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Kanaloa- god of the ocean

Makamae - sweetheart

Chapter 23

Knocking on the sky

The caress of air mixed with the spray of salt from the breaking waves tugged at her. Kanaloa whispered his pleasure in his child. Swaying, alive in the warmth of the sea she worshipped him, waiting until the time was right.

Lightheaded and giddy she twisted to look back, feeling the rise of the wave with her name on it. Kanaloa beckoned.

The sun glare made her close her eyes but she only needed to feel the power of the water around her to know it was time. A laugh bubbled up in her throat as instinct took over and she gracefully mounted her board, her feet becoming one with the fiberglass. Her arms spread out from her sides, palms upwards as the flush of adrenalin charged through her. The hungry cries of seagulls close by joined the eternal chant of the sea as her board cut across the face of the wave. Kanaloa favoured the bold and Kono had never backed down from a challenge.

Whispers in the wind made her frown.

Someone was calling her name.

Kono opened her eyes and the deep blue of the water ruptured, exploding into a haze of bright lights. The rancid smell of sweat assaulted her olfactory nerves making her gag as the blood rushed in her ears. The dark disks of her pupils dilated widely in fear, pearls of sweat gathering on her forehead as deep heaves shook her body.

'Officer Kalakaua…nice of you to join us' Javier Poidevin leaned over and tilted Kono's head back until her eyes met his. 'Such beautiful eyes…' he whispered softly.

Kono swallowed hard, fighting down the burning acid in the back of her throat. Disorientated, she blinked hard.

'Where am I?'

The sound of her voice increased the throbbing in her head and she let out a small groan.

Poidevin dropped his hand and stepped back, worried that his new prisoner may empty her stomach contents on his leather patent shoes.

He watched her closely for a few seconds before turning around and walking over to a small table.

'Well, it's time I woke up your cousin so he can greet you. I do love family reunions!'

Kono's eyes had finally adjusted to the light in the room and the humming in her ears had faded. A pained frown crinkled her forehead and she pressed her lips to a tight line.

Her eyes settled on the familiar figure sitting opposite her.

An unconscious Chin was slumped over, only held upright by the leather belt tied around his naked chest fastened to the high back of a chair.

His skin was pale and slick with sweat. The metallic smell in the air directed her gaze to the many lacerations on his trunk and extremities, the blood caked and dried and she bit down hard on her bottom lip to stifle an outcry.

'Oh please be alive' she prayed silently as her eyes narrowed focusing on his chest. Finally there was a slight quiver proving to her that he was still breathing.

Fear nipped at Kono as she imagined the pain her cousin had suffered but she pushed it aside. Clearing her voice she called out softly.

'Chin, Chin can you hear me? Wake up! It's Kono…'

She willed her cousin to lift his head and smile at her, telling her it would be okay. A minute passed but Chin didn't move. Tears pooled in Kono's eyes and she let out the breath she had been holding.

She gently shook her head in a daze.

Kono recalled driving up to Serikawa's house around mid afternoon, meeting the ex FBI agent but after that she couldn't remember anything past the pain in her head and the creepy little man's hot breath on her face.

For the first time she looked around the room noticing the high, unclad walls and the small windows at the back. She was in a warehouse. It appeared to be dark outside which meant at least a loss of five hours if not more. She heard her mother's voice in her head: Be careful what you wish for…she had wanted to find Chin and it seems her wish had been granted though not quite as she would have envisioned.

'Please, Chin, wake up…' Her breath hitched as hot tears ran down her cheeks.

Poidevin turned around holding a small syringe filled with an opaque fluid in his hand.

'Now ma petite chere…don't be impatient.'

Kono watched as the slim dark haired man approached her cousin, pulling his arm out straight and placing the needle up against the skin. Kono flinched when the needle sliced into Chin and she watched in horror as the thick fluid entered her cousin's body.

'What are you giving him? Who are you and what do you want from us?'

Frantically Kono tugged at her handcuffs while never letting Chin out of her eyes. A few seconds after the injection a slow heave of his chest signaled her that Chin was coming to.

'Mr. Kelly, lift your head for me and say hallo to your cousin here. She was so kind to join our little party.'

