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What the Hell Just Happened?

The ride up to the castle was quick, consisting of Eleanor filling me in on the rather bland happenings of her prefect meeting. Once our carriage jerked to a halt at the front gates of the school, Ellie and I bolted out of the little black vehicle and practically sprinted up to the Entrance Hall, closely followed by our fellow students. The feeling that overcame me when I finally set foot through the giant oak doors of the magnificent castle was indescribable.

Magic was in the air (literally) and I reveled in the feeling of being back at the place I felt I truly belonged; I was back at Hogwarts, I was back at home. From the entrance hall students automatically began flocking towards the doors leading to the Great Hall, which were soon pulled open by the ancient Argus Filch accompanied by the equally ancient Mrs. Norris.

Pushes and shoves were shared among the swarm of witches and wizards as we scurried to our respective tables in the Great Hall. Ellie and I managed to snag two seats at the back of the Ravenclaw table, and we were shortly joined by Ethan and Hayden Channing who took the seats across from ours.

Hayden Channing was one of our fellow fifth year Ravenclaws, and had been the object of Ellie's affection since our second year when we met him in detention after predicting everyone's death during divination. He had black hair and brown eyes covered with a pair of glasses. Rather bland really, but he was an okay guy so I supported Ellie's so-called efforts to woo him and restrained myself from strangling him for remaining oblivious to said affections.

The hall was filled with excited chatter as friends greeted each other and began catching up on what they'd missed during the summer. We followed suit, making casual conversation with those around us until we were silenced by Headmistress McGonagall who had just entered the Hall followed by forty terrified 11-year-olds.

The sorting was about to begin. Ellie and I immediately began passing an assortment of knuts and sickles to each other as we placed bets on who would go to which house. It was a sort of tradition the two of us had, and hell, it kept things interesting.

Ethan was the first to notice our mediocre gambling and quickly reprimanded us for it.

"Eleanor, aren't you supposed to be a prefect! You're supposed to discourage things like gambling, not take part in it!" he hissed across the table as the Sorting Hat began to sing.

Ellie carefully glanced around in case any teachers were watching before leaning forward to reply to Ethan's accusations, "I'm not a prefect until the year begins. That being said, the year doesn't begin until the 1st years are sorted into their houses. So, the responsibility is not mine until later," when she finished rattling off her reasoning to an astounded Ethan, she leaned back towards me and slyly pointed to a first-year, "That little blonde girl with the snotty air, defiantly a Slytherin."

I nodded in agreement before slapping down another sickle, "I agree."

Ethan was obviously flustered at our behavior, "What about you? You make them stop, you're a prefect too!" he declared to Hayden in a harsh whisper.

"I have to say, the boy with the long brown hair up in the front seems to be a Gryffindor," he said as he ignored Ethan and pointed at a boy at the front of the line of first years.

Ethan heaved an exasperated sigh and ignored us as we continued to place our wagers. The sorting soon began and went by smoothly. Ellie ended up getting every one of her predictions right while my biggest loss was six sickles and a knut I had bet a Hufflepuff girl I swore should have been in Slytherin.

With all of the new students comfortably seated with their new houses, we were quite confused as to why the plates on the table before us remained empty. Curiously enough, the sorting hat had not been taken away and was still perched on the stool next to McGonagall. The entire hall remained silent as they watched her wave in a group of eight more people.

I gave Ellie a confused look to which she returned with a shrug of her shoulders, also clueless as to what was going on. Upon closer inspection of the newcomers I realized that they were all Asian, and the majority of them were definitely older than eleven, the oldest looking to be around sixteen. A murmur quickly spread across the hall as speculations and questions about the identity of the group were passed around.

McGonagall cleared her throat and gestured to the eight teens, effectively returning silence to the entire room, "starting this year," she said in a strong voice, "Hogwarts will be hosting a group of transfer students from the Chosun Academy of Magic in an effort to strengthen our international relations with the Eastern wizarding community."

Another murmur full of both excitement and skepticism flooded the hall but was yet again stopped by McGonagall as she continued her explanation.

