Zack stared at the cash in his hands. He knew London was prone to just throwing away money, but two hundred thousand was more than what he would of earned in his life time. Zack shoved the cash in his black duffel bag along with a few sets of clothes. He wanted to get off the ship as soon as he could. Zack counted his blessings as he looked at the map of the next place they would dock, Los Angeles. It was the city of broken dreams. Just the place for him.

Zack let out an emotionless sigh as he walked into his bathroom and packed his toothbrush and other necessary toiletry items. Zack thought over what his plans were for when the boat docked in less than twelve hours. He didn't know where he was going; he had never been in Los Angeles before. But Zack knew he would have to change his name. He would have to change his whole appearance. He would die his hair brown; rename himself Julian, or Alex. Last name? Zack had no idea.

He placed his toiletries in his duffel bag and zipped it up. "It's just like me. To run away from my problems." Zack sat on his bed and looked at his cabin door. He hadn't seen Cody at all. Nor could he even bring himself to look at his brother. It was his fault. He made Bailey drink. He was too weak to fend Frank off. He should be the one dead. Not Bailey. She was too young, too innocent.

Zack startled as he heard a soft knock on his door. He quickly shoved his bag under his bed and walked to his cabin door. Moseby stood there with a blank face. He walked into Zack's cabin without saying a word. Zack shut his door and took a deep breath. Moseby knew.

"The full results of Bailey's autopsy came back today."

Zack clenched his firsts. "Oh."

"There were two sets of semen located on Bailey."

Zack shuffled his feat.

"Zack, you're a suspect in Bailey's murder."


"Yes, murder." Moseby looked at Zack. He had known this boy for years. He knew he got into trouble. But not like this. Not the Zack Martin he knew. "Zack, what happened that night?"

Zack sat on the bed and looked blankly into space. "She asked me to go to Holden's party. I said yes. We danced when we first got there. Just completely friends. We had never spent time together like that. It was completely new. We danced and we drank. A lot. We got so drunk; I didn't even know what was going on. Before I knew it, we were in a bedroom. The alcohol had really affected both of us. We were both completely out of character. You can take a good guess in what we did. She got dressed and went back down stairs; I was still getting dressed when Bailey and Frank came up." Zack lowered his head and chocked back a sob before he continued. "Frank gave her drugs, and she passed out. I tried to stop him Mr Moseby, but he wouldn't stop. He knocked me down. Then he raped her." Zack broke down.

Moseby rubbed his forehead and watched the broken boy weep. "Why didn't you tell me straight away Zack?"

"I panicked" Zack cried. "I didn't know what to do!"

Moseby handed Zack a handkerchief. "Wipe your eyes. I have to take you down to the police. Now."

"Am I in trouble?"

"Not if you give them your statement about what you did. And what you saw." Moseby looked at the closing cut along Zack's cheek. "Was that from Frank?"


"Then we have evidence."


Two sets. That's the rumour. Bailey got drunk and had sex with two guys. The innocent girl from land locked Kansas, who had her goals in life, who had knowledge, slept with two guys in one night. And it wasn't me. I didn't even know about the stupid party. I'm never invited to anything. Apart from Bailey's funeral.

Mom doesn't want Zack and me on the ship anymore. Not after this happened. As soon as the semester ends, Mom is taking us out and putting us straight back into Cheevers.

Funny. Since this all happened, I haven't even seen Zack. Not once. He hasn't knocked on my door to see if I'm okay, to see how I'm holding up. Nothing. It's like I'm non-existent in his world. Or anyone really. He has just hidden-

Wait, I'm smart. And I'm going to kill him.

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