'No…' wheezed Chin in a soft voice.

He was past taking orders from his torturer though subsequent swift slaps in the face made his head roll. Poidevin did not tolerate defiance.

Kono gasped when she saw the bruising and the blood shot eyes. Chin's bottom lip had split and tracks of dried blood ran down his chin onto his neck.

'Mr. Kelly I need you to wake up…we have a guest and she is keen to talk to you!'

Chin blinked hard as he lifted his head from his chest and peered at the figure sitting across from him. 'Kono, makamae… and he felt a smile forming. His mind was drifting, cocooning him in memories of the people he loved, protecting him and at the same time providing him with the strength to withstand what ever Poidevin would throw at him.

Kono filled him with pride. She had always been special to him. Over the years Chin had watched her grow, gently guided her and created a bond that had led Kono to keep the faith in him when the family turned away.

'Chin, Chin…please look at me' Kono begged, her voice shaking.

Chin stared at Kono, his facial play reflecting the confusion he felt at seeing her across from him, tied up to a chair. She was crying. He felt a cold hand squeeze his heart when he realized that this wasn't a trick of his mind. Dizzy he closed his eyes but his pained expression didn't escape Kono.

'Bien, now that I have both of your attention. Officer Kalakaua, your cousin has not been very helpful in recalling certain events. I do so hope you will be able to sway him to explain what happened with a large sum of money that belongs to my employer. He is most anxious to reclaim the money.'

Kono's eyes widened in alarm and a soft gasp escaped her mouth before Chin's frown paired with the soft shake of his head made her avert her eyes.

Poidevin watched the facial play between the cousins and a smile erupted on his face. The girl knew something. Excited he clasped his hands in front of his chest.

Most days he enjoyed his work but after admiring the satin like complexion of the young woman, the dark doe like eyes and full red mouth, today promised to be special. Once Kelly broke he would keep this young woman alive for some private playtime. It had been awhile since he had been with a woman. His employer wouldn't mind as long as he disposed of the body afterward.

'May I explain the tools of my trade to you, ma petite? This vial holds a mixture of a muscle relaxant and a nerve agent. The administration promises the recipient exquisite pain coupled with the feeling of drowning.' Kono stared at the yellow viscous fluid.

The Frenchman underscored his explanation with a flourish of gestures towards the collection of syringes on the table next to him. He held up another vial with a pale blue liquid, briefly shaking it before placing it down.

'Your cousin has been very stubborn and refuses to help himself. See, if he tells me the location of the money I will use the fluid in this vial to stop his heart…painlessly. In my humble opinion beats a bullet to the heart every time.'

Kono had lifted her head in horror as it dawned on her what Chin had been through these last hours. Her cousin caught her eye, steadying her with the love that shone in them.

'You monster!' spat Kono 'A bullet would be too good for you!'

'Cherie, you could help your cousin…if you know the location of the money, I will end his suffering…' The dark menacing eyes of the Frenchman bored into Kono's eyes.

'I have no idea what you are talking about, you madman. You are wasting your time on us.'

'Ah, such courage, ma petite, but maybe you will sing a different tune after a demonstration…'

Poidevin reached for the vial and inserted a needle to withdraw the yellow fluid. Kono's breathing rate increased as she watched Chin set his shoulders and wipe all emotion from his face awaiting the scratch of the needle and the hell that would follow.

'No, no…oh my god Chin…' helpless she watched as Poidevin approached her cousin. He stopped and lifted up the syringe to eye level, pushing the plunger until a small bead of yellow liquid appeared on the top of the needle.

Chin had closed his eyes waiting for the inevitable. Poidevin stared down at Kelly and a weak smile played around his lips. Suddenly he swung around and stepped over to Kono who was busy pulling at her restraints in frustration. Breathless she stopped when she noticed his approach. Poidevin lifted his hand and ran his fingers along her collar bone, savoring the silky feel of her hot skin. Repulsed Kono tried to twist away. The rapid beat of her pulse was visible at the base of her neck. He bent forward placing his lips close to her right ear. He drew in a breath of her scent and cooed.

'Just a little prick, ma petite' he whispered before plunging the needle into her right shoulder.

