Part 2


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Olivia had changed into more comfortable clothes, but had fallen asleep on her couch, the black leather folder of another case to her chest. She had left her ceiling light on.

She wouldn't be at this ease if she knew that there was someone in her apartment. The shadow of a gun crept toward her on the couch, closer and closer.

"We've got you bitch," an eerie voice whispered. It was behind a ski mask.

The intruder was towering over her now. Olivia shifted her body a little, now one hand on the folder. The man tensed, but relaxed slightly when the female detective didn't show a sign of awaking.

"Ready?" the voice said to another.


"Remember. This is all the action you get. When we get back, it's all me and you're gone. Got it?"

"Yeah, got it." The voice was low but anxious.

"Now!" the dominant voice whispered harshly. The second man grabbed Olivia's wrists and held them together. He jumped on top of her to keep her legs from flinging out and breaking theirs. The first roughly put a chloroform soaked rag over her nose and mouth.

Olivia woke up but was helpless to stop the two men. The black folder had slid onto the ground. All she could do was struggle hard and try to make as much noise as she could to alert her neighbors. She tried kicking out with her legs, but the man's weight kept her from doing just so. But since making noise meant having to breathe, she was out in a couple of short seconds.

After the two men relaxed, the first man looked down at the unconscious Olivia, smiling. "You're a strong bitch, I gotta give ya that." He chuckled. "Better luck next time, though."

The two men bound her and gagged her. The first went into her bedroom and found the clothes he had seen her wear to work after some fumbling around. The second man, who was the strongest, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. The first looked out the door for anyone who might be taking a midnight stroll through the building. He motioned that it was clear and the second man followed him out to the entrance of the building. The first checked yet again, gun at ready, then led the way to the vehicle. This was their lucky day. He slid open the left side door and then got into the driver's seat. The one carrying Olivia put her on the floor of the backseat, closed the door, and joined his partner by way of the passenger's seat.

They sped away with no one suspecting a thing.


Fin and Elliot had gotten the address of David Worthy and were almost at his house. When they pulled up, it was dark inside. There were no cars in front, but when they got inside, the objects scattered everywhere showed that whoever was there left in a hurry and packed for at least a day away.

"What the hell?" breathed Fin. He was in another room with the light turned on.

Elliot joined him but immediately wanted to attack the wall in front of him with a sledgehammer and a wrecking ball. There was an area about ten by ten feet on the wall. It was full of mostly pictures – but articles too – from the past three days. Elliot was horrified. It came over him suddenly to call Olivia. This made him largely concerned and wanted to make sure that his partner was safe in her apartment.

He dialed her speed number and put his phone up to his ear. He listened. One ring…two…three…four…five rings. It went to the answering machine. He tried her cell number. Voicemail.

"Fin. Big problem. Liv's not picking up her home or cell phone. Call Munch and tell him to get SWAT over to her apartment. We have to hurry."

Fin called and joined Elliot in the car. They drove to Olivia's apartment and met SWAT, Munch, and Cragen there. Many of the people living in the building were out on the street looking worried and concerned.

SWAT was about to enter the building when Elliot's phone rang in his pocket. He hurriedly fished it out. Flipping it open, all of the air held inside him was increased when he saw an anonymous name and number appear on the small screen.

"Where is she?" Elliot shouted.

"Elliot, Elliot," the voice said back. "It's me."

"Olivia! Are you okay? Where are you?"

Everyone was crowded around Elliot, waiting for what to do next.

"I'm in a warehouse somewhere. I know I'm still in the city, though. There are no street signs or anything around. Just find me by where the phone's signal is coming from. I'm there. And so is Mr. Un-worthy."

"Found you," Elliot said as Cragen gave him a nod.

"Good. Oh, and get Dana. I'm sure she wants to see this dirt bag face-to-face."

"No problem, Liv. Thank god you're safe. We're on our way."


