The Jade Queen

An Original Story By Edward Bradley Sanchez

© Writer's Blah, 2010


The City of Townsville, a formerly disastrous city that has finally found its saviors! Ever since the election of Mayor Mayor, Townsville had become the ultimate attraction for monsters from all reaches of the Earth. From the depths of the once-thought mythical Atlantis to the far reaches of Tokyo, Japan, stereotypical beasts and monsters all seemed to gather around, seemingly religiously, to the fair city, simply for the pleasure of, quite simply, pulverization. Damages made by these creatures would, every day, cost Townsville thousands upon millions of dollars. Economy was made even worse by the thieving antics of the local terrorist organization, the Gangreen Gang, who practiced techniques which would allow them to rob Townsville's banks unnoticed, as well as mug any poor soul which was unlucky enough to cross their path. Taxes rose increasingly fast with every passing day, and more and more citizens would be forced out of their homes to live a life of poverty on the streets. Townsville was, in fact, one of, if not, the worst city in the entire United States of America.

But that all changed with the arrival of the Powerpuff Girls, a team consisting of only two school-age girls, empowered with unique powers used to combat all wrongdoers in the city. Citizens no longer had to cower in fear of thievery and eviction, for with these girls came an age, an age that Townsville never even knew existed. For they knew the monumental strength the girls possessed. As the mighty Blossom once said, "The Powerpuff Girls never lose!"

But indeed, although this statement was meant for Townsville's ears, and was in a sense, completely true, there was some falsehood behind it. Never since the defeat of Mojo Jojo six months ago had the two girl wonders, Blossom and Bubbles, ever lost a fight to anyone.

But there was loss.

In a bed colored pink, blue, and green, two little angels rested their heads, fast asleep. In sleep, an incredible thing happens. In sleep, innocence takes over the entire being of a person. No matter how aggressive or even evil one is when awake in the real world, sleep contributes a factor that lends itself into one's soul. Sleep itself is an innocence. That is why sleep is so crucial to humans, for all humans need at least an ounce of innocence, even if it is virtually nonexistent in their diurnal lives. And the girls were nothing but the purest epitome of innocence. But there was a man who could not sleep. For a man has lost part of his soul, part of his being. Cursed to never see peace again, Utonium suffers whenever the night falls. He lies in his bed, eyes strained. He has seen things only few unfortunate souls have been forever scarred by. He had the ultimate loss. Although many doubted the Professor, he was the most miserable man in Townsville. Sleep would not visit this man; whenever he closed his eyes, only tears rolled. "Good night, darling Buttercup."

As miserable as one can be however, time waits for no man...or girl. Morning soon arrived, and Utonium's two angels were well on their way for getting ready for another day at school. Pouring the girls' cereal into their pink and blue bowls, the Professor attempted to smile. Always carefree, Bubbles perked up.

"So daddy, do you know what we're gonna learn at school today?"

"Why, no I do not, honey. What shall you be learning at school on this fine day?"

"Um, well, we're gonna learn about 'aminal' habitats!" Bubbles sparkled, her voice seemingly praising the apparent secrecy and wonder of learning the very living spaces of her favorite companions besides her sister and father.

"Oh really? Well dearest, that sounds truly exciting!"

"You bet, Professor! And once we've learned where squirrel habitats are, I'll finally be able to do that..."

Blossom's dreams were cut short however, for as she began to speak, a piercing RRRIINNNGG interrupted the family.

"Oop...gee, excuse me girls! I have to...err...answer the phone." Professor, trying to sound as gentlemanly as possible, cordially picked up the phone.

"Hello, Utonium residence! How can I help you?"

But much to his chagrin, the voice on the other end was the Professor's most mortifying fear; more so feared than nearly any criminal mastermind or bloodthirsty monster that could ever be imagined. Utonium's second-largest, rather awkward fear was now staring into his soul with its very voice...

"Hello, this is a Pokey Oaks Kindergarten automated message!"

"NOOOOOO...!" yelled the scientist.

Not even paying attention to the message anymore, Blossom and Bubbles shifted their eyes toward each other, concerned. Now exhaling exhaustingly after his melodramatic display, Blossom walked up to her father. "Umm...if it's alright with you, could I hear the message?"

"What? Oh! Of course! Here you go," Utonium jumped, handing his bug-eyed daughter the phone. She pushed the speaker to her ear. Pushing the star key to repeat the message, she listens.

"Hello, this is a Pokey Oaks Kindergarten automated message! The following message is to inform students that today, Ms. Keane's class will be attending a special lesson at Townsville Park, where students will..."

Blossom dropped the phone, stunned. Bubbles looked at both her father and her sister with seriously perplexed eyes. "Blossom...what's wrong?"

The redhead faced the blonde with remorseful eyes. "I don't think we should go to that habitat lesson after all."

"Why wouldn't we go to a school lesson, Blossom? We don't play hooky!"

"They want to do it in the park..."

Bubbles' jaw dropped slightly, no sound coming out. The silence in the house was loud. As weird as it sounded, the park was, in fact, a blasphemy within the Utonium household. "That cold day..."