Kono felt a scream fight its way past her lips before the darkness claimed her.

'No, wait…leave her alone!' called out Chin in despair. Kono's lips turned blue from the lack of oxygen as a fire burnt though her.

'Kono, listen to me …relax into the pain…I know it hurts…' urged Chin fighting down the panic he felt. Kono's eyes rolled back and a seizure started to shake her body.

He screamed out in frustration every dark swear word he could think of for this sadistic man and when his voice cracked under the strain, Poidevin knew he had won. He had broken detective Kelly.

'I will tell you want you want to know…just promise me you'll help her' he said in a flat voice knowing that he had signed his death warrant.


Standing in the middle of the road Danny flagged down the SWAT truck. He ran his hand across his throat indicating to the driver to cut the lights and engine as he approached the vehicle.

The team leader had wound down the window and was looking at Danny expectantly.

'Sergeant Jackson, glad you could join us.' greeted Danny with a steady voice though his dark eyes betrayed the worry he felt.

'Any time, Sir…we were in the neighborhood. What do you need us to do?' The sergeant opened the door and slid down to join Danny on the road.

'Get your men ready for a rescue mission. We have one confirmed Five O officer, Kono Kalakaua inside and we suspect that another Five O detective, Chin Ho Kelly is also being held hostage.'

Jackson gave hand signals for his men to exit the vehicle and gather round.

'What's the plan, Detective?' enquired Jackson flanked by his men.

Serikawa had walked over to Danny with his iPad.

'If you allow me, Detective Williams... I downloaded the blue prints of the warehouse: simple design, four separate storage rooms leading off a narrow corridor which runs the length of the building. Only access is the front entry. Each room has windows that are located in the upper third of the wall facing the adjoining property, too high to use as entry point. There are security cameras installed at the front, along the sides pointing towards the fence line. The fence is electrified. This isn't going to be easy!' concluded Serikawa.

'Jackson, meet Mr. Serikawa, retired FBI agent. He helped us find Kono and appears to have some more tricks up his sleeve.'

Jackson inclined his head in greeting before addressing the Five O Detective.

'Do we know how many hostiles are inside, Sir?' Jackson ran his eyes over the blue prints.

Serikawa smiled and tapped the screen, loading another app. A dark screen with the blue prints appeared but this time there were several red dots located in two groups.

'I have heat signatures of seven individuals…four in the front room and three in the room at the back.'

'Serikawa, is that a live feed?'

'As good as the government can provide. There is a time delay of only a few seconds. Unfortunately I'm not sure how long my hack will remain unnoticed.'

Danny whistled softly as he shook his head in amazement. Serikawa had accessed a satellite via back channels.

'One never really retires from the FBI, Detective.' explained Serikawa with a shrug.

'I'm very glad you are on our side, Serikawa.' Replied Danny before turning to the SWAT leader.

'Any suggestions how we are going to get in there without risking the hostages?'

Jackson shook his head having studied the blue prints closely.

'A frontal assault is fraught with problems, Detective Williams. They would see us coming, the blue prints indicate that the door is reinforced and even if we got in, the corridor is too narrow to effectively deploy my men…no, it would be a shooting gallery with my men as the little yellow duckies.'

Danny rubbed his chin lost in thought as he watched the heat signatures in the front room move about.

'As soon as the assault starts Kono and Chin are in danger of being executed. Jackson, I need your two sharpshooters to position themselves on the roof of the warehouse facing the windows, one covering each room. See if we can get eyes on who is in that back room and a solution on the guards in the front room.'

'Sorry, Sir' regret tinged Jackson's voice 'One of my snipers is down with the flu, so I've only got Jacobs with me. I could call in a back up but that would take at least an hour until he arrives…'

'No, we haven't got that kind of time.' Danny closed his eyes in frustration for a few seconds, taking a deep steadying breath before opening them and staring into the distance. His gaze fell on Kono's car. McGarrett hadn't had the opportunity yet to slip away in the little red car. Danny sighed softly but knew it was the only chance to save Kono and possibly Chin.

'Jackson, have you got a spare sniper rifle and gear in the van?' asked Danny in a tense voice.

