Hey people! This was my requested story that was going to be a one-shot but I decided it will be a normal chapter story. This chapter does involve more Zack/Bailey but that is only for this chapter. The rest of the stroy will be about Cody/Bailey. Anywho, enjoy!

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I looked up at the sky. The sun was half between the horizon and the never ending ocean. The surrounding clouds were turning brilliant shades of pinks and oranges. I looked over to the Hawaiian Islands. The lush green and mist from the tropical rainforest was beautiful. Nearly beautiful enough to be the most beautiful thing in the world. I turned away and looked at the empty S.S Tipton lobby. Hannah Montana would soon probably be coming through those doors anytime now and Mr. Moseby will escort her to the waterslide or the mini put put golf. But the state I'm in, I don't think I'll be able to handle seeing her or her highlighter head friend Lola.

I rushed to the elevator and pushed the button to get to the boy's cabins. I could feel hot fresh new tears forming in my eyes as the elevator got lower. Thankfully no one else caught the elevator. The bell dinged, signalling that I've reached my floor. I ran out of the elevator, trying hard not to trip over as my vision was blurred. I reached my door and opened it. It was empty. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door, as Woody could come back at any time.

I whipped my eyes and looked in the mirror at my reflection. My freshly cut hair was a mess; tears that managed to escape my eyes had formed watery tracks down my cheeks. I couldn't hold it in any more. I loved Bailey, I loved her more then I loved Zack and Mom. And now she was gone, and I could never tell her, never hold her, never run my fingers through her hair or kiss her soft lips. I'll never see her beautiful smile spread across her beautiful face, or the sound of her voice coming out of her ever again.

I fell to my knees and shoved my head in my hands and I cried.


Bailey sat on her bed going through her maths text book looking for something to do. London sat at her desk, admiring her reflections in the several mirrors that she had set up around the desk top and shelf.

"Wow, I look beautiful today" London said. She buffed her hair up and looked at Bailey.

"Don't you think?"

"Well, I do but you don't." Bailey said, not looking up from her text book.

"Well of course I think, I'm the one that's beautiful. Not a thing that wears polyester."

Bailey rolled her eyes and closed her text book. She looked at London and narrowed her eyebrows.

"London, I need to ask you something. It's kinda important."

"Is it to do with me?" London asked while turning around to Bailey.

"Well, no, but it's about my love life."

"Then I'm all ears." London put her elbow on her knee and rested her chin on her hand which was curdled into a fist.

"London narrowed her eyes "Please proceed."

"Okay… Well you know how Cody has been looking for Hannah Montana tickets for me?"

"No." London replied

"Well, during the time he has been doing this stuff for me, I've fallen in love with him."

London gasped.

"Really? He's a nerd! And slouchy, whiney, pasty skinned, just hit puberty, annoying-"

"Okay I get it!" Bailey cut in "But all those things are the things I love about him. He's perfect for me. I just want to tell him, but I don't know how."

London got up from her seat and sat next to Bailey. She put a hand on the farm girl and smiled.

"To tell you the truth Bailey, I think you should wait for him to tell you. It seems more romantic. And you know, he might feel the same."

"Really?" Bailey asked excitedly.

"Really? You haven't seen the signs?"

"What signs?" Bailey asked confused

"Wow, and they say I'm dumb." London said as she got up and walked out of her and Bailey's room.

Bailey sat at the Eazzy Squezzy juice bar and sipped on her banana furfainta smoothe. The Sky Deck was oddly quite for a Saturday night. She turned around and faced the bar and put her drink down. She couldn't help but think on ways she could give Cody hints about her true feelings towards him. Bailey got up and headed to the railings and looked out onto the never ending ocean and the night stars.

"Hey Bailey!" A voice called behind her. Bailey turned around to see Zack standing before her.

"Oh, hey Zack, what you up to tonight?"

"Well, nothing much, but Holden is throwing a party. Every one in the school is going."

"That would explain the lack of people on the Sky Deck tonight." Bailey said, trying to keep the conversation up.

"Yeah. So, you going?" Zack asked as he joined Bailey looking at the stars.

"I dunno, I'm not actually doing anything tonight." Bailey said as she looked at Zack. Bailey had never noticed, but Zack was quite an attractive guy. Zack had cut his hair so it was shorter then usual; it just reached his mid neck. He had lost a lot of weight and he was quite toned now. Zack had also grown so instead of Bailey towering over him, he was now just about as tall as her. He was also quite tanned and he looked extremely attractive. Zack flipped his hair and looked at Bailey who didn't notice she was staring at him.

