I like the relationship of Steve and Danny (and their banter) in this new series and truely feel Steve has got it coming big time soon...well, couldn't wait till the writer's consider some major Steve whumpage, so here it goes...

Addit Dec 2010: for anyone joining now I initially commenced this as a 4-6 chapter pure Steve whumpage but now it has evolved into something bigger-multi chapter and multiple OC-intrigue and conspiracy with plenty of twists and turns depending on where my Muse takes me. Danny, Chin and Kono whumpage to follow as someone is out to destroy Five O...

Enjoy & review

"Rambo, you ain't"

The stench of rotten fish mixed in with oil and gasoline was the first thing that Steve smelt in the dark confined space he woke up in. Steve's heart started to race in a surge of panic. He tried to shift his position, arching his back gently only to roll against a wall. He was lying on his side, legs curled up and knees close to his chest with his left hand tucked under his body only leaving his right arm free to explore the rough surfaces surrounding him. It took him a few seconds until he realized that he must be in the trunk of a car explaining the sense of movement he was experiencing and the muffled sounds enveloping him.

A groan escaped his lips as the car hit a bump and his head thumped against something hard. He blinked in the darkness fighting down the nausea bubbling up by breathing in through his open mouth.

Steve wasn't sure how long he had been unconscious but the memories of the fight started to return. Outnumbered he held his own against the four men until a knife found his flank and the tearing pain was quickly followed by merciful darkness as he had crumbled to the ground.

Carefully he ran his hand across his stomach, finding the warm stickiness from the blood soaking through his shirt and flinched as his probing fingers found the ragged laceration the knife had left in his left flank. Steve sighed softly as the seriousness of the situation hit him. He was slowly bleeding out in the back of a car, no one knew where he was nor even that he was missing. Once he didn't show up for work on Monday some 48 hours from now Danny may become concerned but by then it would be too late for him.

This was exactly the situation Danny had warned him against only a few hours ago after he had rushed into a situation, putting himself at risk and earning him the ire of Danny and his team. He had bristled at the open criticism of his judgement by his partner refusing to recognize the genuine concern hidden behind the terse remarks. Regret came too late.

"I'm sorry, Danno…' he whispered into the darkness before slipping back into unconsciousness.

So, any takers for some more on Steve's precarious situation...let me know and I'll continue this