Serikawa stepped forward. He had seen Danny's gaze directed at Kono's red car where McGarrett was hiding and he understood what William's was planning.

'Of course, Sir, but I don't understand…you're not qualified as a sniper…' confused the sergeant looked at the detective.

'No Sergeant but I am.' Serikawa interrupted 'If you would be so kind to fetch the rifle and gear for me, thank you.' With a nod he dismissed the SWAT team leader.

Serikawa watched as Jackson stepped over to the truck and issued commands to his men while he felt William's questioning eyes on him. He turned to the detective and explained in a hushed voice.

'I will bring the rifle and gear to Commander McGarrett and he can change into the fatigues, wear the mask and helmet and none will be the wiser that it is him on the roof and not me.'

Danny couldn't suppress a grin.

'You're sure you want to remain retired…I think Five O could use someone like you!'

'Thank you, Detective, I will remember your invitation if retirement ever becomes too sedate.' Chuckled the ex FBI man.

Jackson returned holding out ear pieces for Danny and Serikawa which they immediately placed in their ear canals.

'The gear is waiting for you next to the truck. Jacobs has already left and should be on the roof top in a few minutes to give us our first Intel'

Danny nodded while turning to look down towards the drive way leading to the warehouse. 'We need the bad guys to open the door for us and let us in.'

'Obviously, Detective, there is no doubt that we require the element of surprise to overwhelm our opponents…but how do we trick them in opening the door?' Serikawa watched as Danny chewed on his bottom lip, running a hand through his hair before voicing his thoughts.

'We need a way to approach the warehouse and not cause undue alarm, get them to open the door and then storm the building…'

Danny felt a hand squeeze his arm for attention. Unnoticed Cath had joined the huddle and had been listening to the men.

'I can do that…you know, Damsel in distress, car broke down, cell not working or something like that. I definitely look the part …' she glanced down her dirty skirt to her bare feet and pushed a stray strand of hair out of her face to meet the astonished looks of the men around her.

'No, sorry Cath…you're a civilian and I can't ask you to face armed thugs.' Danny vehemently shook his head as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

A snort escaped from Cath's lips.

'Seriously…after all I've been through these last few days now you remember I'm a civilian?'

Danny grimaced. 'Touché, but I never put you knowingly in the firing line.'

'We could do this together.' Cath pursed her lips in thought 'How about you got rough with your girl friend and I run from the car seeking shelter at the warehouse, the guard opens the door, you follow me to the door, we fight, distracting the guard…well, you do that police karate thing…' Cath waved her hands around punching the air as Danny watched speechless. He wasn't sure if he should laugh at the doctor's impression of close combat or take it seriously. Someone definitely had watched too many cop shows.

Serikawa cleared his voice.

'Not a bad idea, Cath, but after the door is open it will take SWAT about twenty to thirty seconds to rush down that drive way… The door has to stay open and thirty seconds can be a very long time… a lot can happen.'

Danny found his voice again and his hands flew up in the air as he tried to make his point. 'Yes, like you being shot, or grabbed…no, Cath it's too dangerous.' Cath's face fell at Danny's adamant stance.

'Okay, then we need another distraction once I'm at the door.' Cath threw out the statement to the group ignoring Danny's groan and wringing of hands.

'How about a power failure?' piped up Jackson earning him a scathing look from Danny. He didn't need anyone indulging Cath. 'I can get one of my men to shut down the router up the road.'

Serikawa nodded at the suggestion.

'The warehouse has a back up generator for the electrified fence and security cameras but it would take a least 15 to 20 seconds to kick in. Enough for Williams to take out the guy at the door and if the snipers can pick off the remaining men in the confusion…I say we have a chance!'

Expectantly the two men and woman looked at Danny who opened his mouth to say something but must have thought better of it.

'Okay…' he put up his hands in defeat. 'It appears we have a plan.' Jackson turned and waved one of his men over speaking in a low, urgent voice. The man promptly turned and left in double time down the road.

Suddenly the com system came to life.

'Jacobs here. I'm in first position. View through window is limited. Two men are sitting in front of a TV, another is monitoring the security cameras. Cannot see fourth… view is blocked or he has left the room.'

Serikawa shook his head. The screen still showed four heat signatures in the front room.