"You okay Bailey?" Zack asked as he raised an eyebrow. Bailey snapped back into reality and blushed.

"Oh, sorry, yeah I'm fine. How about you and me go to that party?" Bailey asked casually, trying to hide the fact that she really wanted to spend time with Zack.

"Sure, got nothing better to do."

Zack and Bailey linked arms and headed for the elevators. Little did Bailey know that this would be the last time she would ever step foot in one.

"Oh, hey, welcome to my party!" Holden said as he opened the door. As Zack and Bailey walked in they couldn't believe their eyes. Somehow Holden got the Cabin that was like a hotel penthouse. The room was packed with students from Seven Seas High and collage freshmen's and other random teenages from the Teen Cruise.

"Hey, this is my favourite song!" Zack said as 'Like a G6' came on the speakers.

"Not really my taste but hey, I'm open to new things!" Bailey said as Zack grabbed her hand and dragged her to where all the people were dancing. Zack and Bailey danced for quite a bit. Bailey danced all over Zack, grinding her body up and down on his smaller frame, and Zack was enjoying every second of it. In fact he could feel him self getting hard.

"My god, I had no idea you could dance like that!" Zack said as he grabbed Bailey and himself a drink.

"Actually neither did I, and I kinda enjoyed it" Bailey said truthfully.

"You don't mind drinking alcohol?" Zack asked as he passed her the glass.

"Umm, well, I've actually never had it before. Have you?" Bailey asked cautiously as she took the glass from Zack's hand.

"Not enough to get drunk. But tonight, I really don't give a fuck. I wanna have fun. You should let loose too. You're always studying and involved with school and putting up with London. Let loose tonight Bailey. You deserve it." Zack said as he went behind her and kissed her neck.

"Oh, um, okay, just tonight. I guess one night can't hurt." Bailey said confidently and took a sip of her drink. Zack smiled and took a sip of his.

It didn't take long for both teenagers to get drunk. Soon they found them selves in a spare bedroom making out on the bed.

"Hey, Zack, are you a virgin?" Bailey slurred as she rubbed his chest.

"Yeah, you?"

"Fuck yeah, but by the end of the night, I better not be!" Bailey giggled as she pushed Zack down on the bed.

"Does that mean where having sex?" Zack asked

"Yeah" Bailey responded.

"Hey Bailey?"

"Yeah Zack?"

"Can you suck me first?"

"Of corse Zack!" Bailey said enthusiastically

Bailey undid Zack's grey skinny jeans and pulled out his erected member and started stroking it. Zack moaned her name as she put her mouth over it and started sucking.

"Oh God, Bailey!" Zack yelled as he sat up and grabbed her head and moved it up and down in a continues rhythm till he came.

"That tasted, weird." Bailey said as she sat up.

"Wanna be licked?" Zack asked as he kissed Bailey's neck.

"Kay." Bailey said as she sat where Zack was previously sitting. Zack pulled down her short denim pants and pink underwear and stroked Bailey's area.

"Mm, Zack I'm getting wet, like really wet! Zack, can you just lick me already?" Bailey asked impatiently.

"Okay, okay!" Zack said annoyed as he want down and started working his tongue in her most sensitive areas. Bailey was moaning Zack's name loudly as she arched her back. Zack was enjoying every minute of Bailey yelling his name. He started thrusting his tongue in and out of Bailey's hole and worked his fingers on the other areas. Bailey moaned loudly as she reached her climax, grabbing Zack's hair tightly as the peak of her climax ended. Bailey lent back and rested her head on the pillow.

"That was amazing!" Bailey panted as Zack leaned on top of her.

"You ready for more?" Zack asked seductively

"Yeah" Bailey said, biting her bottom lip

"Okay, let's do this." Zack said taking of his purple top. Bailey could not believe his body. He was toned. Not buff, but a good size.

Zack flipped his hair and helped Bailey take off her grey cardigan and blue and white striped singlet shirt. Zack was going crazy looking at Bailey's nearly completely naked body. He started kissing her tanned stomach and fondled his hand on top of Bailey's light blue polka dotted bra and squeezed it which caused Bailey to moan.