"So, David," Olivia said, circling the perp, gun in hand. "How are you today? Pissed off?"

"You're damn right I'm pissed off, bitch!"

"Mm-hm. Now, why did you make me change clothes?"

David responded with daggers from his eyes.

"Was it to feel more powerful, David? So you could have the whole experience of raping a cop for your sick pleasure?"

His eyes wavered a little.

"That must mean 'yes'. Why do you hate women with authority so much, David? Do we do something to irritate you? Do you have something against us? Or does our presence just plan throw you off the deep end?"

David didn't answer – just looked away. He was visibly fumed.

"No one's throwing you a life jacket now, David. You should have learned how to swim."

At that moment, the metal doors burst open and eight to ten SWAT came in, guns ready.

"Don't shoot," Olivia said, holding her hands up. "I'm Detective Olivia Benson. I don't have my badge right now but the people behind you can vouch for me."

Two SWAT members looked back at Cragen, and he nodded.

"Relax," said one of them. "It's her." The SWAT team relaxed, then so did Olivia.

"Dana's on her way," Elliot said, coming through the SWAT barricade.

"Good. Well, here's David Worthy."

It took all of Elliot's will power from plain punching the guy for kidnapping his partner.

The SWAT team left the building but stayed outside in case they were needed.

"I'll tell you about it later," said Olivia, reading Elliot's expression and beating him to the punch.

Dana walked in, gun and all.

David looked like he had seen a ghost when he looked up. And unfortunately, it was the same for Dana. She backed away slowly and saw a metal pole lying on the ground by the door. Before either detective could take a step toward her, she picked it up and put it in the handles of the two doors, temporarily keeping the outside people on the outside.

"Dana," Olivia said cautiously. "What are you doing?"

Dana didn't speak. She just reached for her gun and slowly brought it up to arm's level; it was pointing at David.

"Dana!" Olivia shouted, bringing her gun out of its holster, too, soon followed by Elliot's same motions. "Dana, don't shoot him!"

Dana started running toward David.

"It's okay, Olivia!"

"Dana, don't do this!" yelled Elliot.

"You'll regret it!"

"I just…!"

"Dana, that's close enough!"


The looks on David's face expressed concern, remembrance, but mostly fear. Dana stared at him, gun still aimed. "You are already dead." She stared at him. "You've grown some hair since the last time I saw you. Now get up. Go get what belongs to this detective for her."

"It's in that room," squeaked David, motioning his head over to the closed door to the right of him.

"Come on, then."

He slowly walked over to the closed door with all three following him, all three guns drawn. He opened the door inch by inch, and when the door was finally open by at least a foot, he very foolishly lunged for something inside and brought out a gun. He aimed it at Dana, but was shot twice in the chest.

The doors began to shake as the smoke from Dana's gun hung in the air, seeming like it would never dissipate. Finally it did, and everyone could breathe a little easier.

Olivia opened the door where David had fallen, careful to avoid the body. Another body was lying a little farther, beyond where David had landed. There was blood everywhere. Olivia's clothes were soaked with the accomplice's blood, now absorbing David's.

By then, Dana had taken the metal bar away from the doors and Cragen, Munch, Fin, and two SWAT members had hurried in.

Dana was led away in cuffs.

The two bodies lying on the floor were covered with the black plastic cover. Two black mounds side by side were in the center of the room, blood peeking out from underneath.


It was Dana's day in court. Everyone was set, even though they believed that this shouldn't have even been brought to court. ADA Gillian Hardwicke had been persuaded not to take this case, for obvious reasons.

Through tears and anger, Dana told her story from beginning to end.

As the conclusion of the trial, she was pronounced as not guilty of murder, in terms of self defense.


"Well," Dana said as she left court with Elliot and Olivia. "I guess it's time for me to go, again."

Olivia nodded.

Dana sighed. "Bye. Hope we see each other soon."

Olivia and Elliot waved goodbye as the FBI agent got into the car that was waiting for her.


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