill make ye a deal. I wont marrie Fitz, if ye show yer emotions ?"she put out her hand for him to shake, Jack hesitated at frist Belle is more important than ceeping your emotions bottled up. He shook her hand."deal."