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Hey, it's me, animeluver101, (101 to my reviewers), and I wrote the new Bleach fic I promised you guys in "Play the Game". I got inspired by two of the best fanfics in history: Facebook Galore and NaruBook. They are HILARIOUS. Check it out sometime. :)

ANNYYWAAYYYY, I felt like trying out a new style in my story, so if it's too weird, tell me, because it's supposed to be like you're reading off of "FaceSpace". (I got the name 'FaceSpace' from 'Facebook' and 'Myspace' combined. LAWL!) (AND I got the 'thumbs up' from YouTube and the Facebook 'Like' Button, you know, the symbol is thumbs up...)

I hope you like it. And check out my other story "Play the Game", another IchiRuki fic, that you all love. Just click on my profile, and it has EVERYTHING on there. Really. It does.

[This will be in Rukia's perspective]

Disclaimer: Don't own Bleach or Megan Fox. O_o

~Welcome to FaceSpace~

Hello, Rukia, you have 2 new messages:


1. Subject: Visit My GardenVille!

From: Renji Abari


"Come visit my GardenVille! Click here to visit RENJI'S garden! Make your own! It's FREE and EASY! Join today!"

| Reply | |Delete| |Mark as Spam| |Block|

2. Subject: Take This Quiz

From: Kon The Hairbender


"Hey Rukia, I made this quiz on the Quiz app thing… It's really cool…. TAKE THE QUIZ! Click Here to Take the Quiz"

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Kon's Quiz: How well do you know me?

1.) What's my name?

| | Rukiaaaa! :DDDD

| | Kon the Hairbender! :D

|X| Idiot (it's true)

| | Ichigo Kurosaki

2.) Who will I marry?

|X| Ichigo (hahaha, why would you even ADD this?)

| | Rukiaaaa! :DDDD

| | Megan Fox

| | Orihime…

3.) Who is my BFF?

| | Ichigo Kurosaki

| | Rukiaaaa! :DDDD

| | Everyone

|X| my mom (lol, I'm not sure if mods have them though)

4.) What is my occupation?

| | Official Guardian of Rukia Kuchiki

| | Soul Raper- I mean REAPER….

| | The guy who beat up Ichigo

|X| none (it's DEFINITLY not the first choice)

5.) Did you like this quiz?

| | YES

| | YESS

|X| YESSS (It's opposite day)



You do NOT know me AT ALL! I bet nobody gets this result, because they all know me! Hahaha! Well, I'm okay with this if you actually got this result, because I don't want to be stalked by some stranger. But, if you're Rukia Kuchiki, you BETTER NOT get this result!

-99% got this result-

5 thumbs up and 48 comments:

Rukia Kuchiki (6:24 PM): It was fun taking this, Kon.

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:25 PM): I agree.

Rukia Kuchiki (6:27 PM): It's funny how 100% got this result

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:27 PM): I agree.

Kon The Hairbender (6:28 PM): It is NOT funny and FYI, it's 99%, not 100%.

Chad Sado (6:29 PM): I wonder who the 1% was…

Ishida Quincy-man (6:30 PM): not me

Orihime Inoue (6:30 PM): Not me, sorry Kon :(

Renji Abari (6:31 PM): D:

Rukia Kuchiki (6:32 PM): ?

Renji Abari (6:32 PM): I…

Chad Sado (6:32 PM): Yes?

Renji Abari (6:33 PM): am…

Kisuke Urahara (6:33 PM): you are…

Renji Abari (6:34 PM): the…

Kon The Hairbender (6:35 PM): Renji is the 1%! He got all 5 questions correct! :D

Kisuke Urahara (6:36 PM): Oh me….

Ishida Quincy-man (6:36 PM): Oh my….

Orihime Inoue (6:37 PM): :(

Kon The Hairbender (6:37 PM): It's not a bad thing!

Rukia Kuchiki (6:38 PM): Umm, yes it is.

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:38 PM): I agree.

Rukia Kuchiki (6:38 PM): Can you stop saying 'I agree'?

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:39 PM): I agree.

Rukia Kuchiki (6:40 PM): I hate you.

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:40 PM): I love you too :D

Rukia Kuchiki (6:40 PM): You're stupid

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:41 PM): You're beautiful

Rukia Kuchiki (6:41 PM): You're perverted

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:42 PM): You're cute

Rukia Kuchiki (6:43 PM): That's stupid

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:43 PM): That's a lie

Kisuke Urahara (6:44 PM): Cute~! It's a lovers' quarrel! I might add your conversation to my Fan Fiction! Thanks, guys… :)

Rukia Kuchiki (6:45 PM): Where's Byakuya when you need him D:

Renji Abari (6:46 PM): When did you and Ichigo get together? D:

Soi Fon Teehee (6:47 PM): Byakuya as in Byakuya Kuchiki?