Bailey sat up and unclipped her bra, releasing her breasts. Zack instantly laid her back down and started sucking and fondling with her breasts. Their bare skin touching each other felt so good that Bailey couldn't wait anymore. She flipped Zack over so he was on the bottom. She moved her way down to his pants and pulled them off. Zack looked at Bailey with anticipation for her to continue. Bailey smiled and grabbed Zack's penis and guided it into her tight area. Bailey let out a small whimper of pain as Zack went in.

"You okay?" Zack asked cautiously.

"Just adjusting." Bailey winched

"Well, considering you're on top, continue when you're ready. By the way, this is a very nice view." Zack grinned. Bailey smiled and started thrusting herself up and down slowly. Soon the feeling of pain was replaced with the feeling of pleasure. Bailey went faster and faster, moaning Zack's name as she got closer to her climax. Zack put his hands on Bailey's hips and guided her even more. Zack could feel sweat forming a thin layer over his body. And with every thrust into Bailey he felt a shiver through his body. He couldn't believe he was having sex for the first time. It felt so good. Both teenagers climaxed at the same time. Their body's vibrating with the amount of pleasure going through their vines.

"That was amazing!" Bailey said as she fell on to Zack. Zack nodded in agreement.

"Hey, we should get dressed and join the party again." Zack said as he kissed Bailey's soft lips. Bailey slipped her tongue in and intense the kiss. Zack rubbed his hands up and down her back and pulled her in closer.

"Or we could do it, one more time." Zack said as he broke the kiss.

"Nah, I want to go back out and dance." Bailey said as she quickly kissed Zack on the lips and hopped off the bed.

"Okay" Zack said as he shrugged and hopped off the bed as well.

Bailey got dressed and headed back to the main room where she saw Frank.

"Hey Frank. What you doin'?" Bailey asked as she lightly tapped his arm

"Oh, hey Bailey, I'd never though you'd be the one to get drunk!" Frank laughed as he hugged her.

"Zack told me I should let loose for just one night" Bailey giggled as she swayed back and forth.

"Zack did? Zack's a man whore. Don't talk to him." Frank said as he passed Bailey another drink.

"What? I've known Zack long enough for him not to be a man whore, he only hits on girls and dumps them. Nothing more." Bailey said defensively.

"So, a man whore?"

"Shut up." Bailey giggled.

"Oh, by the way, considering you're 'letting loose' for a night, try one of these." Frank handed Bailey pink coloured tablets in a small clear bag.

"Are these drugs?" Bailey asked. Frank nodded.


"I guess I could try one" Bailey said as opened the packet. She grabbed one and popped it in her mouth and swallowed it down with her alcoholic drink.

"That a girl. Now you can really 'let loose'" Frank smiled. Frank grabbed Bailey by the waist and pulled her into the room where she and Zack were previously. Zack was still getting dressed as Frank pulled Bailey in.

"Oh, man whore got laid tonight?" Frank asked as he dropped Bailey on the floor who was now passed out.

"Wait, what are you doing with Bailey?" Zack asked who was now becoming a little more sober.

"I drugged Bailey, so now I'm going to fuck her. Want in?" Frank asked as he picked Bailey up and dumped her on the bed.

"What the fuck? No! That's fucking rape! Let go of her!" Zack charged towards Frank and tried to tackle him down to the ground. Frank just punched the much smaller boy in the face and watched him fall down.

"Why, don't wish you could just fuck her? Own her virginity before your faggot twin does? Any way, Cody bends over. So some other fag will own his virginity." Frank said as he undid his pants and pulled out his erected member.

"Don't you fucking dare talk about my brother that way. And get the fuck away from Bailey." Zack said as he got up, ignoring the cut across his left cheek.

"Why? She is so hot I could fuck her for hours. She looks so peaceful, like she's not even breathing." Frank said as he pulled down Bailey's short denim shorts. Zack looked at Bailey. It was true she did look like she wasn't breathing.

"Frank, fucking stop! I seriously think she is not breathing!" Zack voice cracked. Frank just laughed.

"No. Now get the fuck out of my way!" Frank swinged his arm hard and hit Zack across the face again. Zack hit the floor hard. He looked in a straight line. He could see Frank's pants and boxers hit the floor and him moving in closer to Bailey's motion less body. Zack let a tear escape from his eye. Everything went black.


I had no idea what happened in Bailey's last hours. All I know is that she died from a drug overdose. They say that Bailey could have been raped and that they found two different sets of semen. Who ever the fuckers are, I'm going to kill them.

To be continued…