'That's a negative-fourth heat signature is in room. Can you move to the last window and confirm the number of hostages?' asked Danny.

'Give me five to change positions, Sir'

They could all hear the muffled steps of the sniper on the corrugated iron. Serikawa handed his iPad to Danny.

'I better go' he said and left to gather the sniper rifle and gear. Danny watched him disappear into the darkness.

'Jacobs, Mr. Serikawa is gearing up and will be with you shortly. I want him to take the position on the last room.'

'Sir, I see two hostages, one woman and a man. Both tied to chairs…the man appears to be unconscious. His back is to me but I recognize officer Kalakaua. There is a third person in the room, a man. He is talking to Kalakaua.'

'Thank you, Jacobs. Return to your first position.' Danny turned to Jackson. 'Get your men ready just out of the range of the security cameras and wait for my signal to cut the power.' Jackson nodded and quietly stepped over to talk to his men.

Cath stood waiting next to Danny. The Jersey Detective took a deep breath as he turned his attention to the doctor.

'Okay Cath, let's go over how this is going to play out. Once you have the door open I need you to disable the guard. Have you ever used a taser? No, well follow me.' Danny gently grasped Cath's arm and pulled her over towards the truck where one of the team handed him the powerful device.


Steve had ducked down, pressing his muscular form against the seats, melting into the shadows as he tried to avoid detection by the passing SWAT truck.

He clenched his teeth. A sharp pain in his side reminded him that it his knife wound was not forgiving of his escapades.

Super SEAL or not he still required time to heal and he was convinced Cath would give him a lecture later tonight about the cavalier way he treated his body. A frustrated groan escaped his lips. Steve had never been good at sitting on the side lines even if his body reminded him of it's limitations. He hated leaving Danny out there alone but at the same time he was proud of his partner. Danny had stepped up when Steve had been incapacitated. As much as Danny William's liked to quote police regulations he went off the reservation if required. He couldn't believe it when Chin told him how Danny had acquired the information on Steve's location by placing a grenade between a perp's knees to get him to talk. Conjuring up the visual made Steve smile in spite of the ache and fatigue he felt.

He popped his head up a fraction above the dashboard and saw Danny speaking to Jackson, the team leader of SWAT team alpha.

Obviously they were hatching a plan to rescue Kono and hopefully Chin, too. McGarrett sank back, the pain in his side forcing him to rest for a moment. He closed his eyes and started a meditation that one of his old SEAL instructors had taught him to combat pain.

The minutes passed and the throbbing in his side lessened. Gently he pushed himself upright again, remaining in the dark shadows of the car. McGarrett grinned as he watched Danny in action. He couldn't hear the words but Danny's hands were working overtime. His partner wasn't happy about something and the way he looked at Cath made McGarrett wonder what she had said. Suddenly he noticed one of the SWAT members jogging up the road towards him and with a soft curse he let himself slide down back onto the floor. He waited a few minutes until he couldn't hear the foot steps anymore but before he could sit up again there was a soft knock on the window.

'McGarrett, open the door and get out of the car!' Serikawa's urgent voice took McGarrett by surprise. He quietly unlocked the door and joined Serikawa at the back of the car. A questioning eyebrow shot up as McGarrett recognized a rifle carry case in Serikawa's right hand and SWAT gear draped over his other arm.

'It seems your skill set is required. Get changed while I explain!' Serikawa thrust the SWAT gear at McGarrett. A few minutes later McGarrett was heading towards the adjoining warehouse, the sniper rifle firmly in his hands and a grim smile on his face. This was what he was born to do.


'Heh, boss, look at this…' The young Samoan man pointed at the screen.

Vailalo turned his head to the security monitor where he could see a young woman approaching the warehouse. She appeared upset; turning to check behind her as if she was worried someone was following her.

A few seconds later he could hear the thumping of her fist against the door.

'Wait here; I'll see what she wants.' Ordered Vailalo as his hand instinctively felt for his weapon which he had tucked in the back of his pants.

'Please, if someone can hear me open up the door. Please..' She laid her forehead against the door and sobbed.

