"Who, are you?"

"Madame diseuse de bonne aventure.

As the woman spoke her skin stretched her hair srinked and her hole body trance formed into a beautiful young woman not much older than Jack maybe 18. "what?"

"Madame diseuse de bonne aventure. That is my name."

"no I meant your... your FACE!"

"You may call me Bonne. If you like." Bonne smiled ignoring Jack and his disgust expression "your Bella, dose she like you?"

"how did you?"


"uh no. I don't think so, well not in that way." Jack panicked "well," smiled Bonne "this may help you." she pulled out a small vile filled with a purple liquid. "give her this. A love potion, doesn't last long, just long enough." she placed the vile in jacks hand. He placed it in his pocket very hesitant. He knew well bout the Black arts thanks to Tia Dalma and his own sister so taking 'street potions' as Jade called it worried him but well he was desperate.. "so what I just slip it in her drink and... that's it?"


"all right then Ill be off." Jack tried to side step the girl but she followed his steps blocking his path. She giggled. "you owe me Sparrow..." oh ye like I haven't herd that before!

"get in line." he side stepped again, and again she blocked him. "listen Luv I'm skint broke, your wasting you time."

"That is not what I want." she grinned as did Jack "look Luv, I don't blame you. I mean who wouldn't want a piece of Captain Jack sparrow eh? But not only am I currently occupied by another female figure. My sister would kill me for getting involved with a street witch like your self."

"that." Bonne scoved "is NOT what I meant!"


"Your sister."

"uh she dosn't roll that way..."

"SPARROW!" Bonne whacked the side of Jacks head hard the garbed him as he stumbled back then whispered in his ear "I need youth, your sister will do just fine." she grained sinisterly...

Because I wanted to update so badly (thank you louis'n'miller XD )this is sort but all I can give right now I hopefully will have more by Saturday or sooner if I can. I was really busy with my new youtube channel (xxCaptainBubbelsxx) that I all most deserted Fanfiction but dont worry thats not going to happen any time soon!