And that's exactly what happened.

This is a bunch of crazy excuses the Cullen Family comes up with to get out of trouble. Enjoy!

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Chapter1: Fish


"Edward! Emmett! Jasper! Where have you been?" Esme screeched at us. "And WHY do you smell like fish!"

"Uh well… I, we can explain." Emmett started. Uh oh. We didn't want another one of his crazy excuses.

"Not here you don't." Esme said. I exhaled. Maybe we were saved for a minute while I thought of something.

"Kitchen table!" She yelled. I groaned.

When we sat down Alice, Rose, Nessie, Jacob, Bella and Carlisle were already there waiting to hear whatever we came up with. I was sure Alice had already told them.

"Explain." Esme ordered.

"It all started when Emmett found his Finding Nemo Happy Meal toys under his bed." I started. "Then he decided that he wanted to try something new."
"Yeah!" Emmett replied. "I've never tasted fish before."

"Emmett." I said under my breath. "They were plastic." I rolled my eyes.

"Well anyway," Emmett continued, "After I found my Macca's toys I decided to go fishing."

"Uh-ha." Esme commented. "Where did you go fishing?"
"At the creek." Jasper said a little too quickly.

"Really?" Esme raised her eyebrows.

"No." I replied. "We were at the aquarium."

"Uncle Emmett you're so stupid. You don't go fishing at the aquarium." Nessie commented.

"That explains why you smell like fish. But why are you wet."

"Well, Emmett forgot the fishing rods." I continued.

"So I decided to catch them with my hands." Emmett said proudly.

"And then." Esme pressed.

"He fell in." Alice said sarcastically.

"How did you know?" Emmett said.

"I'm a future telling pixie." Alice said. "You really should be blonde Emmett." She added.

I sighed. The conversation continued like that, with Emmett making really really stupid comments. He really is a blonde. Then the doorbell rang.

Esme walked out and answered the door. It was the guy from the aquarium.

"Do Renaldo, Winchester and George Smith live here? He showed Esme a picture of us.

"Dang! I didn't think he would find us." Emmett cursed under his breath.

"Emmett." I replied under my breath. "He's not stupid. He had our passes scanned."

"OHH!" Emmett said.

"Stupid boys." The four girls said at the same time.

"Okay. I'll let them know." Esme closed the door and came back in.

"Okay boys. He won't pursue charges if you work there for free for 20 hours each. Understood."

"Yes mum." We all groaned.

"Flying duck monkeys." Emmett said.

All eyes went to him.

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