Rukia Kuchiki (6:47 PM): Yes, I invited him to be my friend countless times, but he declined every single one. D:

Orihime Inoue (6:49 PM): …He's my friend on FaceSpace…

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:49 PM): That old man has FRIENDS?

Ishida Quincy-man (6:50 PM): Well, that was rude.

Ichigo Kurosaki (6:50 PM): Your face is rude.

Chad Sado (6:51 PM): Diss…

Renji Abari (6:52 PM): Ichigo, are you and Rukia dating?


Ichigo Kurosaki (6:53 PM): …I'm your friend… :D

Renji Abari (6:54 PM): No one ever answers my questions. :(

Renji Abari (6:58 PM): Hello?

Renji Abari (7:00 PM): This sucks :(

Rukia's Area

Rukia Kuchiki feels like crying

Ichigo Kurosaki wants to hug his girlfriend

Rukia Kuchiki doesn't want a hug

Ichigo Kurosaki will hug her

Rukia Kuchiki won't let him

Renji Abari feels left out

Ichigo Kurosaki doesn't care

Renji Abari will destroy Ichigo

Rukia Kuchiki feels weird

Kon The Hairbender will protect Rukia with his life

Ichigo Kurosaki thinks Kon is weird

Rukia Kuchiki Kon, CHANGE YOUR NAME!

Kon The Hairbender says no…

Rukia Kuchiki says CHANGE YOUR NAME, NOWWW!

Megan Fox says hey

Renji Abari Megan Fox?

Rukia Kuchiki doesn't remember having Megan Fox as a friend on FaceSpace

Megan Fox is actually Kon

Rukia Kuchiki is pissed

Ichigo Kurosaki feels like hugging his pissed-off girlfriend

Renji Abari is wondering how IchiRuki happened

Rukia Kuchiki long story

Ichigo Kurosaki loves his girlfriend :D

Renji Abari feels weird

You are invited to ChatRoom245209! |Accept| |Decline|

You are now in ChatRoom245209

Rukia: who is this?

Ichigo: Me

Renji: and me

Orihime: and me and Ishida

Ishida: yeah… What she said…

Chad: I'm here. So is Tut-ski

Tatsuki: It's Tatsuki!

Chad: I knew that

Rukia: is that all?

Ishida: yes

Rukia: kewl

Orihime: ?

Sent at 7:20 PM EST, November 11, 2010

Orihime: What does that mean?

Rukia: kewl?

Orihime: yes, what does it mean?

Tatsuki: it means

Renji: it means: Kites Enjoy Wonderful Ladies

Sent at 7:25 PM EST, November 11, 2010

Orihime: Ohhh, I understand.

Rukia: What?

Ishida: ?

Ichigo: I thought it meant 'cool'…

Ishida: it does!

Renji: really? OH. Okay… That's how I learned it, though…

Chad: Who'd you learn it from?

Renji: Keigo

Rukia: No wonder.

Renji: I g2g!

Orihime: what does that mean?

Ichigo: T_T OH. MY. GOD.

-Renji has signed out-

Rukia: ?

-Chad has left the Chat-

Ishida: everyone is leaving D:

-Tatsuki has signed out-

Ichigo: Hey, that rhymes!

Rukia: How does that rhyme?

Ichigo: never mind

Orihime: I have to go, too! It's my bedtime! :C BYE BYE!

-Orihime has signed out-

Ishida: I love you…

Ichigo: You're such a wimp. You can't say that to her face


Rukia: I need to go…Byakuya…needs help… ^_^"

-Rukia has signed out-

Ichigo: I love you…

Ishida: You're the one to talk T_T

Ichigo: shaddup

Rukia's Area

Rukia Kuchiki whoa… O_o

Rukia just found out who she will marry, using Who Will You Marry?!

Her results were:


1,326 thumbs up and 9,054 comments (5 showing):

Ichigo Kurosaki (7:40 PM): It's destiny :D

Renji Abari (7:41 PM): FaceSpace is a lie

Kon The Megan Fox HairBender (7:42PM): I agree!

Hitsugaya Toshiro (7:44 PM): This is immature.

Rangiku Matsumoto (7:45 PM): Ahahaa! It's called youth, Hitsugaya!

Ichigo Kurosaki (7:46 PM): And destiny :D

Gin Ichimaru (7:47 PM): :]

Hisagi Shuuhei (7:48 PM): :[

Rukia Kurosaki (7:50 PM): Even FACESPACE approved my last name!

Ichigo Kurosaki (7:51 PM): :)

Rukia Kurosaki (7:53 PM): Byakuya is on my friends list all of a sudden…

Byakuya Kuchiki (7:55 PM): Rukia, change your last name.

Ichigo Kurosaki (7:56 PM): Damn.

That's it for the first chapter. Hope it's long enough. :) Yes, I'm continuing this, so TTYL!

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