Vailalo swung the door open and looked down on the disheveled woman. She had a bruise on her face, her blouse was torn revealing the lacy bra barely covering her creamy breasts. His eyes lingered a few seconds.

Cath ignored the lecherous stare and launched into her speech pushing herself against the man and forcing him to take a step back.

'Oh, thank God…when I saw the lights I hoped someone was home. Please my date is drunk… he ripped my blouse…'

'Clarisse, you bitch get back here…' Danny yelled at the top of his voice as he stormed down the drive way towards the warehouse 'You owe me..that was one expensive steak dinner…time to pay up, you little whore! Get back in the car!' Danny swaggered slightly while shaking his fist at the woman.

Cath turned and screeched.

'A dinner doesn't buy you a woman, you bastard. Go to hell!'

She turned to the large Samoan and in her best damsel in distress display she begged with a sweet and velvety voice.

'Please make him go away…I would be so grateful to you' A quick bat of her eyelids and an innocent pout sold Vailalo. He looked at the woman, imagining how she would feel in his arms and smirked at the thought.

Danny had reached the door by now and confronted the Samoan with the bluster only a drunken fool would display.

'You get out of my way, moron. That's my woman…I paid for her company and she is bloody well giving me some!' Danny pushed his flat hand against the massive chest of Vailalo.

A familiar voice whispered in his ear, distracting Danny for a fraction of a second.

'Confirm Chin is in the backroom with Kono.' A relieved smile spread over Danny's face and he cocked his head to look at the Samoan standing in the door way. The guard definitely looked annoyed by the idiotic drunk.

Vailalo pulled Cath out of the way, letting her pass behind him and stepped forward to deal with Danny. He drew himself up to his full height, clenching his fists and a scowl decorated his face.

'This is your only warning…leave now. Your lady friend has found better company.'

Vailalo hit his open palm with his clenched fist; mimicking the beating he was willing to give the drunkard. Danny gazed past the Samoan and saw Cath holding the door open. It was time to finish this.

He dropped his head, letting his shoulders sag and to the Samoan it looked like he was going to back down. Vailalo started to relax smelling victory.

Suddenly Steve's gravelly voice echoed through the ear piece with an urgency that made Danny's stomach churn.

'Here we go' thought Danny as he swung his right fist, shouting out loud: 'Lights out, folks…'

His fist connected hard with Vailalo's chin, stunning the large Samoan as his head snapped backwards with the impact. A second later the security lights over the door flickered as a single shot rang out and the area fell into darkness.


Chin watched anxiously as Kono's skin colour improved. The seizure had stopped within seconds after Poidevin had injected the antidote.

'As you can see your sweet cousin is improving. Now tell me where the ten million are?'

'No, you will untie her and let her walk out of here, then I will tell you.' Chin lifted his head, his eyes locked with Poidevin's who started to chuckle at Kelly's temerity.

'Alas, that was not the bargain, Mr. Kelly.'

Poidevin busied himself with his syringes and vials.

'I do think though that your cousin knows what has happened to the money and therefore I do not need your services anymore. But, tsk, tsk, tsk… you have been a naughty boy…no painless death for you. Though I promise you once I have finished with your sweet cousin, I will be a gentleman. She will not feel any pain and just slip off to eternal sleep.'

'Chin?' whimpered Kono with a hoarse voice. The waves of pain surging through her body had finally faded and she opened her eyes. Chin was smiling at her although his face was wet with tears.

'Heh, cuz…never forget how proud I am of you. Hold on to that strength inside of you.' His voice soothed her and she hesitantly returned his smile. With Chin at her side she could weather whatever the awful man did to them. 'You were always my favorite cousin Kono right from the time your mother put you into my arms as a baby and you vomited all over me!'

Kono sensed that her cousin was saying good bye to her and she cried out in anguish.

'No Chin, I'm not ready to give up…. You cannot trust him to keep his word. I can hold out longer…'

'I'm sorry but I cannot watch you suffer like that.' Tired Chin shook his head. He felt so cold. 'I promised your mother I would protect you…I have failed.' A shudder went through Chin's body.

Poidevin stood next to Kono, mesmerized by her heaving chest as she wrestled with her emotions. He reached out and hooked both his hands at the top of her shirt and yanked hard. The thin T shirt material ripped, baring the simple Victoria Secret cotton bra that Kono wore. Poidevin licked his lips.

