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Ichigo's Area

Ichigo Kurosaki- feels desperate for a girlfriend.

6,099 thumbs ups and 27 comments:

Orihime Inoue- I'll be your girlfriend!

Tatsuki Haha- NO WAY! Let ME be his gf!

Random Fangirl- Nooo! I AM THE HOTTEST! X-(

Nel- Back off! Wishigoww's MINE! [A/N: Translates to 'Ichigo' in Nel language.]

Soi Fong- What? No! He's too young for you!

Kon- hes not 2 yung 4 meh ;)

Rangiku Matsumoto- OK, girls, chill. There are PLENTY of men out there. And second of all, (I'd think we'd all agree on this one), Ichigo, if I were you, DELETE KON AS A FRIEND.

Ichigo Kurosaki- Oh, har, har, Rangiku. You're just jealous that I have so many fangirls, and you don't.

Gin Ichimaru- Rangiku has fangirls? U meanz fanboys

Ichigo Kurosaki- No, waddya talking about? Rangiku's actually a man that had b00bs.

Rangiku Matsumoto- WHAT THE HELL, ICHIGO? !$#%!^%!%%$#^!~~!

Gin Ichimaru- Don't say that about my gf!

Orihime Inoue-

Orihime Inoue- Ichigo's mine! I called it FIRST!

Random Fangirl- Ichigo's MINE!

Rangiku Matsumoto- GIRLS! Didn't I tell you about something called 'IchiRuki FTW'?

Random Fangirl- Pshhh, I call it 'IchiRuki WTF'!

Rukia Kucheeky- Wooow. VERY mature, Rangeeky. 'IchiRuki FTW'? I would never go out with that.

Ichigo Kurosaki- GASP! U KNOW u love meee!

Kaien Shiba- *cough, cough*

Rukia Kucheeky- I don't like you!

Kaien Shiba- *COUGH, COUGH*

Ichigo Kurosaki- Will ya quit coughing? You're making me sick! HAHAHAA, get it? Like, coughing=sick? HAHAHAAA~! :D

Renji Abarai- That was the gayest joke in history.

Kaien Shiba- I was COUGHING cuz Rukia is MY girlfriend.

The World- WHAT?

Rukia Kucheeky- Wha-?—Ohhh, yeahhh… ;) I AM his "girlfriend"…

Ichigo Kurosaki is in depression.

The Rukia Kuchiki Fan Club is broken-hearted.

Ichigo Kurosaki will go emo if Rukia marries the Shibastard.

Rukia Kucheeky

You have been invited to ChatRoom 3140567348.

|Accept| |Decline|

Welcome to ChatRoom 3140567348.

Rukia: Hey, Ichigo!

Ichigo: …

Rukia: Ichigo?

Ichigo: ….

Rukia: Ichigo!

Ichigo: ….


Ichigo: …

Sent at 5:08 PM, Eastern Time

Rukia: ….I love you, Ichigooooo~!

Ichigo: REALLY?

Rukia: Ya, I'm not actually dating Kaien. It was just a joke. ;)

Ichigo: Sooo.. You love me?

Rukia: …

Ichigo: ?

Rukia: Nah, I was jk.

Sent at 5:10 PM, Eastern Time

Rukia: BUT, I was serious about the not-dating-Kaien thing!

Ichigo has signed out.

Rukia: BUT, I was joking about being just kidding about loving Ichigo!

Ichigo has signed back on.


Ichigo Kurosaki has changed his relationship status to in a relationship with Rukia Kucheeky.

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Nel (8:20 PM): With me?

Orihime Inoue (8:21 PM): No, me!

Rangiku Matsumoto (8:22 PM): (snort) Ohhh, PUH-LEEZ! IchiRuki just happened! DUH!

Kon (8:23 PM): IchiKon will NEVER happen, now… :(

Hitsugaya Toshiro (8:25 PM): Damn! I was a IchiKon shipper all the way!

Rangiku Matsumoto (8:25 PM): O_O

Kaien Shiba (2:06 AM): What is the meaning of this?

Ichigo Kurosaki (3:04 AM): Whaddya mean?

Rukia Kucheeky (6:50 AM): Oh, hehe, boys, I can explain…

I AM SO SORRY! THAT WAS SO SHORT AND SUCKY! Like Rukia says, I can explain!

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Next chapter, will DEFINITLY be abillion gajillion words long! And hopefully, WAAY FASTER!

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_ and _ are two characters from Bleach that should go die in a hole.