"They will be sorted into houses, attend classes, and be treated as Hogwarts students just as the rest of you are," she said as she looked at all of through her spectacles. Seeming satisfied that her message had been understood, she pulled a piece of parchment from under her robes and began to scan its contents, "now, let the second round of sorting begin."

The sorting went the same as any other, except this time, everyone had their undivided attention on the students being sorted.

A second year girl and sixth year boy went to Hufflepuff, the girl looking to be extremely peppy while the boy seemed rather awkward. Slytherin received two boys, one a sixth year and the other a second. Two fourth years, one boy and one girl, went to Gryffindor, both seeming pleased with their new houses as they took their seats.

Our house, last but definitely not least, received a second year girl and a fifth year boy. The girl skipped happily to the table and immediately began to converse with her new fellow Ravenclaws. The boy, on the other hand, kept his face unreadable and took the only remaining seat at the table next to Hayden.

Once all of the new students were seated, the yearly announcements were made along with the introductions of new teachers and the plates were quickly filled with an assortment of foods. Ellie and I wasted no time loading our plates with the goodies and the rest of the room's occupants followed suit. Ellie immediately began bickering with Ethan between mouthfuls while Hayden and I attempted to converse with the new arrival. Hayden gave up shortly and settled for refereeing the arguments between Eleanor and Ethan while I stuck my hand out to the boy as an introduction.

"Delia Abberly, 5th year. It's a pleasure to meet you," I said with a smile.

The boy looked at my hand for a moment as if wondering whether or not it might suddenly jump up and kill him. After he had thoroughly studied the appendage he directed his gaze up to my face while he shook my hand, "Jae-Yong Lee. I'm a 5th year as well," he said smoothly before releasing my hand.

I found myself quite surprised at how clear the boy's voice was. To be completely honest, I had been expecting him to have a heavy Asian accent, or a minor speech impediment at least, but from what I could tell from his short statement, his English was fairly flawless and sounded rather American.

Seeming to notice my sudden bit of silence, he tilted his head in confusion as he attempted to decipher my expression, "something wrong?"

"Oh, no nothing at all!" I said as I snapped back to reality, "I was just surprised. Your English is really quite good." The words were out of my mouth before I could stop them and all I could do was inwardly curse myself for the statement. It made me sound horribly stereotypical and I could only hope Jae-Yong wouldn't take it offensively.

To my relief a smile was planted on the boy's face, "What, did you expect me to be unable to speak English because I'm Asian?" he questioned sarcastically as he took a sip of pumpkin juice.

"Something like that." I tried to make my reply just as smooth as Jae-Yong had, but I could tell I had failed terribly by the way his smirk widened. My face had to approaching a similar color to that of a tomato. I decided to change the subject in an attempt to save a bit of my dignity, "So, Jae-Yong," his name felt slightly awkward on my tongue, "how did you get here? To Hogwarts, I mean. I hadn't noticed any of you aboard the train."

"Call me Jae," he started, as he swallowed a piece of the pork chop he had been chewing on, "and we arrived in London by Muggle airlines about a week ago. We flew to Hogwarts by Thestral earlier today."

"Oh," I simply nodded my head, not really knowing what else to say. I put a bit of boiled potato in my mouth to give myself something to do.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Eleanor turning a brilliant shade of red and pointedly refusing to meet the gaze of a certain Hayden Channing. I suppressed a smile.

Jae must've seen my glance because the next thing he said was, "you and your friend have a thing for blushing, huh?"

I repressed the heat rushing to my face, "ex-excuse me?"

A knowing smirk was directed my way, "I guess girls here are quick to flirt, hmm?"

I felt my jaw literally drop at his words, "I-I beg your pardon!" my mind was whirling. The boy in front of me had done a complete one-eighty. Just a moment ago he was being perfectly pleasant, but his new attitude was horribly sarcastic and superior.

"Well, your friend there obviously wants to be all cozy with four-eyes there," he took another sip of pumpkin juice, "and your friendly introduction and rather red complexion are giving me a few hints."

I was livid. A line-up of comebacks were just waiting to tumble out of my mouth, but as soon as I prepared myself let loose on the bastard in front of me, Headmistress McGonagall stood up and a hush fell over the hall.