"I've got it! I've got it!" shouted a blonde little girl, giggling with joy. At Townsville Park, two little girls and their father were relishing their unoccupied time with games of catch. Recently, Pokey Oaks was hosting auditions for Girls Little League, and the moment Bubbles heard of it, she would every day nag her father to go to the park so that she could practice her pitching, catching, and batting skills which, even for a super-powered girl, were quite exceptional.

"Great work Bubbles!" Blossom complimented, her sister having caught the ball with a single jump. The girl in blue only gave her biggest, most adorable and innocent smile she could possibly give, which was not hard for a girl like Bubbles.

On a nearby bench, the Professor was fixing some hot dogs for his girls. He was very proud of his two girls and loved them more than anything on the Earth, but there was still an emptiness inside him. Ever since Buttercup's apparent disappearance, he had never been the same. Indeed, he feigned happiness not only to give his girls hope and strength, but partly to also strengthen himself. Losing a loved one, especially a child, is a horrible experience, and requires the sharpest and strongest moral character in order to get over. Utonium had still yet to get over this internal emptiness, but he pretended that he had, at least for his girls. Even against all sources that would point otherwise however, he would not for a second believe she was completely gone. She had to still be alive. She simply had to, and to this very day, he believed that one of these days, he would find her. But on this day, he was feeling particularly happy. Watching his girls have fun was as happy as one could be.

"Alright then, Bubbles! Let's see if you can catch this one!" Blossom challenged, her face lit and her arm winding. "You ready for this one?"

"You bet I am!" accepted Bubbles, giving her sister her best game face.

"Alright! Here it..." Blossom finally launched the ball, throwing it with the force of a bazooka shot, "GOES!" However, Bubbles was not expecting such a throw, and as a result, the ball launched straight above Townsville, at last coming down in some dense forest area.

"Blossom! Try not to throw the ball so hard! Not even a superhero could catch it at that rate!" pointed out the Professor, trying his best not to sound rude.

"Sorry Professor," Blossom blushed. She knew he did not mean to scold her, and in all honesty, she herself did realize that her screwball was a little too strong for a regular game.

"That's alright Blossom! Just make sure you bring it back!"

"No prob, Professor!" Blossom shouted, already on her way to the rural area the ball fell in. Simply out of pure desire, Bubbles decided to follow suit.

Landing in the dense plain of trees, the sisters looked in frustration to locate where their ball had landed. "Now where could that darn thing..." muttered Blossom, growing slightly impatient.

Bubbles was searching diligently as well. As she hummed to herself, all of a sudden, a portion of white came into her sight. "Hey, Blossom! Look what I found!" Bubbles shouted excitedly. It always made the girl happy to be able to do something on her own. Blossom ran over to Bubbles, excited to see the long-awaited lost object. "See? There it is!"

"Hey, yeah! You found..." Blossom began to applaud, but suddenly, something beside the ball caught her eyes' attention. "Hold on a sec. What's..." Blossom began to dig out a green, tattered cloth object from the ground. It was small, just like the Powerpuffs' bodies, and it was also striped with black. In fact, it bore a striking resemblance to something the girls knew. "Hey, Bubbles, is it just me, or does this look like..." The girls' hearts skipped a beat. This thing was no mere look-alike. That cloth was far too familiar.


Instantly, not even taking the time to stop squirting the mustard onto the meat satchels, the Professor began sprinting to where the cry of his angels had come from. Though he did not have any super powers, he had an extremely courageous spirit, and was determined against all odds and costs that he would not lose another one of his children.

"GIRLS!" the Professor shouted, already quite stressed by the fact his kids had called for him at such an alarming tone. But he didn't see anything. There was no injury, no bleeding, no evildoer ready to harm the girls, nothing at all that would cause oneself to become so frightened. Needless to say, the man was confused. "What's all the commotion about? For a second, I thought something horrible had happened!"

"Something...did happen," Blossom began to weep, stepping aside to show her father the torn shirt. It could be said that at that very moment, the Earth stopped spinning for the Professor. That little bit of hope he had left...vanished. Utonium reached out his hands to lay them upon the cloth.

"My baby..." Utonium's eyes began to swell. The girls, although trying to comfort their father, at that point, couldn't help themselves but to weep also. The proof was there. It was all over.

"Don't worry girls," motioned the Professor. "You don't have to go to school today."

Even Bubbles, whom at first seemed like she could not possibly go on without learning about proper animal housing, seemed content with the fact that she would not have to go to the park.

"Thanks,," rejoiced Blossom.

"In fact, I have an idea. Instead of going to see a selection of animal habitats at the park, we can use the Internet to take a really close look at the real animal habitats!" Utonium attempted to make his girls feel better. Surprisingly, it worked. Everything had worked out just fine in the end today. Townsville, for once, had some peace about it. Or so it seemed.

