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Harry quickly paced in his room. "It was now or never" he told himself.

He knew it had and would be now.

With that thought, he quickly apparated to Hogsmeade. The town was a lot busier than it had been during his schooling. There were many people walking on the sidewalk and into stores. Madame Rosmerta quickly said hello to him but knew he did not want to be distracted and let him continue on his walk.

He quickly made his way from the small wizarding town to the first place that he ever called home. Hogwarts.

He was planning on going to see Hagrid, but, from the lack of smoke exiting the chimney in his cabin, it was obvious that he was not home.

So, instead he decided to go visit Neville. Pomona Sprout was planning on an early retirement so Neville was apprenticing and teaching some of the younger student's classes. Then, when Sprout officially retired, Neville would take on the role of full time professor.

When Harry walked into the Greenhouse, Neville was nonchalantly feeding the plants. When he noticed Harry he quickly got up and greeted him with a hug.

"Neville" Harry said slightly nervous, "I need your help."

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