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Ginny was helpful to Neville in his class because he kept become very nervous every time he looked at her.

When class was almost over, Ginny noticed a school owl tapping lightly at the window. She saw that the letter it was holding was addressed to her so she opened it.


Meet me in our special place as soon as you can.



Neville saw her face light up and new it was time. "Everyone," he announced, "can you please say good bye to Ms. Weasley. I believe that she has somewhere to go." He then winked at her as she picked up her belongings and pretty much sprinted out the door.

She knew what Harry was talking about when he said "special place". It was the place where they spent countless hours during her fifth year.

As she passed by a part of the lake, she saw the Giant Squid casually lying on the top of the surface.

She then practically skipped for joy when she saw Harry sitting by their favorite tree with a picnic basket and a blanket laid out for them.

He smiled as she sat down and he pored her a glass of champagne.

"So how was your class?" she asked trying to have a normal conversation in the not so normal setting.

"Oh it was quite wonderful. Everything is a lot calmer then it was when we went here." He said while picking at a loose thread in the blanket obviously nervous.

She opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by Harry.

"Ginny?" he asked hesitantly but demanding at the same time as if he was trying to hid a million feelings at once.

"Yes" she said obviously trying to suppress her excitement.

"Ginny, I have something to ask you."

"You can ask me anything Harry."


Their conversation was quickly stopped by a fast buzzing noise.

Both of their heads looked up to see one thing that was not expected.

A golden snitch.

"Should we catch it?" Harry asked.

"We probably should. I have no idea how it could have gotten out of the quidditch stadium. They are not even having practice now" Ginny replied.

They both suddenly jumped up and went to retrieve the lost snitch.

To their surprise, there happened to be two brooms laying outside of the castle walls closest to where they were.

They quickly mounted them and took off.

At first it was just important that they catch the snitch. But then it became playful and a competition as both of them wanted to catch the snitch before the other one did.

Harry of course thought that he was going to catch it because although Ginny played professional quidditch, she played as a chaser not a seeker.

Yet, Ginny gave him a run for his money and was neck and neck with him by the time they got in an arm length distance of the snitch.

In the end, Harry was able to beat her because his arm was slightly longer than hers.

"Hey! You cheated!" Ginny laughed playfully and punched his arm.

"It is not my fault I have longer arms than you." Harry countered.

After kissing and sitting again against their tree, Harry began to inspect the snitch.

"Ginny!" he yelled.

"What? Harry I am right next to you, you don't have to scream."

"Oh sorry." a slight blush began to creep on his cheeks, "But, do you see? There is writing on the snitch!"

He then held the snitch to her eye level so that she could see the engraving.

Forever and Always

Harry then placed the snitch in her hand and then to her surprise the snitch opened.

Inside was a gold ring with a simple diamond.

Ginny could feel a tear run down her cheek as she gaped at its beauty and simplicity.

"It was my mother's and well…"

Harry was cut off by Ginny's strong kiss as she pulled him in closer.

"I guess that is a yes?" Harry said while smiling.

"Hell yeah!" Ginny said before pulling him back into another strong kiss.

She only opened her eyes for a few seconds just to see Neville sneaking off with the brooms and a box that could have perfectly fit a snitch.

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