"The Start-of-Term Feast is now concluded. Prefects escort your houses to your respective dormitories. Classes will begin tomorrow."

With that, the Hall burst back to life as the shouts of prefects were forced over the excited chatter of the under classmen. I quickly stood up from my seat and, after shooting the nastiest glare I could muster at Jae, hurried over to Ellie and latched onto her arm.

"Let's go," I hissed into her ear as she directed first years to follow Hayden.

Just as we began to follow the general flow of the crowd, a voice called out to me, "hey, Delia!"

Out of habit, I turned around and found the owner of the voice to be the one I had just glared at. Jae stood with his hands in his pockets, smirk still in place.

"What?" I said harshly as Eleanor looked at me questioningly.

"Just wanted to say it was nice meeting you," he said through his smirk as he casually walked past me, his shoulder bumping harshly with mine.

I felt my lips press into an extremely thin line.

"Hey! It's rude to crash into a lady!" Ellie declared, stomping her foot. She continued to reprimand Jae-Yong who simply ignored her and proceeded to disappear into the crowd. Ellie, however, did not seem to notice this as she kept rambling about how women should be treated with more respect. Her mother was a feminist and it had rubbed off on her quite a bit.

Ellie eventually had to leave me as we neared the Ravenclaw tower; it was her duty as a prefect to explain to the first-years how to enter the common room, and she also had to prepare for patrolling the halls later in the evening.

I lingered behind on the Grand Staircase and chatted with Alrick Jones, a seventh year Gryffindor friend of mine who also happened to be the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I had become acquainted with him after my first Quidditch game against Gryffindor when we bashed heads five minutes into the game and knocked each other unconscious for a good two hours. We stayed to the side of the staircase as our classmates passed, talking about our practice schedules and laughing at the squeals of first years when the stairs began to change beneath them. When the flow of students finally began to thin, we decided it was time to return to our dorms.

"It was nice catching up with you, Del. You're gonna haf'ta let me try out your new Firebolt 360 sometime," he said, a smile evident through his Irish accent.

"Sure thing," I grinned as I waved goodbye and climbed the stairs to the Ravenclaw tower, my mood significantly better than it had been before.

That did not last long.

"You sure know how to get around."

I snapped my head up, already recognizing the voice of someone I'd known for barely two hours and whom I was very close to despising. Jae-Yong was sitting a few steps above me looking very bored as he rested his chin in his hands.

"I never new talking to friends meant I 'get around,'" I spat as I stomped up the steps past him. To my disappointment, he followed me. "Why are you following me?" I couldn't keep the whine out of my voice.

"I'm lost," he said plainly.

I raised an eyebrow at him as I approached the spiral staircase leading the Ravenclaw tower, "why didn't you just follow the rest of the Ravenclaws after the feast?"

He shrugged as he followed me up the stairs, "I wanted to explore a bit."

I scoffed at his nonchalant answer as we reached the door with the bronze eagle knocker. I spun around to face Jae and gave him a stern look, "this is the only time I'm helping you, okay?"

"Whatever you say," he said. I had a feeling he didn't mean it.

I repressed the urge to smack the boy and instead lifted the knocker on the door. As soon as I knocked the eagle recited its riddle. "I can run but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?"

"A nose," I said tiredly, and the door swung open to reveal the large, airy room that was the Ravenclaw common room. There was no one sitting at any of the tables or browsing through the neatly stocked bookshelves. Everyone had probably headed to bed. "Your room is up that way," I said, pointing to the staircase leading to the boys' dormitory.

Jae shot me a grin, "thanks."

"You are most certainly not welcome," I pouted.

"Ooh, the Flirt's getting touchy."

"I am not a Flir—" I started, but was abruptly silenced by a pair of lips on my own. My body became stiff as Jae's face pulled away just an inch from mine. I felt the color drain from my face as the reality of what just happened sank in.

Jae just kept a smirk on his face as a mischievous look danced in his eyes, "you're a funny one, you are," he said simply before he turned on his heel and proceeded to climb the stairs to his dorm, leaving me behind in the common room to sort out what the bloody hell just happened.

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