"Again!" dryly spat a harsh voice. In a mechanical chamber, a skinny gloved hand pressed down on a solitary red button. That button had just carried out the orders of summoning dozens of specialized combat robots of the highest caliber. These bloodthirsty fighting machines, lined up in lines resembling those of army forces, had their scanner locked onto their single target. Across a vast, cold, metal-laden room, opposite to these robot lines, was a single, solitary girl, quite short in stature. She donned a black hood, similar to that of a ninja, coupled with a viridescent scarf and olive MMA-style fighting gloves, and a dull venom-colored uwagi with a blood red hakama. In her hands she held nothing physical, except the power of her own fists. Her eyes were focused, only locked onto the robot army in front of her. She waited for an opening, for a chance. She waited...and waited...and waited...

"NOW!" the controller from the elevated mechanical chamber shot at the top of his lungs. Without a sixtieth of a second's delay after shouting, the robots raised their mega buster guns, and began to fire at an inhuman pace. Even with an overkill-like force like that, still the warrior stood her ground. She had to wait for the perfect timing. "That's right...just a little more..." whispered the warrior. The energy bullets were now no more than a nanometer away from touching her body, but she still would not move. To her, the world was frozen. She could make any move at any time. She couldn't truly make time stop, but due to her superhuman reflexes, she could react as if she could without even breaking a sweat. Her brain snapped and her eyes widened.


Her fists raised themselves at a speed resembling light itself. Her super-enhanced skin could instantly make any energy force yield dead in its tracks, as if some invisible force field protected her, only that her force field was, in fact, herself. And rightfully so, the energy bullets closest to her dropped like dead weight. The next wave of bullets wasn't even more than an inch away from the last, but just as she started, her hands perfectly formed another block that made those bullets instantly drop too. She saw every wave of assault separately. She could instantly move her arms to form the absolutely perfect blocking maneuver to make the wave directly in front of her become utterly powerless. Utilizing this seemingly simple maneuver, she could take down wave after wave...even in this instance, where more than a dozen fighting robots were shooting about a total of one hundred waves, each coming from a different direction, all in the time frame of one second. And every second, another hundred waves were shot. But not a single bullet hit the warrior.

Needless to say, the controller was immersed. "Good. Now counter their assaults and make them pay..."

It was now time for the warrior to bring about her own fury. After successively being able to take down a total of two waves at the same time, she had the perfect exact amount of space to use her levitation to fly above the unsuspecting hoard and make her first strike. Although the robots realized very quickly that their target had moved and had altered their crosshairs to hit their now moving target, they were still too slow to properly grasp their new prey. Had she delayed a millisecond more, she would've been in the same first scenario all over again, only in the air, which would have made defending herself even more challenging. But she had the gift of speed and precision.

Instantly after flying just slightly above the army, the warrior blasted off at light speed, creating a fiery streak of light green that followed her every move along with a collection of afterimages. At the speed of light, one can actually travel through solid objects, and without even looking like she was trying, the warrior swept through every single robot in the room. And then all of a sudden, she stopped, right back where she originally stood. The robots had ceased fire, but they were still apparently intact. The warrior only smirked, and a single SNAP left her fingers, and as if on cue, the entire army collapsed onto the ground in a spectral, explosion-filled, magnificent way, reduced to scrap metal.

"Now how about that?" asked the green-clad warrior.

"Much better," replied the controller, who made his hairy presence into the testing room, walking towards his warrior at a casual pace. "I see you've been improving. Still needs some perfection though."

The green warrior was enraged, rushing to her master's body and grabbing his shirt collar. "What do you mean 'still needs some perfection?' That was probably the quickest and most overwhelming wipeout of any army in the history of the world, and you say it STILL needs perfection?"

Although faced with an obviously ticked-off threat, the mastermind kept his limited sanity intact. "Yes, that is exactly what I am saying." He pulled his collar back, angrily eyeing the impatient girl. "Perhaps you have forgotten, but the opponents you are playing against are the Powerpuff Girls."

"Well no duh," spat the warrior, unsurprised. "Do you think either of them stand a chance against me?"

"Maybe not, by themselves...but apparently, you have forgotten a crucial detail." The hairy simian looked at the warrior directly in the eyes. "No matter how much we hate these girls, and no matter how feminine or 'sissy' you consider them to be, you cannot deny that they pose a significant threat."

The green warrior roared. "Threat, shmet! I can take them! Just watch me!"

"Hmm..." thought the simian. This girl was most definitely bursting with confidence, but was she truly ready? He had to be sure. "Very well. As your commanding officer, I am going to make you a deal. I am going to run a scientific experiment I've been researching, rumored to create beings so powerful, that not even a Powerpuff with totally mastered powers would be able to stop it easily. If you can defeat this experiment in combat, you will be ready to take on the Powerpuff Girls."

The warrior grinned. The taste of these super heroines' sweat and blood on her tongue would be a satisfaction beyond her wildest dreams. To personally bring down her most hated adversaries to their knees would finalize and make it known to the world that she was the most powerful being on Earth. "I accept."

"Wonderful..." snickered the furry ape.

"So what do I do now?"

"Get some rest, and rest well. Tomorrow, your training intensifies..."