Bella's POV.

I'm picking up my sisters, Carolina, Noah, and Sarah-Ane, At the airport. My name is Isabella Uley. I am Sam Uley's sister. I have a twin sister named Carolina, Cara, and 2 younger sisters. Noah and Sara-Ane. Sam is a werewolf. I am making my sisters come because they might phase, like I did, where ever there foster family is. I was in Arizona and I joined a pack there. Sam desn't know. Me , my pack are here because there all Quilerte. Jacob's pack doesn't know. am broughtme here fr the sam reason I'm picking up my sisters now. Imprinting. They want someone to imprint on mybusivsisters. I was imprinted on at th sam time I imprintd. His name is Paul. He is in Jacob's pack. I looked outmywindow and spotted Cara

"Hello Cara!" I smiled at my sister. Noah flung herself at me. Hyper 12-year-old girl. Then I saw Death, as we call Sara-Ane. Sara-Ane is an emo littel girl with her black skinny jeans and er black hair. She was vey pale, even for a girl like her. She waved at me. They knew me. What they din't know is that they had 2 brothers (Ryan only 5.) I grinned when I saw Sam and the pack. I know our dad, A werewolf, is somewhere, looking for us, He is an abusive man sighed. Holding my 12-year-old sister I walked over to them

"Sam." I said."This littel girl here is Noah" i tickled my littel sister and she jumped down. Looking at Brady. Good " This is Carolina, She likes Cara better. And this emo little thing is Death. Or Sara-Ane as her birth certificate says" I laughed at Sara, Who was looking at Seth. Yay! The youngest ones imprinted. "Girls, This is Brady, Collin, Seth, Jared, Paul, Jacob, Leah, Embry, and Quil. This is our brother. Sam." Noah, braking away from Brady's eyes, smiled at him

"I'm Noah Alexandria Carmolin. Uley, now. I love soccer. This is Caroline Samantha Uley, She may have a girly name but she has always been one of the guys. Sara-Ane Jessica Uley is really mute and a littel emoish and has taken the name Death. She is very beutiful if you get past all that darkness. I'm guessing you all know Isabella Marie Uley, You all know her but do you know that she has a beutiful singing voice?" Noah always has to point out the most best things abut a person. Its juat how Noah is

Its been 2 days since my sisters came. Cara is always glued to my side. I like it that way. Exept today. I need to go after school and today is Cara's first day. She wont let me leave for even a minute so I got her talking to the bys who came over to see us. It was Jesse, Carl, and Taylor. 3 Of my boys in the pack. They took Cara by betting if she whent ans sat next to Manny, another boy in my pack, he know whouldn't know who she is. I slipped out.

Outside I phased (A/N There cloths just come back later) my fur, white with a redish tint, glimed i the sun.

Alexander? I called, Looking forZander. He had potrols with me. We wern't wolves, we were cougars. I was the Alpha