'Yes, you promise to be quite delicious, ma petite Cherie.' He breathed huskily as he stared at Kono's breasts with glassy eyes.

He withdrew a small pocket knife from his pants and flipped the blade open, trailing it down her neck, along her breast bone until it came to rest just up against the thin strap that connected both cups. Kono squirmed as much as her bindings would allow her when Poidevin's intentions became clear to her. With a swift movement Poidevin cut the bra and it fell away revealing her pert little breasts. The Frenchman's hooded eyes narrowed as he felt his arousal. He reached out and pinched a nipple enjoying Kono's small shriek of discomfort.

Chin closed his eyes in despair, turning his head away. It was clear to him that Poidevin would rape Kono before he killed her but worse: he would make Chin watch.

'I swear if you touch her again…' he hissed with all the venom he could muster.

'Oh, I nearly forgot about you while paying attention to this delicate flower.' Sighed Poidevin turning to take a prepared syringe from the tray 'Just a moment ma petite but I must finish one job first before I move on to the next…'

There was a faint noise of a disturbance originating from the front of the building but Poidevin ignored it concentrating on the syringe he held close to Chin's neck, the bevel of the needle causing a smell indentation as it lightly pressed against the skin.

'This is an overdose of the muscle relaxant….you will be awake as your chest muscles refuse to move, unable to draw in oxygen and slowly and painfully you will suffocate.'

Poidevin grinned at Chin, then turned and smirked at Kono who was going berserk in her chair.

Unknown to the cousins McGarrett had been watching the last few minutes through his scope. When the man in the chair turned his head McGarrett released a soft sigh. As hoped Chin was also at the warehouse and he quickly informed Danny. He felt the anger lick at him when Kono's T shirt split apart and it took all of his SEAL training to calm his breathing in spite of the violation of his team member that followed. He kept his eyes trained on the thin dark haired man, keeping his head in the rifle's crosshairs.

The man moved towards Chin, holding something against his neck while talking to Kono. He observed Kono's desperate attempts to free herself, screaming hysterically as flecks of spittle sprayed from her mouth all the while tears streamed down her cheeks.

McGarrett felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up when he recognized a syringe.

'Danny, we're out of time' his voice hardened with resolve.

McGarrett pulled the trigger just as the lights went out and the boom of the shot echoed in the darkness.


When the lights came back on two more shots rang out and an all clear call from Jacobs came over the com link. Danny could have sworn though that he had heard a shot just before the lights went.

He looked down on an unconscious Vailalo, gently prodding him with his foot. The small involuntary jerks from his muscles faded as the effect of the taser wore off.

The approaching foot steps from the SWAT team reassured Danny his back up was just behind him.

He drew his weapon before rushing through the door only to find Cath with a young Samoan at her feet, jerking just like Danny's victim from the after effects of the taser.

'Do you think I can keep this?' She asked Danny as her gaze darted back and forth between the unconscious man and the taser in her hand. A flicker of admiration past over Danny's face as he addressed Cath.

'Stay here until SWAT clear the building.' One of Jackson's team kneeled next to the man and placed plastic cuffs around his wrists.

Cath nodded silently still holding the taser up in front of her body. Danny gave her a reassuring pat. 'You did good for a civilian and be careful with that, Clarisse!'

Danny stepped past Cath and walked carefully into the front room. Jacobs' aim had been true and the two guards had been struck down before reaching the door to the corridor. He directed two of the SWAT team to secure the injured men. 'Stay with them until the ambulance arrives'

McGarrett's raspy voice piped up over the com link. 'Chin's in trouble, hurry!'

Danny turned on his heels and headed quickly down the corridor towards the back room. Jackson followed closely, scanning the empty rooms as he hurried past.

Danny swung the door open to find Kono sobbing uncontrollably, Chin slumped in his chair with a syringe sticking out if his neck and a dead man with the back of his head blown off lying in a pool of blood.

'Cath, I need you now…' he yelled at the top of his voice as he hurried towards Chin, gently pushing him upright only to be greeted by dull, lifeless eyes.

To be continued

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